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The Secret of Secrets

Dayal Faqir

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The Hymn and its Essence
0’ Seekers! Satguru (Preceptor) has revealed to me the Secret of Self realization. You can achieve it by Meditation within. Neither there is need to go or a need to come anywhere else. You can achieve it without manual labor, even a deaf& a dumb & a cripple can cross this ocean of life & overcome other obstruction & hurdles with the grace of Guru Radhaswami.
The Hymn
0’ Fellow-Seekers! Sat Guru Disclosed the Reality,
Sit steadfastly within, withdrawn from everywhere,
Why move hand and feet,
When you attain spontaneous union;
Cross mountains as a cripple,
And ascend the highest, peak,
When a dumb can speak in myriad forms, and blow the Devine Conch.
Handless can he do all deeds, Feetless travel the path;
Without tongue relish the taste, by the Satguru's compassion;
Ecstasy prevails wherever mind roams;
And attains primordial trance.
Cross arduous dell of "Bhanwar Gufa",
and reach Truth's Abode;
Un-affected by anguish deep,
Obeying the True Guru;
Taking refuge in Guru Radhaswami,
Preaches the Beauty of Devotion;
Kuber Nath you have come for the satsang (Community service) I am performing this duty in obedience to my preceptor, His Holiness Data Dayal. His Holiness had ordered me to modify the Mode of Preaching before leaving this corporate frame. In the hymn referred to above is Holiness Data Dayal says, Satguru revealed the Reality" After spending the whole of my life in search of Truth I questioned myself, "What reality have I know?" The SECRET is that I do not manifest myself anywhere. This Reality is the key to Sant Mat; have I manifested myself neither in your sub consciousness nor in your meditation. Holiness Data Dayal did his best to make me understand this Secret but I failed to catch his symbols He did not disclose the Secret because n either the world aspired for it nor deserved it. If this Secret is revealed, then the religious centers cannot flourish, His Holiness did not assign this task to me to exploit the ignorant but to make me realize this Secret. And at last, I have known the Secret.
O, fellow travelers! Satguru revealed the Reality,
Sitting steadfastly within,
Withdrawn from everywhere;
This withdrawal is of two kinds; physical and mental but when one realizes the TRUTH, this process of withdrawal or coming and going comes to an end. Equipoise and tranquility prevail. There was a time when mentally I used to create the holy image of Hazur Data Dayal ji and adore it. But ever since I came to know that my form manifests to different people at different places and fulfils their materialistic and subtle desires, whereas I remain unaware of my manifestations, it convinced me that whatever manifested within me was all illusion. These were nothing but suggestions and impressions. Having known this secret, my SURAT does not long for anything but remains within "SELF' When mind is withdrawn it becomes tranquil. Coming and going here means the attachment of SURAT with any holy form, LIGHT, or SOUND, in unison with mind it is the SURAT that comes and goes.
Why move hand and feet,
You attain easily spontaneous union".
The spontaneous union is to withdraw your SELF from all gross and subtle attachments and to remain within `SELF". You are to struggle hard in order to form a holy image within, and for seeing the LIGHT and listening to the Sound one has to do regular SADHANA (Practice) But when one attains knowledge, the struggle and SADHANA come to an end. At this stage, the individual stands convinced, that he is neither body, nor mind, neither LIGHT nor SOUND.
His Self attains equipoise. But it is not possible to remain in this state for all the time. I wish but I fail. I live in mind as well as in this world realizing that whatever manifests within, is illusion, thus they do not attract my SELF. For example, if the boy is ill, I do not get disturbed knowing that every action has its reaction People from all walks of life come to me. I play with them accordingly and never feel sad. I know about my own self. I do not know how SWAMIJI MAHARAJ or KABIR lived. This is the Secret:-
"Crosses mountains as a cripple
And ascends the highest peak.
A cripple cannot trudge, so how can he cross the mountain? Here the mountain means the mental thoughts and feelings, that are insurmountable I was deeply entangled with them. But the Secret is known to me. I surmount them all The multifarious thoughts that erupt at the time of your SADHANA, do not allow you to become still within, These different thoughts are the mounds or mountains, that you cannot cross But for me they have no existence now, I go far beyond them, because my mind is crippled. No thought now tempts me at the time of SADHANA; I directly ascend to the top. But you people cannot achieve this state at this stage. You are yet to become a cripple still you have mountains of thoughts and desires to cross. This is what I understand by becoming "Crippled". However, I do not claim any finality.
I came to this path at the age of 7 years and today, I am reaching 90. I have spent the whole life In search of TRUTH. The hindrances In the way of self realization are the stages of SAHAS DAL KAMAL, TRIKUTI, SUNNA, MAHASUNNA and BHANVAR GUFA. They are the mountains to be crossed within. For me they have no existence, because I have known the Secret. 0 seekers! You may all get health, wealth and peace. It is you, who have helped me to realize this Secret, and enabled me to understand the Santmat. Manifestations of GURU, god and goddesses form is a veil. Behind the veil lakhs of ignorant people are deluded by different religions, sects and Gurus. Big sectarian and communal centers have come into existence due to this veil and Gurus make fortunes not only for themselves, but for their generations.
"Dumb speaks in myriad forms,
And blows the Anhad conch"
The chiming of the bell, sound of the conch and the Thunder of cloud within are too the mountains in the way of a SADHAK. Only the Anhad SOUND (Divine Sound) is the NAMA. It is a Resonance from your brain. Kuber Nath, you are my Gurubhai. You respect me and love me. My intentions are pure. All my life and my realizations are before me. Therefore, I do not consider that I am wrong. Only this realization that I do not manifest anywhere and to anybody has transformed my life. Because I had pledged to speak my realizations to the world and Hazur Data Dayal ji had ordained me to change the mode of preaching, I speak my experiences of life without any reservations.
I do all deeds without hands,
Feetless travel the path!
Without Tongue relish the taste,
With Satguru's compassion.
Now, when the Secret is known and the path is found, what path is to be trodden? The distance is covered and the destination is reached. Swami Ji had written at one place, that path (Path of spiritual realization) has exhausted the aspirant because he remains attracted by the inner visions or the manifestations and the different SOUNDS of the different stages. He gets pleasure and thus remains stranded in the PATH. But when the Secret of these visions, manifestations and sounds is known, the path is cut short. There remains nothing to tempt you and to stop you from reaching the destination. You jump over and go ahead. This is the BEHANGAM path.
I had a yearning to know the TRUTH.  I loved, worshipped and adored DATA DAYAL ji to the extreme. But the TRUTH and the Secret remained beyond my comprehension. In 1918 A.D. Hazur Data Dayal said to me; "You should never think that by doing this work, you would redeem any distress but by doing this work, you shall have the glimpse of SAT GURU RADHASWAMI DAYAL in the form of Satsangis and they shall redeem you". Now I have had the glimpse. I do not know, whether I am right or wrong. But whatever I have understood, I have said in plain words.
"Ecstasy prevails wherever mind roams
And attains liberation.
Same is the verdict of Sanatan Dharma as:
"Where ever the mind goes,
The Samadhi is there itself.
After knowing this TRUTH man becomes free from all whims and doubts and he attains peace.
‘Crosses is dell of Bhanvar Gufa,
And reaches abode of Truth’
The saints might have known what is meant by Bhanvar Gufa. What I have understood about it? It is that as water makes a whirlpool in a stream and it does not allow anything to go out of its circle, similarly our mind makes a whirlpool of its thoughts within and it becomes its victim. Whirlpool of the stream does not set free even its water and any of its victims. Similarly our inner whirlpool works within and does not allow our mind to go away from its whirl. It is due to the extreme mercy of the Munificent Lord, that I could go beyond the whirl of my mind and now I do not enjoy or suffer the pleasures or the Pains of my inner Bhanwer (whirl).
‘Not aggrieved by deep anguish,
Remain obedient to the enlightened Guru.’
Guru Maharaj ji had ordered me to do this task and by doing this, I have attained peace.
‘Sing today Guru’s virtues,
And thus be delighted
Having compassion, supreme Abode's dweller,
Manifested Himself in human form.’
