Monday, 2 August 2010

The "Vision" of the "Spiritual Sun".

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The following experience may be of is in connection with a "Vision" of the "Spiritual Sun" back on August 12th 1977.
.... It was a timeless experience. It seemed to go on, and on, and yet at the same time (so to speak!) it seemed to be just a few minutes, or so.. Whether it can be exactly called a Vision, or "waking dream" is another matter. Let us assume that it is the former. It began when I was aware of darkness all around me. I was stumbling about until I suddenly opened a door, and lo, and behold I saw a spectacle which was most esoteric in significance.... What I saw, or I presumed I saw was the Sun with two outpourings of sparks whose soothing "sizzling" sound could be barely heard. This for some could be interpreted as the "I AM" presences or souls ...."descending", and "ascending". Indeed, these sparks could be what are known as nitzotzot of the Jewish Kabbalah. They issued from each side of the lower portion of the Sun which could be interpreted as being the Solar Logos, God, or the Higher Self. Yet, it was partly this peaceful experience that helped to inspire me to deeply explore the world of the esoteric. It was the start of my Truth-Seeking though this had also been triggered off so to say by a certain book by the researcher Guy Lyon Playfair. Anyway, there is also a further note to this. Shortly, after the above Vision I moved to Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire, England. I went upstairs to what was to be my private sanctum (I was 16 at the time), and suddenly realized as I opened the door that this very same door was the one in the Vision. When it was fully ajar I saw infront of me my future desk, and chair, and the physical sun shinning its rays into the room...
PS. It should also have been said that the "Sun" did not "blind" me in a any way unlike the physical sun when perceived directly.

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