About the survey: It is a mixed questionnaire with closed-ended questions (multiple choice) and open questions (essay). The questions were formulated with the objective of obtaining data and information that will broaden the understanding of the variables involved in the installation and control of the VS.
Research Objectives: Collection of cases and data for statistical analysis, establishment of correlations and verification of causal, intervening, and resulting variables, aiming to expand: (1) the knowledge regarding the type of experiences commonly experienced by practitioners, with regard the VS, and (2) the understanding and interpretation of their sensations.
Research Subjects: Any person who knows, even if only in theory, what is the VS.
Answers and self-criticism: Your sincerity and self-criticism are the only necessary tools. Your honesty about the true magnitude of your personal experience is the most essential element for the success of this research, allowing the retrieval of data that will lead to greater understanding about the phenomenon and the technique applied. Please, be realistic to what you legitimately perceive or have already experienced (rather than to what you theoretically know or think you should feel).

Estimated Time: Depending on your answers, new questions will appear. However, the questionnaire was designed to be the most simple and fast as possible. Most people conclude the questionnaire between 4 to 15 minutes.
Participation: Each person can answer the questionnaire only once, as not to corrupt the research results. Thank you for your understanding and help regarding this.
Contribution: Please, pass the link of this survey to friends that know about the VS, so that they can also contribute to this scientific research.
Genre: To facilitate the reading, it was chosen to use the concordance with the male gender, thus avoiding excessive repetition during the text. All questions are equally addressed, to men or women.
Researcher: Nanci Trivellato, MSc, director of the Department of Research and Scientific Communication of IAC.
CO responsible: IAC – International Academy of Consciousness.
Contact: If you want to receive information about courses and publications on the VS, or about IAC activities, please write to

At the time of including the above in the blog the survey has been "shut down" for now..