Because Hazur Maharaj got encouragement and the Secret from Swami Ji Maharaj, therefore he eulogies the merits of Swami Ji Maharaj in these lines is under emotions of happiness. Only he can tell you about the SUPREME ABODE, who himself has been to that ABODE. Hazur Maharaj ji writes that "That Supreme Element has manifested in this body in the form of Guru;
Taught me about Real Self,
And revealed the Secret of the Path;
I do not know, what secret was revealed to Hazur Maharaj by Swami Ji Maharaj, But, what I' have understood about it is explained below. All manifestations, visions and forms that are seen within are your mental creations. Beyond them is LIGHT and SOUND. The object that sees the LIGHT within and listens to the SOUND is the "TRUTH", the "SELF". That object is the SUPREME ELEMENT, the base of the SELF. The "SELF" is your ABODE. From there we have descended to this physical level and engrossed ourselves in this mundane world. The Guru comes and most compassionately directs us to our REAL ABODE. Hazur Data Dayal ji addressed me as:
‘What are you? You are an axis of the universe, O’ manly Faqir!
The entire world rotates around you, under thy influence.’
These words of Data Dayal ji were beyond my understanding. Just to make me understand this REALITY, His Holiness deputed me to do this work. I am neither Guru nor Mahatma. I have no desire to become a Guru. From this work I have understood, that it was my own mind that used to revolve around my "SELF" and my "SELF" was its witness. I am neither LIGHT nor SOUND. LIGHT and SOUND revolve around ME. The OBJECT around which the mind, Light and Sound rotate is the REALITY. That is the MAINSTAY and our origin and beginning. Hazur Data Dayal ji I wrote this hymn for me where as Satsangis helped me to understand it.
Thy SELF is ever separate from
The worldly existence, the existence of I, it is
When you shed attachment, you merge with God."
I, you and everybody is the same object around which the mind, Light and Sound revolve. Our SELF is the REALITY and the rest are its attributes. Some on- says, ‘I am light.’ other one says, ‘I am Brahma.’ This is all a fancy. The Guru explains the TRUTH and REALITY, and by his grace, the TRUTH is realized.
 ‘All these names are thy modes, Thou art the Reality of them all, what is this existence all?
                              'It is the imitation of the Reality,
                Thou art cosmos, than art the truth;
               All else Thy imitations;
         What are contemplation and Knowledge?
         They are all your wisdom.
My Form manifests in America, Africa and in different parts of India, but I remain ignorant about it. Even I remain unaware of the persons who meditate on my Form. I have removed this mask of fancy whereas some other Gurus and religious heads take undue advantage of this myth from their ignorant followers. I do not blame the religious heads and these Gurus, because the followers too feel flattered by this loot and they do not want to get rid of this illusion. They remain attached to the pleasures of ignorance and fail to reach the ABODE,
"Enlightened are all with Thy light,
Sun and Moon and the sky;
All Splendors is the reflection Of Thy Own Presence.
He is the MAINSTAY of all. All the forms that are visualized within, the LIGHT that is seen and the SOUND heard are all due to the SELF. All the Suns, Moons and Stars that are shining within are illuminated by the SELF. Nothing comes from without. The SELF is the Creator of all these things. Without SELF there is void.
Thou art in the wise and the ignorant,
                        Thou take myriad Forms;
        Under their veil,"
Thy Entity is hidden.
The intellect is the creation of Thy SELF. Thou hast created the world the creations are the veils, and I was enveloped by them. These creations are to be removed to find out the SELF. I am highly grateful to Hazur Data Dayal ji who removed all my illusions. In order to carry on the dictates of Hazur Data Dayal ji, I needed a centre. It is due to this fact that I established this Manavta Mandir. I know that due to my plain speaking, Mandir shall face financial difficulties but I am not worried about it. Mandir may or may not flourish. My mission is not to collect money. Had I not spoken this truth, I would have been a man of millions, but my mission is to remove the mask of ignorance. One may or may not take advantage of it.
Heaven Earth and Sky,
All Stand on Thee Alone,
Thou feign ignorance,"
Thou know the unknown."
Data Dayal ji says to me, ‘0, crazy! You know about everything but still you have become ignorant.’
                             Thou art neither wisdom nor Intellect
                             And where art thou lost
                             Lost thee in their game
                             Intoxicated by your own existence
                             Thou awake and sleep
                             But when go above them both
                             You will know then your own real self
My listener companion showed me the Path of Realization, though I had emotion, love and devotion for it. This gentleman (Indicating a man sitting in the Satsang) was in the Indian Army. He suffered illness and the doctors declared him unfit for defense services. He says, “My form manifested in him and blessed him saying, ‘You shall be alright and get employment in the Post Office.” This is what actually happened later on. Now the question is - did I go to say him anything or to bless him. No. But, unfortunately, you do not aspire for what I say. You have desires for the worldly life.
     Therefore you should the path of Vedas.
     Thoughts and intentions should be pure. As you think so you become and your condition depends upon your intentions. The entire game is of your mind. For the progress in worldly life, Sumiran and Dhyan are indispensable. But for a Shabda Yogi this world is not needed.
                             “Verily, thou care not,
                             For this Secret too,
                                    Seen not till today,
                                    A man of thy being
Hazur Data Dayal Ji writes about me that he has not seen a man of my dignity. You might be thinking that Data Dayal Ji has praised me. The meaning of these lines is quite the opposite. Listen what Hazur Maharaj ji attained:-
                                    “Today Guru’s attributes awakened
                                    Thirst and research in me
                                    Having mercy, dweller of the supreme Abode
                                    Manifested Himself in the human form
                                    Revealed to me his own abode
                                    Disclosed to me the Secret of the path.”
            The Guru directs the True aspirants to the abode of self. This abode is unutterable, infinite, unfathomable, unnamed and absolute. We all have descended from there and we are to return there.
                                    Varied descriptions of each stage
                                    Compassionately did explain
                                    Endowing his compassion and support
                                    Attuned mind and Surat to Shabda.
The Guru plains about the different centers of mind and soul and he alone tells about Surat. The greatness of the Guru is sung because he is the only guide to the Supreme Abode.
                                    Chopped the gallows of deed and doubts
                                    Saved me from time and deed
                                    Developing love and faith in mind
                                    Directed me to the Self Abode
We do our utmost to get the peace of mind. But as the Guru reveals the secret the entire struggle for the attainment of peace comes to an end. The Guru by developing devotion and faith in the aspirants directs him to his Real Self. I was in search of Rama and had no peace. His Holiness Data Dayal Ji explained the secret for me as:-
                                    I make you play easy game
                                    Sing Surat Shabad Yoga
     Be thee safe from Time's cradle,
    Tell thee method unique,
With Intellect attend Guru's Satsang,
For the Guru is graceful,
Be a SADHU, understand method,
Go beyond the cradle
Of corporeal frame to Gods Abode.
By rare Luck, you have taken to Satsangat,
Your Step is on the Right Path, Understand it & dispel the Illusion’
I was unable to dispel this Illusion. I was ignorant, about the Reality of this Illusion. For dispelling this Illusion, Data Dayal ji gave me this work.
‘He who has not learnt this Secret from his Guru,
Remains enveloped in this illusion.’
All the inner creations i.e. thoughts, feelings, shapes and forms are not the Reality. They have no existence of their own but still their existence is felt as Reality. If this fact is realized, the entire problem is solved. Swami Ji Maharaj writes:-
"See amidst sky, black lotus blossoming,
The Moth was enticed, ascended there and lost;
This place of deception, remained seeing It, Many Sidh, Nath, Yogi remained seeing it; Time its own net separately spreading,
Whosoever went there, sent him back,
Varied tricks showing, remained there alluring, Earning of all, ever stood snatching,
What! What should I say; it is causing many misfortunes,
Except Sant Satguru, it engulfs one & all?
None could go beyond, remain all entrapped there,
Swinging the cradle of illusion, swings the ascetics,
Beyond door, to none, he allows going,
Thus the Secret of beyond, remained undisclosed,
     The SHESHA & the SHIVA, All stood forlorn,
   Except a saint none found, crossing over to that side,
That Secret Radhaswami, disclosing to one & all, upon whom, he is kind, alone he is having faith
All the forms, images and colors or scenes of SAHASDAL KAMAL, TRIKUTI, SUNNA and MAHASUNNA are nothing but a sport of illusion (Maya) and Time (Kaal).
