Monday, 20 April 2015

A Muslim Fortune Teller

A Muslim fortune teller has over the years taken some interest in me in Slough. However, it was to be sometime before we met properly, and talked face to face. That happened in early 2014. He claimed to have come from a line of fortune tellers in Pakistan.

 He seemed to regard me as being "100% good". But I said I was no saint, and neither was I totally good in  a spiritual sense. It would be nice if it were so.

Anyway, I was invited to see him at his home. He gave a colourful description of his past, and it transpired that he was wanting me to raise money to help poor people in Pakistan. Yet, I politely said no to this.

More amusingly, he seemed to want me to stay the night, but I declined. As I was about to leave he insisted that he loved me more than a brother! I suspected, he had homosexual leanings, and  left. Yet I allowed him to kiss my hand which he did profusely......

It was quite a time before I met him again for a chat. In April 2015 I was in Slough High Street. I brought up the point as to whether he gave some form of initiation. He said yes, and suggested that I should make an appointment with him. He said it would be best to have the initiation outside, and in a quiet spot . However, I did not ring to fix an appointment, but met him again in Slough where he undertook an impromptu "initiation" in an area near the library.

For legal reasons, I have not given out his name.......Let us just call him S.

......To begin with S wrote some Arabic letters, and some numerological numbers as well as some odd "magic symbols," plus two "crude drawings". He suggested to me that I had brothers..this was incorrect. S seemed to think I had children...again incorrect...S said I did not get on with my step mother...incorrect...His so-called fortune telling was a whole series of misses rather than hits!! I could not take him seriously. Among other things, he indicated that I should create a special vegetable soup for health, and  claimed that I would die at a certain age!

Lastly, he explained that a woman I knew had cast a black magic spell on me. But I knew of no woman who would hate me that much to do something so "silly". S said that this "curse" or whatever it was, would be lifted in 21 days time!!

After this, came something very surprising. S told me to shut my eyes, and banged me on the top of my head for three, or four times. With each hit, if I recall rightly he made a strange "Schoooo, Scchhooo," sound as if he was trying to imitate the  sound of "psychic energy" being transmitted  into my head.

When I opened my eyes with a temporarily sore head I pretended that nothing happened. S asked me to grip his very strong hand in a certain manner. Again, he came out quick with "Schooo, Sccchhhooo" sounds. It seemed to me he was trying to transmit "psychic energy" to me, but admittedly, I felt nothing of the sort.

Just before we parted S again told me to shut my eyes. He then thumped me three, or four times on the right arm. Once more, the "Schoo, Scchhhooo," sound was repeated....I played along as if nothing serious had happened (ie. another assault). I opened my eyes, and he held out his hand to shake goodbye. I took it, and then, he left heading towards the library.

I have never experienced an "initiation" quite like this......especially the assaults on my head, and arm. I did think of reporting him to the police, or even getting him charged. But I presumed that this was all part of his "show," so to speak. He was not well-educated as he admitted. Maybe the assaults I experienced would be more acceptable in Pakistan, but not in Britain......................


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