Monday, 6 September 2010

Meeting with Swami Paramanand Ji Maharaj.....

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In Chalvey, Slough (UK) the local Hindu Temple, in Keel Drive hosted a Satsang with Swami Paramanand Ji Maharaj, a highly respected guru. I saw him there, and he gave a talk in his native tongue. However, I was able to descern sanskrit words such as Shabd, Paramatma, Maha Kal,, the famous Om Shanti!! Indeed, just before a bhajan, or devotional singing I gave my take of the OM Sound which is ofcourse is meant to be the Sound of God.

Swamiji himself radiated a subtle form of energy but not of a quality, or intensity of that which I had notably experienced with Harjit Singh, and the Southall Radhasoami Sangat. He was thin, and dressed in the traditional reddish orange robes of a sannyasin. He sat crossed legged on a low dias of the HinduTemple. He was very humble, and self- effacing. Some devotees placed some money before him.

After the Satsang, and devotional singing I managed to talk somewhat briefly with Swamiji. I discovered he taught a number of Yoga Systems. Apparently, Nada Yoga was one of his specialities, and like many gurus regarded Shabd Yoga as being the same thing which is incorrect.

The lady with him turned out to be an American called Valerie. She claimed that he came from the Shankaracharya line of gurus, and she been in his company for quite a long period of time, and seemed to regard him as the genuine article. Indeed, I later discoverd by chance her testimonial on him on the internet.

By chance, before coming to the above meeting I had seen Swamiji on the television....apparently on the Sikh channel. This happened on a visit to one of the Asian run shops in Chalvey, and I looked a little over the counter, and saw a TV programme in which he was talking!!

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