"From birth to birth, suffers pains, pleasures, and is damned
The different forms, sights and shades that would appear to you at the time of death, shall decide the nature of your next birth. The last thoughts decide transmigration. The cycle of transmigration can be stopped only by KNOWLEDGE, LIGHT, and SOUND. But if you see Baba Faqir, Baba Sawan Singh ji Maharaj, Lord Rama or Lord Krishna at the time of death you shall definitely have the rebirth. Hazur Maharaj ji, the founder of Radhaswami faith has also written the same in his writings, that at time of death, the dying man sees the film of his entire life, his preceptor too appears in that film. The Guru attunes him to the SHABAD also, but still the man spends some time on the other Planets. He gets Satsang and glimpse of his Guru there but when some realized soul (Sant Sat Guru) comes on this earth, that man too takes birth, come in contact with him and by removing his deficiencies, attains salvation. Had I not found TRUTH in Sant Mat, I would have out rightly denounced it. I am a Brahmin and I was the worshipper of Lord Rama and Krishna. But the saints have denounced them as the incarnations of Kaal. The denunciation of my ideals was intolerable to me because I was ignorant. But at the same time I had unshakable faith in Hazur Data Dayal ji. Therefore, I had a vow that I shall sincerely follow this path of Saints and speak my knowledge to the world. Thus I am not doing any favor to you. I am reaping the harvest of my own deeds.
When the child is ignorant the mother holds him fast to her breast. She sometimes even remains naked in his presence. But when he becomes young and gains worldly knowledge, she never uncovers her breast or any other part of her body in his presence. As the mother has nourished the child and- has suffered all pains for him, it becomes the sacred duty of the-grown up child to serve the mother to his best. Similarly, a follower, after attaining True knowledge must do his best to adore and serve his preceptor. If he does not do so, it is ungratefulness. Because I have known this Secret from you, I adore you and serve you to the best of my capacity.
Debauches liberated, wrathful liberated,
Liberated numerous sinners,
Egoist, ungrateful,
Never are liberated even by reciting Name.
Nobody is free from lust and anger on this earth. They all attain liberation except the egoist and the ungrateful. Here egoist means the one who considers the Guru as Baba Faqir or Hazur Baba Sawan Singh ji. Guru is not the physical body. Guru is your own self. He was never separate from you. He is never separate and He shall never be. But this TRUTH is not easily understood.
I have understood this truth from my Satsangis. Therefore, I am not ungrateful to them. I got this Secret from a fellow traveler Sh. Gopi Lal Krishak. I served him and paid all his expenses as long as he stayed in the Mandir. Now I am doing my best to serve another such companion Dayal Das and you all to the best of my capacity. I am highly grateful to you because your experiences helped me to comprehend the unintelligible.
‘Compassionately he pulled me,
And kept me at his feet.’
I was sincerely in search of TRUTH. His will took me to the hallowed feet of Data Dayal ji. Therefore, you should develop a sincere desire. Guru shall himself come to you or guide you in one or the other form.
‘Had he not been kind to me,
I should have been in Time's net’
Hazur Maharaj ji writes that had Swami Ji Maharaj not been Kind to him, he would have remained in the trap of Time (Kaal) and illusion (Maya).
I am powerless, losing how Thy greatness,
Owned me with compassion
This is how Hazur Maharaj expresses his gratefulness to his Guru Maharaj and does not claim any credit for himself. Kuber Nath, you are my Gurubhai. This world is based on the principle of give and take. Those who owe me shall pay and whom I owe, shall get.
“O’ Fellow Travelers, Satguru revealed the Reality
Whatever I have gained and whatever I have understood is explained to you. Now it is for you to brood and act.
Radhaswami to all.
Sat Sang Dated 4th. November, 1975
The Hymn
"He who searched alone found, 0’ Fellow-Seekers! The Mine of Nam's Gems, The Mine is open in the mind's mountain,
Pry the Sat Guru's grace,
With love's spade do inward devotion;
Only few Realized Souls do it
The Pure Digging mind attains precious gem,
Name’s gems the pleasure giver,
Poverty, grief then comes not near;
Mind remains ever pleased,
Go to Satsang, have Secret from Guru;
Leave thou the company evil,
Dedicated and surrendered to Radhaswami's feet,
You become Enlightened.
After listening to this hymn, I question myself, "Faqir, have you attained the gem of Nama?" Had there been His Holiness Data Dayal Ji I would have asked him about his Wealth of Nama? His Holiness writes:-
‘Searcher alone found Gems of Name’s mine.’
I have been searching this mine of Name’s gems since long and now I am 89 year. What did I find?
The Mine is opened in the mind's mountain,
By the Sat Guru's kindness
His Holiness writes that the mine is opened in the mountain of mind. What do I understand from it? I explain to you my own experiences. Kuber Nath, you have come. Every month you send me Rs.200.00. I am a truth-lover. I wanted to see what an individual can achieve from Nama? If SHABAD is considered the Nama which is unbreakable sound (Dhunatmac sound) then I dare not say it. Why? Because even after listening to that unbreakable sound, when I come down to the physical level, I see the visions. Many a time I see the good scenes and sometime bad scenes in my dreams. I wish the modern Gurus should present their true self to their followers, so that the ignorant may not be exploited.
This night I had a dream in which I saw running trains. An accident occurred, I carried my luggage. My father, whom I was afraid of, met me ahead. Then I met my mother, my first wife was also sitting there. I enquired from my wife, "What about your wounded leg? Is your leg now alright? Are you not my wife?" Meanwhile I awoke and attuned myself to the SHABAD (inner Sound).
From such experiences, I understand that the mind of a man who undertakes the practice of SURAT SHABAD YOG (Union of soul with God) does not become impregnable to the old Samskaras. Do the old Samskaras not magnify themselves in his dream? They do. I sent three registered letters to Baba Sawan Singh ji regarding dreams and enquired from him whether he saw dreams? If yes, of what nature. He did not reply my letters. During the last years of his life, when his brother expired Data Dayal ji wrote one of his dreams in a book. In that dream Data Dayal ji had written that he enquired from his late brother, "Where do you live?" It proves that even the saints of the stature of His Holiness Data Dayal ji, Param Sants, Mahatmas and those who attune themselves to the unbreakable sound are not free from the influence of the old Samskaras. They do bud forth in the sub-conscious mind of the great spiritualists as well. All these deeds, thoughts and feeling where selfish motives are involved shall positively have the reaction upon the individual concerned either in awaking or in sleep. Why do I say it? This is my experience. Ever since the establishment of Manvta Mandir I have never dreamt about it. I have never seen Kuber Nath, Durga Dass, Munshi Ram, Gopal Dass or any other Satsangi in my dreams though I meet thousands of Satsangis here and in my tours. Why? For, I am neither attached to Mandir nor to any one of you. I have no selfish motive to achieve from the Mandir or through any of the Satsangis. I have got good wishes for all of you and love for you. I do not involve my Self in this game. This mother (indicating to an old lady sitting in the Satsang) looks after me, serves me and adores me, but she has never appeared in my dreams. But why my father, mother, wife and railway trains appear time and again in my dreams? For, my Self was attached to them. My Self had developed love for them. My Self had owned them. The impressions of ownership entertained by me for many years do not stop magnifying even today after a lapse of many years. What is the solution then to remove these impressions and free yourself from the grief, disturbance and whims? If you are not free from them you are not liberated. What is that Nama which liberates you?
“0’ Fellow Travelers, while there is life there is hope,
Those Selfish Gurus who promise Salvation after Death,
Give false Hope."
The gurus who advise their followers to recite Nama and assure them that they would lead them at the time of death are false. They are most selfish. Can these gurus liberate you? Kabir writes:-
,'Mind leads to bondage, mind liberates,
And Mind gives Happiness & Bliss."
Kabir writes that mind is the cause of bondage and mind is the cause of the liberation. If mind is all in all, then what does Nama do? Nama is the EXPERIENCE, THE REALISATION and the KNOWLEDGE which I have gained from your company. It is that I do not manifest anywhere. Whatever manifests within me or within you is not the REALITY. Manifestations are nothing but the impressions and suggestions that are ingrained upon our mind and we have accepted them as the Reality. Till an individual is not firmly convinced that these manifestations and visions are only the reflections of the ingrained impressions, the individual cannot attain Self Realization. This is the essence of the realizations of my life of 90 years.
Kuber Nath, you came. I have love and good wishes for you. He (indicating another man) came. You serve me and he too serves me. Today morning, I questioned myself, “Have you attained Self Realization?” People say that unbreakable sound within is Nama and generally this view is accepted. It is not so. This unbreakable sound (resonant inner sound) is in fact a means to the ULTIMATE. It is a means of search. His Holiness Data Dayal writes:-
‘The searcher alone found, 0’ Fellow travelers,
The mine of Name’s gem’
Why did I make search for Nama? I became introvert in search of ‘SOMETHING’ I visualized forms, worshipped Rama, Krishna, Bhagwan and searched the formless from within. During this research, I used to enjoy the glimpse of different forms and see the different scenes. I used to talk to these forms as well. What was all this? It was all the search of mind. It was a search to find and reach that ABODE. I heard the tinkling of bells, blowing of the conch, saw light and heard sound within. Whatever I visualized and heard within was all a search of mind. After having the long search within I could attain Nama, and that too due to the experiences of the Satsangis. Nama is nothing but the Experience, the Realization. Radhaswami Dayal also defines Nama as:-
"SURAT and SHABAD are both experiences of Realization,
And thou art only buried in the well of doubts & superstitions."
