Friday, 29 October 2010

Inner Experiences, and the Coded Diaries of Kirpal Singh...

Quite recently, I was stunned to discover that there was in existence a coded diary of Kirpal Singhs inner experiences. Moreover, it offers 52 questions which could possibly determine whether someone had reached the "highest" plane of Sach Khand in Sant Mat. In a most peculiar manner it reminded me about my evolving project of Multi-Dimensional Science.

The following are extracts from Arran Stephens excellent book the link to which can be found as follows.

"You (ie Arran Stephens) may be aware that after Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji left the body in 1948, our Master (ie. Kirpal Singh) retreated to Rishikesh where he spent most of his time in deep meditation. When not meditating he wrote down his inner spiritual experiences in a diary in a coded language. Our Master devised this code so that he could send confidential letters and poems for the eyes and ears of Baba Sawan Singh only whenever he was unable to go himself...He taught his language to Tai Ji, as she and her husband were frequent visitors to Hazur, and could read these confidential messages to him. Master kept these diaries-comprising over six hundred pages in three volumes-absolutely secret. They have been lying neglected in a cupboard at Sawan Ashram these last thirty years."

"Yes, I ve heard these rumours."

Harcharan continued,"Tai Ji is convinced that only the true successor will be able to decipher them, but no one has yet turned up who can. She says that she is not going to live much longer, and decided to orally translate the manuscripts to me before it is too late. Just yeaterday I had written down the first installment as she translated it into Hindi. These few pages here come from a portion dealing with our Masters conversations with various Saints in the higher planes. You are the first to see and hear any portion of thise rare revelation. It begins with a conversation between our Master and the departed Baba Jaimal Singh, or "Baba Ji" as we known him." As Harcharan read from the Masters diary, I copied the questions:

....The Being Who is called God never deceives anyone. When separated from all untruth, God unites that soul with Him. Addressing BabaJi, I asked Him, "In this world, where illusion reigns supreme there are many clever people posing as Masters, Sants, Satgurus, Mahatmas and Faqirs, who deceive innocent seekers, claiming access to higher regions, or that they have realized God. Preying on the susceptiblities and naivete of seekers after truth, they imitate saintly behaviour and quote the scriptures. How may one determine the actual stages they claim to have attained?"

Baba Ji replied: "The following questions should be put to any Sadhu, Sant, Faqir, or Master when the need arises, to determine the extent of the inner ascent. Outer appearances and saintly behaviour can be imitated to some extent but only only one who has traversed all the inner regions, who is fully conversant with every secret, will be able to answer all these questions correctly."

There were fifty-two unual questions concerning the inner features of the subtle planes. Beginning with visions and passages through the Astral plane, each question lead to higher and higher regions, culminating in Sach Khand. But there were multiple trick questions and unless one had personally traveled those regions, the one being questioned would be exposed.......... "

Arran Stephen further claimed that he was "...going to put these 52 questions to all the successor-claimants! Then we ll see who, if any, can answer them competently."

The above extracts are found in his book The Moth, and the Flame p 318-319.

When Kirpal Singh died in 1974 one of his claimants was his son Darshan Singh. When Arran met the latter his form changed into that of the former!! Then, the fifty-two questions were asked, and they were answered correctly, and in great detail...In other words, Darshan was the "real" successor to Kirpal.....

Also, it should be added that the coded diaries describe glimpses of meetings, and conversations with great Teachers from the past...such as Christ, Kabir, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Zoroaster, Rumi, Guru Gobind Singh, et cetera...

..Here, is an answer to a following comment below...

Normally, I would not publish a comment in capital letters but in this case I will make an exception.

i) I agree that the 52 Questions needs to be treated with a large pinch of salt. However, I suspect that what is experienced in the "Beyond" is in full, or in part the projections of our Lower Self, or the Higher Self depending on our degree of evolution.

ii)Yes, Arran may have "deceived himself" (in small case) about Ajaib Singh as being the real successor of Kirpal Singh. As for Rajji, or Rajinder Singh I would rather keep an open mind as I do not know enough about him.

iii) Personally, I do not think whether a Guru is necessarily perfect, or not really matters. Ideally, he, or she should be. But what probably matters most is ones faith, and belief in him, or her. In effect, he, or she may manifest ItSelf in the form of ones Chosen Ideal that may inwardly appear during meditation. Ofcourse, this would not be true in all cases, and is probably dependent on ones own evolution. See Faqir Chand on all this.