Saturday, 18 August 2012

The "Artistic" Facebook Site...

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My facebook site may be of some interest to people here. Recently, I have been making it more interesting, and artistic unlike before. This may continue. Readers here might like to become a “member,” or a “friend” of it.

So far, I have included a variety of items notably images such as….

Paintings by Salvador Dali.

More Examples of Surreal Art Works.

William Blake.

Rosicrucian, and Alchemical Manusript Imagery.

Kabbalah-Type Pics.

Alex Grey.


Fractal Art.

Mandalic-Like Imagery.

Cosmological “Items.”

Mediaval Manuscripts.

Examples of Venetian Masks (when available!).

Etruscan Art.


Paradise Lost.

Natural Scenery as Photos, or Paintings.

…..and also links on news items in Parapsychology, Economics, and notably Early Music Links….et cetera…………………

See some of these “treasures” on the FB link.

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