Those who attune the Self to the Sound and consider SOUND as the Ultimate but do not have the enlightenment; in fact they too remain without the attainment of Nama. Why? I narrate to you an incident. What happens in dreams? I go to my bed, attune myself to the SOUND and develop attachment with the LIGHT within. But how long do I remain in that state? Ultimately, I fall asleep and enter the state of dreams. Sometimes, I become conscious that I am seeing the dreams, but sometime I do not. In my dreams, I generally see trains, listen to the SOUND and see the LIGHT. Sometimes, my wife, father, mother and rarely son appear in my dreams. I see nothing more than them in my dreams. If, even after listening to the SOUND, the individual does not experience the Reality of these visions, forms, LIGHT and SOUND, the individual remains without Nama, This is my experience. I may be wrong. It is due to this fact that I wish that the modern saints and Mahatamas should speak their practical life to their followers. I wish them to tell how they face the realities of life in 24 hours day. So what I have understood about Nama is the true knowledge of the feelings, visions, shades and images that are seen within. This knowledge, that all the creations of the awaking, dreaming, deep sleep, consciousness and super-consciousness, are nothing but the Samskaras, and that it is all the creation of mind, is realization. What to speak about others, even I am not aware of my own Self. Who knows what may happen to me at the time of death? I may enter the state of unconsciousness, enter the state of dreams and see Railway trains. How can I make a claim about my attainment of the ULTIMATE? The truth is that I know nothing. After listening to this hymn of Hazur Data Dayal ji, an idea struck in my mind, "You Faqir advise and preach to others, have you yourself attained Nama?"
‘The searcher alone found, 0’ Fellow travelers,
               The mine of Name’s gem’
When I claim I am Sant Sat Guru Waqt (Saint of the time) then, am I not supposed to ask myself about my own achievement? Yes, I am. For me Nama is knowledge. This realization is Nama that the inner stages of SAHASDAL KAMAL, TRIKUTI, SUNNA and MAHASUNNA are all Kaal and Maya. They do not have any existence of their own, but are illusions. Whatever is seen within is one's own thought and one's own mind. It is your own mind that manifests in the form of Baba Faqir. Your own mind solves your problems, but you give credit to me.
Vyas Narayan, the astrologer, is sitting here. When he was in Ujjain, my form appeared to him and solved many of his worldly problems. He came here, and narrated to me all his incidents. I never knew him before. Now the question is who manifested to him and solved his problems? This is all the game of mind and nothing else. Kuber Nath, listen. What I have understood about Nama is:-
‘The Mine is opened in mind's mountain
By the Satguru's blessings’
Mind governs up to fourteen stages. Swami Tulsi Dass also writes as:-
"Rays of mental perception reaches where,
Creations of illusion extend up to there."
So my entire struggle has ended with this conclusion, that the creations of mind are ephemeral. They are the reflections of the impressions and suggestions that are imprinted upon our mind. When the illuminating soul ascends to a particular stage these impressions and suggestions get magnified and become visible within, just as the film is magnified with the help of a particular lens and focuses light in a cinema house. In a cinema hall you see the running horses, fights and dancing women on the serene. You enjoy the scene as if they were real. Many people feel happy when there is some good scene and weep when there is some tragic scene. Where-as actually there is nothing on the screen except the magnified photos of a film. Similarly, the ignorant feel happy or aggrieved by the inner mental visions. With a joyful thought they get delighted and with a sorrowful thought they feel afflicted. So Nama is the attainment of "Gyan" Knowledge and Equanimity. This stage can be attained only after having a constant search within.
"With love's spade, do inward devotion,
Dig some few enlightened."
Make a devoted search of the various stages of SADHANA within and see what is hidden in your mind. I tell you another important thing i.e. the results of SADHANA of each individual shall never be the same. When a man meditates, the Samskaras imprinted upon his mind get magnified and take the different forms, different shades and different Sounds. Some one sees Vishnu ji others see, Lord Rama and still others see Lord Krishna or the Guru within. Ask any Christian or Muslim, if they see Lord Rama in their meditation or dreams? If Lord Rama is really all pervading, then His image must also manifest invariably to Muslims and Christian as well? Lord Krishna and lord Shiva must have also appeared to the men of other faiths. But, they do not. Similarly, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad do not manifest to the Hindus. Why is it so? Because Muslims and Christians do not have the Samskaras of Hindus gods and the Hindus do not have the Samskaras of Prophet Mohammad and of Jesus Christ. Manifestations that appear to you are the magnified forms of your own Samskaras. There is nothing from without. I had the glimpse of Lord Rama and Vishnu ji many a time. I have enjoyed the visions of Hindu gods. Why did it so happen? It was due to two factors. Firstly, I had read Ramayana and secondly, being a Brahmin I had the Hindu Samskaras. So, as and when I sat for meditation I saw the magnified forms of these very Samskaras. It is due to this fact that much emphasis is given upon good Samskaras and the Satsang of the realized Guru. Time and again it is advised to make a search for the Realized, Realized and the Realized Guru. Study the writings of Guru Nanak or the writings of Swami Ji Maharaj. They too have preached for the same. The realized Guru here means, a guru who gives you the True knowledge reveals to you the Secret and develops your discriminative faculty.
"Digging mind attains precious gem
Of Nama, 'the pleasure giver,"
I know not the meaning of these lines. I may be wrong. Had there been His Holiness Data Dayal Ji I would have asked him about what he meant by Nama. His Holiness is not here now, only his writings are with me. His writings give me peace of mind or say I interpret his writings according to my own satisfaction. There is no other Mahatma who dare say the TRUTH. I told you that I wrote three registered letters to Baba Sawan Singh ji and received no reply. How could he reply? Had he written the TRUTH, his Dera would have suffered a great loss. Truth is always bitter. If you say the Truth, you would not be respected or liked. Kuber Nath, you have come. An opium eater would tell the benefits of the opium to his visitors and a wine addict would praise the drinks. I tell you about the path that I have trodden. Make one, as your ideal and have faith that He is Munificent and the Mainstay of the entire creation. Surrender your life to Him and live happily-You cannot avoid the reactions of your past Samskaras, undergo them cheerfully. There is no other solution except enjoying them. I cannot help you but your own intentions, your own devotion, your own true cravings and your own faith shall help you. I speak to you the SUPREME TRUTH. Do you understand, Leela? (Pointing to a lady in the Satsang) You have spent the whole of your life in Beas, Agra and Hoshiarpur. Try to understand the Truth. I hive told you about the entire struggle of my life, and today I have reached this conclusion that there is a SUPREME MASTER, and His sport is Infinite. Now neither I accept LIGHT nor SOUND) as the Guru. I live at His will. Who knows what will happen after death?
"Poverty, grief then does not come near,
Mind remains ever pleased."
When it is realized that all the thoughts, feelings and Samskaras that arise from within, do not have any existence of their own, then why get aggrieved and why get pleased. If your grief is not to last for a long period, then happiness too does not remain permanently. Both grief and happiness are hypothetical. Realization of this fact is the attainment of JEEVANMUKTA State (Liberation in life). According to the philosophy of saints and sages, the Jeevan Mukta state cannot be attained without the True knowledge (GYANA) but, this True Knowledge cannot be attained till individual does not make a thorough search of his mind. What is the search of the mind? There is a centre of multi forms in the mind. There is TRINITY in the mind, there is duality in the mind and there is non-duality in the mind. These are the centers of Mind as there are multiple forms in the SAHASDAL KAMAL, in TRIKUTI there are meditator, meditation and the meditative and in MAHASUNNA there is non-duality. This is the entire game of Mind, and it has to be searched.
"Go to Satsang, have Secret from the Guru,
Desert thou the company evil."
