Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Aura Goggles

I used to read FATE Magazine now, and again, and often, or not there was an advert for the so-called Aura Goggles based on the research of Dr. Kilner. There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not the "real" aura is actually seen (if at all!), or not. Some people claim that what is "seen" is only the "etheric" field rather than the colourful energies as displayed by a "real" aura....RS

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This easy to read book takes aura viewing one step further and includes a pair of glasses for aura viewing. Twenty short chapters teach you all about seeing and interpreting the aura. Most people who try the glasses can immediately see light around objects, plants and people. Further practice brings the ability to see colors, guide energies, thought forms, healing energy and past life energy. Healing practitioners may find that wearing the aura glasses gives valuable information about the energy fields of their clients as they work with them. In time, you will learn to see the chakras (major energy centers in the body) and their colors. Concise and practical, AURA GLASSES:YOU CAN AURAS makes for interesting reading and personal development

From the Author

As mentioned in the introduction, I purchased a pair of rather expensive aura goggles a few years ago. When I decided to write this book, I wanted to include an aura viewing device that was affordable. The book with the glasses rapidly became a best seller in Canada, and can now be found around the world. When AURA GLASSES: YOU CAN SEE AURAS was displayed at Trade Shows across Canada and the United States, its popularity was apparent by the number of people who stopped to try them on. With minimal instruction, and under rather unfavourable conditions, most people who tried the glasses had immediate success. Feedback from the public via E-mail and letters has been most positive! I am pleased to be the author of a book that helps others develop abilities that might otherwise lie dormant.

From the Back Cover

HOW DO THE AURA GLASSES WORK?The aura glasses help align our third eye with the indigo frequency of the sixth chakra, through which we view the aura. Reading the book and performing the aura viewing exercises before wearing the glasses will bring you the greatest success. Enjoy your enhanced awareness!

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