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Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications on Psi Research

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The following is a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles on psi (psychic) phenomena, most published in the 21st century. There are also some important papers of historical interest and other resources. A comprehensive list would run into thousands of articles. Click on the title of an article to download it.
The international professional organization for scientists and scholars interested in psi phenomena is the Parapsychological Association, an elected affiliate (since 1969) of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the largest general scientific organization in the world.
Commonly heard critiques about psi, such as “these phenomena are impossible,” or “there’s no valid scientific evidence,” or “the results are all due to fraud,” have been soundly rejected for many decades. Legitimate debates today are based on discussions of empirical evidence and interpretation of the evidence. Most active researchers are focusing on development of adequate theoretical explanations, advancements in methodology, the “source” of psi, and issues about effect size heterogeneity and robustness of replication.
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Healing at a Distance

Physiological correlations at a distance


Telepathy & ESP


General Overviews & Critiques


Survival of Consciousness

Matlock (2012). Bibliography of reincarnation resources online (articles and books, all downloadable)

Precognition & Presentiment



Mind-Matter Interaction

Jahn & Dunne (2005). The PEAR Proposition.
Radin et al (2006). Reexamining psychokinesis.

Potential Applications

Some recommended books (click to see book details at

Irwin & Watt (2007). An Introduction to Parapsychology
Sheldrake (1999; new edition 2011) Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

Websites with access to more articles

Daryl Bem: Click here  
Brian Josephson: Click here
Edwin May: Click here   
Stephan Schwartz, Click here
Rupert Sheldrake: Click here
James Spottiswoode: Click here
Charles Tart: Click here    
Russell Targ: Click here 
Patrizio Tressoldi: Click here
Jessica Utts: Click here
Richard Wiseman: Click here
Journal of Scientific Exploration: Click here
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory: Click here or here.
Division of Perceptual Studies, University of Virginia: Click  here


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