Now, you yourself listen what His Holiness Data Dayal ji writes in these lines. What would you gain from the company of the Guru? You will gain Secret, the Truth. But unfortunately, every individual does not deserve it. Only rare personalities aspire for it. If you start teaching sexology to a child of 6 or 7 years will he understand anything about it'? No. He will not. If you teach the subject of Atomic energy to a student of 8th class, he will not understand it. Similarly, this Secret can also not be understood by every Individual. There are stages and classes in each aspect of life. Therefore I do not denounce anybody or any class. Every saint or Guru is right in his own place. But only that Guru is not doing the right thing who does not speak the truth, for his selfish motives, fame and name. Such a Guru is guilty. This old lady (indicating a lady in the Satsang) though does not aspire for the Truth, yet I give her good wishes according to her nature so that she may have peace of mind. The Truth and the Secret is known by the rare. In Sant Mat, greatness is of the Secret. Swami Ji Maharaj writes:-
"Guru revealed now the Secret of the Unknown,
Surat ascended leaving state of doubt,
Realized the Secret of Separation,
Deviations ended of all vicissitude,
Clouds of mercy started showers,
The Net of Transmigration vanished,
Broken the net of inaccessible,
Attained the pleasure with each breath, attained today the fruit of Self restraint,
Mind became the Moth of white lotus, burnt the sense of modesty and shame;
Cut the snare of rules and religion,"
Tulsi Dass says:-
"Without Satsang there is no Realization,
Without God's, grace it is not attainable,
"Discriminative power" is another name or the Secret. However, there is a great difference between one and the other Secret (gross, subtle and causal Secrets). One may be aspirant of one Secret, the other for the other Secret and still another may not be an aspirant of any Secret. I have great drawback that I speak about the highest state and ordinary people do not follow me.
"Dedicated & surrendered to Radhaswami's feet,
I became Enlightened."
Hazur Data Dayal ji writes, "Dedicated and surrendered to Radhaswami's feet". The world considers these feet (pointing to feet) as the human feet of Radhaswami. He does not mean these feet. The feet of Guru, is the LIGHT within. His Holiness writes that he is dedicated to the LIGHT which is the Real feet of Radhaswami, And the form of Radhaswami, is the SOUND (SHABHD), unless an individual undertakes the SADHANA of LIGHT within, he remains devoid of Guru's feet. You may wash my feet as many times as you like and drink the water, but it would not help you at all till you do not catch the LIGHT within. Today's Satsang is meant more for me to know if I have Realized God.
Now I give you another proof of what I have said, In the book "ADHBHUTUPASNA YOGA" His Holiness data Dayal ji writes in the last hymn, "When in your SADHANA, you start to see the LIGHT and listen the SOUND within, then try to make a search for the guide (Guru) for further guidance. Therefore, the SADHANA of SURAT SHABDA YOGA is not the ULTIMATE aim. It is a mean to attain the ULTIMATE aim. It is simply a search of the mind, Guru is Knowledge (Gyana) and knowledge is Guru.
"Understood none the Guru's form,
Enveloped in doubt the ignorant,
Thinking Guru Human being;
Indulge in devotional ceremony,
Such mortals are very ignorant;
How can they cross the ocean of existence (Bhav?)
They are proud of the body.
Thinking that Guru is Human being,
Receive the cool beatitude, (blessing)
They are all alike a cattle, Steeped in suspicion,
Know not the Guru Element."
You consider me as your Guru. I feel this responsibility. It is admitted that you send financial help to the Mandir. May He give you more. I do not disagree with this principle of making offers. But I do not want to get anything by keeping you in the dark. In this very hymn, it is written, "Understand none the Guru's form," So I wish to explain to you.
‘Prudence cannot be attained without Satsang,
Without His Grace, it is not easily available,
Only he gets the Satsang upon whom He is gracious.
Thinking Guru a human being,
Individual make judgments,
Such are ignorant rustics,
Remain engrossed in world,
Entrapped in trap of ignorance,
The ignorant is enveloped in doubt’
I myself was in the dark. I too considered physical body as the Guru's form. In order to redeem me and to remove my very Ignorance, His Holiness Data Dayal ji gave me this task. I still remember the days when His Holiness Data Dayal ji visited Giddarwaha. There I had said to Data Dayal ji, "Now you shall abandon your body." His Holiness, laughed and said, "Yes Faqir, whatever you have said is correct. All my deeds have exhausted but yours are still there. Continue doing this work. You shall have the glimpse of Radhaswami Dayal in the form of your Satsangis and you shall attain the Sublime state." I refused to do this work. His Holiness Data Dayal ji again said, "You have not yet reached your destination. This work shall redeem you." Now your kindness has redeemed me. Only due to you I have been able to understand the Secret. I have known the object for which I had been searching.
"Thinking Guru a human being, Follow others like sheep,
Why should they abandon the bondage?
Steeped in worldliness,
Fallen in the Yoni's mine,
They are drowned in ignorance.
The ideal is the name of Guru,
Guru is destination of the mind,
He who beholds not destination and ideal,
Understand Him the most unwise,
Knows the thing of his own mind;
Steeped in ignorance
Guru's faith ever remain in mind,
The Mine of possible and impossible;
He who has not this understanding,
Is like a fool,
Who recognized not Guru's form?
Enveloped in doubt
The Disciple remains in the mind,
Guru at the vertex of Conscience;
He who beholds the both in SELF,
Is the Guru's servitor,
Who remains resolutely fixed to only Guru's feet,
Is steeped in ignorance.
Now you yourself decide as to who is the servitor of the Guru? He who serves Baba Faqir, do you think he is the real servitor of the Guru? No, only he is the real servitor of the Guru who has the faith that his Guru is always within him. Kuber Nath, do you understand? You have come for Satsang. Probably, what I say is beyond the comprehension of the people, and they are unable to develop such a faith. But those who are inclined towards spiritual living and have attained nothing so far, would definitely benefit if they carry the impression in their mind, of what I have said, this knowledge will stand by you in your old age. I shall leave this world. I am distributing precious wealth in the form of knowledge. This knowledge shall help you at that time and not the Baba Faqir. It is my word that shall lead you out of ignorance and illusion and not me who remains at Hoshiarpur. The true knowledge shall lead your SURAT to the Ultimate.
"SURAT is disciple, & SHABAD is Guru,
And SHABDA is the Guru's form;
Without the Recognition of Shabda Guru,
Drowned in doubt's well,
Such people waste their life, Steeped is Ignorance."
It is said that Guru imparts Knowledge and the Guru is SHABAD. Therefore, unless the SURAT of an individual ascends up with meditation (as described in the previous hymn of His Holiness Data Dayal ji to the state of SOUND, he cannot attain the true knowledge. Intellectually, you may know everything from my Satsang, but practically you shall remain ignorant. So never abandon your Practice at any cost. Sit for meditation for as much time as possible both in the evening and the morning.
Once I went to Lahore. I had an unflinching faith in His Holiness Data Dayal ji I got up early in the morning and did not do meditation. I still remember that scene; His Holiness came and asked, "Faqir, Have you not meditated today?" I replied, "No. Maharaj, when I am sitting at your feet, where is the necessity of meditation?" His Holiness laughed and said, "Practice daily, you shall realize the worth of this practice in your old age. Now I realize that whatever His Holiness said to me at that time is perfectly correct. So mind it. Never miss your daily practice. Sit for as much time you can. Transcend inward and continue searching your mind.
"Guru is the embodiment of Knowledge,
Guru is essence of Knowledge;
Beholds who the access and faith in Guru,
Suffers not again the weight of existence,
Attains the state of a Lotus,
He, who is still steeped in ignorance, will not understand it.
What is knowledge of His Holiness Data Dayal ji, I do not know? I speak what I have understood. My knowledge (Gyana) is that whatever buds forth or manifests within is nothing but illusion.
The suggestions and the impressions are not the REALITY. Till this fact is not known, the weight of existence (Bhav) does not vanish. Yesterday, too I explained to you that all the games of mind, conscience, intellect and ego is existence (Bhav) After knowing, that all the inward thoughts, feelings and manifestations are not a fact but a fancy, I do not get tempted by them. This is what I understand about True knowledge.
"Radhaswami Sat Guru Saint,
Spoke the word explicitly,
He who did not accept the word,
Entangled in worldly Net,
Will not understand this word;
When people are enveloped in doubt and in ignorance.
So Kuber Nath! You came; I have given you the Satsang. Be happy. Whatever is within my control and whatever I can do, I do. I do not perform miracles. You believe me as your Guru. There in is your redemption. His Holiness Data Dayal ji had said, "Faqir, you have ninety-nine vices, but one virtue i.e. of Truth, You will have the glimpse of Radhaswami Dayal in the form of Satsangis. Really I have had the glimpse of Radhaswami in your form. The Truth is that "Your own self is your real Guru." I have spoken the Truth to you. Now it is your sweet will to serve me or not to serve me. I have done my duty. I have not deceived anybody. I have not kept anybody in the dark.

