Monday, 16 December 2013

The Ten Minute Moment.

I first met Jurgen Ziewe at a pure vegetarian restaurant (Euston, London) along with two people connected with Sant Harjit Singh. He was a charming, friendly, and self-effacing person. RS
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By Jurgen Ziewe

Paperback, 146 Pages
The Ten Minute Moment The Ten Minute Moment                                       
What happens when attention is focused on Attention for one week? What does it feel like when you step over the very edge of human consciousness and cross the great divide which separates individual identity from a unified and cosmic sense of being? In his previous book, ‘Multidimensional Man’, Jurgen Ziewe chronicled his out-of-body experiences over a forty year period. More recently he spent a week in a remote mountain cabin in one of the most picturesque parts of Scotland. Undisturbed by modern life, he found out what happens when Consciousness focuses on itself. He kept an authentic account describing his observations during deep meditation which ultimately led to an experience of Cosmic Consciousness.
The Ten Minute MomentThe Ten Minute Moment  Source Ref Lulu

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