Monday, 21 September 2015

The Man Who Never Was..................

By Robert Searle/Blogger

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The other day I met a man who had published poetry in a number of books. I will refer to him as EK. I had spoken to him almost two years before.However, this time he discussed something which he found "spooky", and indeed, "out of this world". He told me about his experience in Goa, India.

Now, I must stress here I am going by memory. All the same it is still worth recounting, and he did repeat his "tale" more than once, and was evidently, baffled, and amazed, even though it had happened many moons ago. He also knew next to nothing about Eastern Mysticism.

Anyway, to cut to the chase. He was walking along a very busy street in Goa, and came across a crippled "vagrant" sitting on a tin can...and nobody else seemed to be noticing him.  For some reason, or other EK felt compelled to go towards him, and noticed that he was begging. In response, he "bowed down" to the "vagrant", and gave him some money. As he looked at him he felt that this "vagrant" was radiating something very positive, and said to EK that  whatever he laid his hand upon in the world he would be successful. In other words, a prediction. Suddenly, EK stood bolt upright as if he was "hit" by some kind of energy. He looked down, and the "vagrant" had disappeared into a "cloud of smoke"!

He tried to find out what had happened to him. He even talked to a taxi man, and other people  about it, and gave a description. But to no avail. However, the taxi man suggested that the "vagrant" was actually a holy man, and he had blessed EK with what is sometimes referred to in the East as Shaktipat. In other words, initiation by transmission of spiritual energy that could help him in terms of self-development.

Indeed, EK discovered that he had a "remarkable" gift for poetry. This he believed was due wholly, or partly from the energy transmission from the "holy man". Infact, he revealed that his experience had changed his life even though he did not undertake any meditation as far as I know...and as I said early on "...knew next to nothing about Eastern Mysticism."

It has to be confessed that I have on very rare occasions come across the "phenomena" recounted above from a number of printed sources. All the same it is pretty rare...

Will wonders ever cease?
PS. The energy transmission seemed to have awakened the Kundalini to some extent. I recall him mentioning "heat" in his body, and in his dreams he would on occasion see snakes, or nagas as they are called in the East. Red was quite  a common colour too. This suggest that there is some "awakening" or disturbance in connection with sex, and sexuality. Kundalini Yoga itself recognizes the power of sex, and the need to convert this energy into something creative, and positive. Hence, the need for the right kind of meditative techniques to achieve this aim.

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