Sat Sang Dated 5th. November, 1976
My Gurubhai, Kuber Nath is here. When two brothers meet after a long separation, they share joys and sorrows of each other. A flood of affection becomes visible. I do not know, with what aim and intentions Kuber Nath went to Hazur Data Dayal ji. I know about my intention alone. I had a desire to see Lord Rama and to reach the SOURCE of my "SELF". I worshipped and adored His Holiness Data Dayal ji as incarnation of Lord Rama. He corrected me & transformed my thinking according to the tenets of Sant Mat and initiated me to Guru Mat. Since then onwards I have been giving many a talk on my experiences and realizations without any reservations.
Now the question is, whether I am satisfied with whatever I have said or known? Indeed, I have happiness. I enjoy Bliss and I have attained equipoise, but still I donor feel gratified. I think you cannot understand what I am saying. Some yearning within an individual always yearns for "SOMETHING", when that desired "SOMETHING" is achieved, it still desires for "SOMETHING MORE". This yearning is not pacified. You study the events of my life. In my childhood I had a desire to see Lord Rama. I worshipped his image as of God. Later, I desired to see him in the human from and enjoyed the glimpse of Hazur Data Dayal ji as such. But craving for "SOMETHING MORE" is still there and ' the most astonishing aspect is that it is not known what this "SOMETHING MORE" is?
Zauk says that ‘In this Life's ocean, life's boat is sailing,
That place becomes its destination wherever it touches the shore.’
The main factor for the development of various religions and sects is the fact, that the founders of these religions propounded that stage as the ultimate destination where they attained happiness and BLISS. They preached the same method and the same way to others through which they themselves achieved BEATIFICATION. Gradually this process led to the Creation of different sects and faiths. Unfortunately, none of these profounder ever disclosed that their achievement was not permanent. They did know their shortcomings and weaknesses but they dared not speak them to their followers. I have not kept anything hidden from you. I have spoken the TRUTH in plain words. There is ego within which yearns for moorage somewhere. His Holiness Data Dayal ji writes in one of his hymns:-
“Attachment goes not from my mind.”
I have told you that I have been treading a long distance. I enjoy peace and happiness. I see the LIGHT and listen to the SOUND within. But still my craving or search for SOMETHING MORE" persists. Struggle is going on within for "SOMETHING UNKNOWN.?' My Gurubhai is here. I am fortunate to have him here with me and talk to him. The TRUTH is that inspire of my SHABAD YOGA, austerities, honest living and experience of the highest spiritual stages, search is still going on His Holiness Data Dayal ji Also writes:-
"Attachment goes not from my mind,
None is mine, I am of none;
Nothing within me is mine;
Of no use is intellect & understanding,
Because I say mine and thine;
Vanishes not with lakhs of efforts,
“Nothing brought I with me, nothing I will
Take with me,
Whatever has come to me came during the journey of life.
This is understood.
With contemplation, hearing & speaking."
What is that which accompanies the man when he comes to this world? Is it the family? No. Neither there was body nor MIND nor LIGHT nor SOUND. They are all the later creations. Therefore, they too have not accompanied me.
"SOUND hidden, remained unnamed;
Manifested, it became Nama,
Therefore, I brought nothing with me,
"Bondage of mine and thine,
Bonded with mythical bond;
This bond not cut by cutting,
How much efforts made,
By Yoga, skill and SADHAN."
There is one crude bondage i.e. he is my father and she is my mother. This lady is my wife and that boy is my son. But there is another and subtle bond, i.e. I am LIGHT, I am SOUND I am DEVOTEE, I am FOLLOWER I am SWAMI, and I am the SOUL.
"What you bring, what you take along
Is known to all,
Feign ye ignorance;
What fantastic wonder,
Liberated none from this bondage
Of body, mind, wealth,
0, Radhaswami, Be Kind now,
May tranquility prevail in mind,
Ego vanishes and attachment from Life."
So far, there is existence of life, it may be physical, mental and spiritual existence or existence of sound, the attachment does not vanish. It simply changes its form. Thoughts and feelings are changed but attachment does exist. This is the real realization of my life that I am speaking to my Gurubhai, Dear Kuber Nath ji. Probably, others may not be able to understand it.
Now the question is what should be done to remove this attachment from our existence. I have lived at various stages of physical, mental and spiritual life. When a person for a certain period, enjoys a particular stage of life, he starts developing an attitude of indifference towards that stage. For example, you marry a woman with great pomp and show. You feel happy and enjoy your married life to your satisfaction. Then a stage comes, when you do not enjoy the pleasure of your primary married life, and you do not feel any charm in that life. A man starts a business. He develops it to its highest glory and earns millions of rupees. But ultimately, he too feels tired of that lucrative business. Similarly, I have done too much of SADHANA. Now I wish to leave it. But it shall remain, till my body, mind, LIGHT and SOUND exists. Whatever shall remain after the end of my body, mind, LIGHT and SOUND, is my "SELF," my origin. Therefore, live happily as long as you live. Be happy in every condition. This is the only key to have peace of mind, in this world. You are to forget all. But this is possible only:
"Make me drink thy devotion's cup, May attachment disappear,"
You are my true Satguru. That man, S. R. Gulwade, (pointing a man in the congregation) has come from Bombay. Sometime back my image appeared within him and it helped him to cross the stages of SAHASDAL KAMAL, TRIKUSI, SUNNA, and MAHASUNNA. Kuber Nath, when he disclosed it to me, I was compelled to ponder, if I really helped him. No, I do not know. Experiences of such Satsangis brought me face to face with Reality. So
1 am bound to accept them as my Guru the real destination is
"Make me drink Thy devotion's cup, May attachment disappear;
Neither wisdom nor awareness remain, Let my ego disappear;
Neither recital nor penance, nor Meditation nor contemplation;
Tread neither the Path of Yoga's skill, No Name’s rosary 'in the hand;
Should lose the heart's rosary bead,
It is not Love which causes pain,
Not renunciation if it chain's,
No menace of bond and liberation,
Should transcend barriers of home& penance,
Should rise above Joys & sorrows;
Of Mind's duality, exist no fear,
No urge for knowledge & meditation;
Sadhu's thought should also go,
No conflict of duality, non-dua1ity as so;
No tumult of non-duality, duality. Bowing to Radhaswami's feet;
Should even lose the thought of servitude,"
Kuber Nath, the thought of follower, devotee and disciple should also vanish. When shall the egoism come to an end? While life and entity both will merge into each other. When will they end? They come to an end-when I meditate. But whom? My own SELF. He, who worships His Holiness Data Dayal ji, Baba Faqir ji and Baba Sawan Singh ji, cannot achieve this goal. The Guru only guides. He tells you about your ideal and the real aim of life. Our destination is that stage where neither I nor you nor Rama nor Rahim, neither the Guru nor the disciple exists. What is that stage? I often enjoy that stage but, for a short while. That stage is defined as stage of SOUNDLESSNESS, LIGHTLESSNESS, and UNNAMED ABODE TIMELESS & imperishable. I have been doing the practice of ascending this sublime state. But whether, the ascending to this sublime state is within my power? Here I fail to make any comment. But, however, I understand that ascending to this stage is not within one's own power. There is some supreme power that takes me to that SUBLIME STATE and sends me back to this physical and mental existence. That state is only our ULTIMATE ABODE.
Kuber Nath, you are my Gurubhai. I have all regards for you. I am a traveler still on my journey. Whatever is being done is all by His will. Everyone is guided by his or her nature or fortune. We are all to reach this SUPREME ABODE, about which Kabira writes as I —
"0, Friend, that dwelling, distinct from all; Dwells where our PURUSHA SUPREME,
Neither sorrow nor pleasure there; nor true nor false,
Nor exists virtue nor sin; neither day & night there,
Nor moon & sun;
Illumination without light,
Neither knowledge, nor meditation; neither penances, nor recitation,
Neither speech nor sacred scriptures!
Nor deeds persistence, profound dwelling, it is all wonder there;
Neither home nor homeless,
Neither in nor out;
Neither body nor Universe there,
Five elements, three modes neither; SOUND witnesses not 'there,
Neither root, flower, nor seed nor creeper
Fruit pleasing without a tree,
Oang, Sohang, nor above and amidst; Breathing evident not there,
Neither absolute nor manifested, 0, Brother; neither gross nor subtle,
Neither decaying nor imperishable 0 Brother
these are myths of the world,
Where Purusha there is nothing; Says Kabira 'tis known to me,
And, He who takes my hint; attains the salvation."
In this hymn Kabira gives his verdict that there exists NOTHING. But my findings are that neither Kabira nor anybody else has succeeded to know IT. None has been able to have access to the Supreme Lord. When a man loses his own entity in search of God, he feels that there is nothing and thus he pronounces that there is Nothing Reality is that none has been able to recognize HIM. Everybody has spoken about Him according to his own understanding. I have reached at this conclusion that the Supreme Lord is an "ELEMENT". The entire world appears to be real because of Him. It is His play. Whatever is to happen, will happen. We are helpless. By reaching this conclusion I have attained peace. My entire' struggle has come to an end knowing that it is "What it is". Kabira writes:
"If say one, He is not,
Saying two is abusing,
He is what He is,
Says the Knowing Kabira"
At least I have not reached my, Destination and possibly none has ever reached it. Life is going on smoothly. What will happen after death? Nobody knows. This realization gives me peace. Now I do not make any effort, but, however a feeling of losing the Self entity still persists. His Holiness Data Dayal ji writes about the technique of leading a happy life:-
"Who is happy in this world?
Happy is only one, the Faqir,
Happy are not the richest;
Men of heavy stocks and wealth, Renounced world, renounced that state (Ukva) Renounced the Lord too as well,
Renounced the renunciation,
Heart satiated with renunciation,"
Man develops a sense of indifference towards a particular work or enjoyment after doing or enjoying it for a particular period.
Blessed too with sight of oneness, after seeing the creation,
Advances forward day and night;
To complete the journey of the world,"
What is this Oneness? I understand. It is the Supreme Element. You may name it Rama, Lord or Radhaswami or give it any name you like. Be convinced with this fact that the entire creation is His game and enjoy happy and peaceful life. The LIGHT of this ELEMENT permeates from the lowest end of this universe to its highest top.
"What is this world? It is a dream; and a dream too, of Faqir,*
Wealth, pelf and in riches;
He is not at all involved,"
Had I even an iota of greed for worldly wealth or fame, I would not have disclosed this Secret.
"Mingled into dust this entire world; Dust remains here forever,
He remains is ecstasy;
Every time morn and eve,
Faqir neither worships nor is worshipped;
He is free from this show,
Happy appearance joyful heart; ever pure in his heart,
Whom you see in this state; accept him as true Faqir,
He is the Leader of both worlds,
He is the seer of the two worlds."
What are these two worlds? They are the games of body and mind. A Faqir knows the Secret and nature of this game of body and mind. Whosoever aggrieved comes to him, he gives his seasoned advice according to the circumstances and nature of the aggrieved man. His advice always proves fruitful. What do I do? This is what I do:—
"Whatever I did realize;
I lay down here for you,
You had spread to me thy begging hands (Daman); they are being filled today;
Merged am I in my SELF;
Ye too should merge one day,
Ye shall attain thy destination,
It is disclosed just today".
What is the destination? The destination is that stage
Where the individual loses his entity and mingles with the
ENTIRE. However, so far I have not been able to mingle
In that ENTIRE. My efforts for the ultimate merger are still
going on.
"That is why above all others,
I am proud of ye; ye will illuminate Nama,
This is the voice of my heart,"
What is meant by illuminating the Nama? It is illuminating the name of His Holiness Data Dayal ji? No. It means the revealing of the TRUTH, to the world. And what this TRUTH is? It is that what are we are and from where have we come? My brother, Kuber Nath, the stage where I have reached is:-
"Lips opened and closed,
This is the Secret of life."
With this conclusion all my struggle has come to an end, you have come. This is not a task of one day. Who knows how many births I have taken to reach at this conclusion? So continue your efforts and try to live a carefree and cheerful life, whatever is to happen, must happen.
My Satsang of 2 and 1/2 hours is better than 100 years devotion, those who want world/ progress, I appeal to them that it is their own mind that shall give them worldly progress. Therefore keep your mind and thoughts pure and constructive. Whatever you gain is the fruit of your own desires. You have come here. I have good wishes for you. I never say it to anybody that you should attain salvation. What I wish is "HEALTH, WEALTH& PEACE" to you.
Radhaswami to all.
Sat Sang Dated 6th. November, 1975
My brother, Kuber Nath is here. He has all the love for me. I do not know to which destination my consciousness is leading me. My whole life is spent in search of something. The SUPRME WILL took me to the hallowed feet of His Holiness Data Dayal ji, who in initiated me to the Sant Mat. At that time, I had pledged that I shall speak my experiences to the world. Kuber Nath, in these Satsang (Spiritual discourses) I have spoken to you, all my experiences that I have had. Kuber Nath, you are going tomorrow and this is your last Satsang here. At the last stage where Sant Mat has leaded me, neither the idea of His Holiness Data Dayal ji nor the thought of Sadhana occurs to me. Why is this so? It is the fruit of the blessings of Hazur Data Dayal ji that he showered upon me. I enjoy the fruit at this old age. H.H. had blessed me as:-
"Faqira, go beyond the illussive world; World duality, world double dealing, Pleasure, pain amity, enmity;
Venom, Nectar spread all around."
I have explained to you the spectrum of this illusive world. The game of mind, intellect, conscience and ego is known as the illusive world. It is due to the benevolence of His Holiness Data Dayal ji that I could understand the Reality of this illusive world, but you too helped me. Now I do my best not to live in this illusive world. However, this is not in my control. This is the result of my past Karmas.
"Easily I show, the world's form, with discriminative thought,
I teach you this & own you as the One' and this dispels duality VIKARA."
What is duality? It is being Dual. Remembrance of the Guru is duality, warship of Rama is duality and the business of this whole world is duality. My duality is gone. How? Only with this understanding that I do not appear to anybody. His Holiness Data Dayal ji gave me this task not to get worshipped, but to make me understand the Reality of the illusiveness of this world. The company & the experiences of the Satsangis have unveiled the REALITY:-
Guru advises Sadhu,
Sadhu prays for Guru's worship,
Constant nearness with the SUPREME,
Solved the unsolved riddle,
This Duality has many forms,
It is duality of thought,
And Duality is in the Duality Current,
Strife exists in dualism,
Brother takes refuge of non-duality,
True knowledge dawned in Guru's company, Saw world's strange forms,
And got tired of seeing myriad forms, Truth remained seeing ever."
I sat at the feet of my Guru. His Holiness had blessed me that I shall have the glimpse of Sat Guru, in the form of Satsangis. So, you are my real Sat Guru. It is due to you that I could understand that this whole world is a duality. But this state is very sublime. It is not within an easy reach of the worldly people and moreover, this state is not for them. I am lucky, I attained this state. I have nothing to give to you, otherwise, I would have distributed all to you for the favor you have done to me. You are my True Satguru.
"Thou developed love with Guru,
And done Guru Discipline dealing, Guru Disciple then united,
When Supreme grace descended."
The thoughts, feeling, images and shades that are formed within me, is my world. When I was not aware of this Reality it used to tempt. But now since I have known its Reality it does not allure me. Kuber Nath, it is a Secret which none of the saints have explained in such plain words. If at all somebody has said, he said in symbols not understandable. It is done perhaps for establishing and maintaining religious centers and for enjoying the confidence and respect of the ignorant followers. Adoration of the Guru is also a worldly affair, but you cannot live without it. It is most essential, and it cannot be avoided.
"To be one is the Truth,
And this dispels duality from mind. This is all the Truth, nothing else,
Adopt it in mind."
Therefore, time and again I stress upon you to have faith in ONE. Accept Him in any form and surrender yourself to Him alone. He who changes his faith from place to place, gains nothing. A rolling stone gathers no moss. I never plead and advise that you should have faith in me and worship me. Guru is an IDEAL. He is a sheet-anchor of life. Depend upon Him. Your life shall be happy, healthy and peaceful. In 1905 A.D. when I went to His Holiness Data Dayal ji he was not known as a saint in the public. He was known as Babu Ji, and he had no followers. I was his second follower at that time. ‘ZAMI-ZUMBAD NA JUMBAD GULMOHAMMAD’ I surrendered my entire to him with unshakable stead fastness and today I am happy:-
"Truth's adoption is True rule,
Dispelling untruth is Yama (abstinence). When understood this, Discretion awakened, Sat in peaceful state."
What is this adoption of Truth? I will tell you what I myself have understood. Whatever buds forth within me is not the TRUTH. The Truth is that object which witnesses the whole game within. That object is my own self. All the inner creations including the Light, thought and "Sound" perish. Only the SELF is imperishable. SELF is omnipotent but it cannot be understood so easily:-
"Sit cross legged, concentrated mind, Pranayama is the true essence.
In this state, RECHAK, PURAK, KUMBAK, Play the game.
By attaining concentration repeat again and again.
Contemplate with single mindedness,
And Adopt Truth with conscience."
Truth is your own SELF. There is a constant flow of thoughts and feelings, emission of physical, mental and spiritual radiations. They are waves from within our Conscience. With the complete suspension of their flow the state of union with Lord is achieved. What remains within after the attainment of union is inexplicable. Different people have named it differently as Lord, Truth, UNBOUND and UNNAMED. This is the Secret of practical life: It is not theory.
"Adopt this method, with intensive meditation,
0, Faqira, when meditation profound trance
Extends, Ego vanished, selflessness awakened,
Shines the star of knowledge, Thoughtlessness is trance, not thoughtfulness; Knowing killed the mind".
I undertook the practice of meditation and reached the highest state within and thus understood the Reality. But however, this is such a state where none can stay on permanently so long one is in body. Not only I but none else also can stay there.
What is ego? What is selflessness? What remains after the end of the working of extrovert propensities is selflessness and the reverse of it is Ego. This egoism (attachment) is of three kinds gross, subtle and causal. To have claim over the worldly things is gross attachment. The mental assumption that he is my Guru Ideal and Swami, is subtle attachment and enjoys the bliss of SELF within is subtle attachment. How this attachment is to be removed? I have explained it in the previous chapter with the help of Hazur Data Dayal's hymn:-
"Attachment goes not from my mind." "This is Guru's Ashtaang Yoga Truth's spontaneous form.
SURAT SHABAD YOGA'S SADHAN. Vanished doubt & darkness"
How dark doubts vanish? It is due to this attainment of knowledge that He is a Supreme ELEMENT and we are the atoms. We presume ourselves as separate entities and remain engrossed in this world. But when an individual realizes his SELF, he lives in this world and performs all the worldly duties, but does not attach his "SELF" with anything. At this old age, I consider of MYSELF as a bubble of consciousness. With pulsation in this consciousness different centers are formed, as centre of SURAT, Center of SHABAD, Center of LIGHT, Center of MIND, Center of INTELLECT, Centre of conscience, Centre of EGO and centre of BODY. Under His will the process of formation and deformation of these centers continue. When ebb and flow occurs, bubbles and tides are formed. They exist for sometimes and again mingle in the sea.
"Trance Ended consciousness regained? Again Mundana affairs appear? With Sadhan understood Santmat.
And primordial trance attained with ease."
As the trance breaks, I again see the turmoil of the word around. However, it does not disturb me because I know that it is all HIS WILL. I do not make claims that I am BRAHAMA, SAT, UNSEEN, PROFOUND, etc. Now I will give you its proof. Long age in Lahore, I used to pester Hazur Data Dayal ji. One day after feeling greatly disturbed, His Holiness asked me to accompany him to Agra so that he might offer me to the "Memorial" CIST of Huzur Maharaj ji, I agreed. We reached the railway station and purchased tickets for Agra. Again His Holiness said," I shall be free from you after offering you at the Feet of Hazur Maharaj ji." "Will you not bring me back; I humbly enquired His Holiness said, "No". Then I said. "I shall not go to Agra and would not leave you." We went to the hermitage after returning the tickets. In the hermitage His Holiness Data Dayal ji said to me, 'Faqir, I went to the Durbar of Hazur Maharaj only thrice in life and understood the TRUTH. I do not know why you cannot understand?" I again humbly enquired, 'What Hazur Maharaj ji made you understand?" His Holiness Data Dayal ji replied. "I had questioned Hazur Maharaj ji how this word is created!" His Holiness asked me to see him attentively I obeyed. His Holiness opened his mouth and closed and said, "This is the creation."
At the time of narration of this incident by Data Dayal ji I could not understand it. But today I understood it.
“Lips opened and closed.
`It is the Secret of life.”
Now I understand that all the Lower Centers are not REALITY. It is phantasmagoria. 
How my delusion perished? Firstly, this realization that I do not manifest anywhere, removed the darkness of my mind. Secondly, when I ascend to the state of LIGHT and SOUND there I try to search out the object which sees the LIGHT and listens to the SOUND. But I fail to find its end. It is INFINITE. What did I understand? Have I attained some extraordinary powers by reaching that state? No. I cannot treat my own ailments. Neither I nor any other saint could and can do anything. I reached this conclusion that this is all HIS WILL. Kuber Nath. I am telling you the experiences of my life.
"Spontaneous trance Spontaneous Chittavritti.
Spontaneous adoption of yoga in mind, Spontaneous in spontaneity mind waves spontaneously,
And Jeevan Mukta Attained."
This is the highest and the last stage. Now I live a carefree life without any thought of world, YOGA, SADHANA and KNOWLEDGE of Sehasdal Kamal, illuminating light. Trikuti, sound Omkara.
Sunna, Mahasunna, Hansaplays. Bhanvar Sohang Fountain. Transcended up dwelt in Sat Pad.
Forms colors melted.
Loveliness of Alakha-Agama, Radhaswami Abode reached.
What is the Radhaswami Abode? It is not the word spoken but it is a state where individual loses his identity. This is real union with God
"While living life for others
Neither pleasant nor caustic
Neither sharp nor pungent neither soft nor hard.
So far you are alive, perform your all worldly duties but do not develop attachment with anything, it will give you peace of mind. You will not feel pleased with pleasures and anguished with sorrows.
It is liberation in body,
It is principle profound,
It is all taught to thee; Dispelled all Vikara,
Easily thy work is done; slowly liberated,
Easily viewed spontaneous form; Time deed, fear vanished,
Radhaswami the compassionate; Incarnate in saint's forms,
Says Saligram, easily liberated With Guru's kind grace,
Till exist previous deeds;
Enjoy their fruit to end,
Deeds exhaust remains nothing;
Then one dwells the Infinite,
Time Deeds gallows cut;
Lost not the life's game,
Dedicated to Radhaswami; Dwells Faqir in ecstasy",
My going astray in search of Lord Rama, my desire to do good and the duality of sin and virtue has vanished from my mind. Previous deeds are nothing but the thoughts that we cherished in the past. These cherished thoughts take the form of deeds from time to time. None is free from the reaction of his and her previous thoughts. When these thoughts and their reactions exhaust, atom individuals mingle with the Entire (all Pervading). The bubble of water formed by water merges in water. Doubts vanished and I achieved peace.
Kuber Nath, you have come. Credits and debts of previous life are to be received and paid off. Mam Chand (late Shri Mam Chand Sharma) served me for thirty five years. Now Gopal Dass and Narayan Dass look after me. What is this? This is all clearing off the debts and credits of the past.
I have said that individual loses his entity. At this stage of UNION of the ATOM with the ENTIRE there remains nothing but SILENCE. Sant Kabir reached this stage, and he wrote about it. Swami Ji Maharaj has also explained that very stage as:-
"Neither Creator, creature nor creation
Neither doer nor deed there, nor purpose nor difficulty
Neither view nor viewer there & visible nothing; neither marked destination nor mark nor matter;
Neither self nor its modes nor beginning nor end; neither latent nor manifested, visible nor invisible,
Neither Rama, Rahima nor Karima, Keshav there,
nothing, nothing, nothing there;
Neither Smriti Shastra there nor Bhagvat Gita, Neither recitation of Kurana nor reciter there;
Neither worship nor worshipper nor discipline nor swami,
Neither Satnami nor Unnamed there."
Now you yourself ponder over these writings of Swami Ji Maharaj who writes, neither “Neither Satnam nor Anami (Unnamed) how these saints gave this verdict? That he is unnamed. It is after having the experience of merging their own entity with the ENTIRE. These are the inferences of the saints. What is the reality? None has been able to know it. After merger with the... ENTIRE, there remains nothing to seek, to indicate, and to see and to speak. A bubble loses its identity by mingling with the UNFATHOMABLE Ocean. This is my experience.
Kuber Nath! Whatever I have experienced and understood in my life I have spoken to you plainly. May thou be cheerful!
Radhaswami to all!

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