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Seeing "Auras", and "the Essence of Life?"

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On rare occasions, and quite unexpectently I have seen the extremely subtle manifestation of the Mono-Chromatic Aura, or one coloured aura. In my case, it is a white glowing energy around the body of  a person who is probably spiritual advanced. Usually, such an aura is about a foot, or less in length. The outline of it is not sharp, or defined but rather consists of rays ending in minute "spear heads". It is a natural phenomenon.

Ofcourse, some people may experience a Poly-Chromatic Aura which consists of many colours. How this manifests itself is really dependent on the evolution, and sensitivity of the individual. Evidence suggests also that the Aura exists in different ways in  different sub-planes. This would be an explanation as to why Leadbeater's depictions of the Aura are not the completely same looking as those of Dora Van Gelder Kunz.

Personally, I am glad I do not see the Poly-Chromatic Aura as this could lead to unintentionally picking up "bad" things about other people. I like to see the good in others.

The "Electronic" Aura..

In Slough I was eating my Aloo Tikki Chat in the mall (as you do!). In the corner of my eye I became aware of an Asian woman, and could feel her literal waves of love coming towards me. I briefly saw her Aura of light surrounding her body. It looked "electronic" in the sense that its outline was very sharp, and defined with one or more zig zags (like a lightning bolt). It was also glowing white in colour. The Asian lady in question came towards me, and asked if I  remembered her? It transpired that I knew her ages ago at one of the home Satsangs of the the Radhasoami Faith of which I was a member. She was probably a good soul, and spiritually advanced.

The Sikh Temple, and Superconciousness at Proximity..

Visiting special places of "holiness" can lead to unexpected seeing of white glowing auras, and indeed, the experience of higher levels of consciousness.. My visits to the local Sikh Temple, or Gurdhwara (along with the Radhaoami Satsang in Southall) have often involved contact with very fine, and subtle energies. The Sikhs do not have a living human Guru, but instead a Holy Book known as the Guru Granth Sahib (replacing a human Guru) which also radiates something...."magical". From my experience this is not a "lifeless book" but rather a "portal" to higher levels of consciousness. When I try to get close to it one begins to feel the onset of superconciousness. As this happens the physical world seems to "disappear" as if it did not exist at all! The same experience also happens when I am in a queue for langar, or the Sikh free kitchen in which one becomes aware of the same Power emanating from the heads of people right in front of me at very close proximity....irrespective of whether they are "good", or "bad".......
PS. In connection with the "electronic" Aura, and notably the waves of love,  my mind (probably) "projected" an outline of the shape of one of the undulations. This has happened before when I was initiated by Harjit Singh. It is as if my logical, or rational side of the mind was trying to "unconsciously" analyse the basic structure of one of the waves in a form I could "see!" RS


  1. Very nice Robert.I wonder if you have been in a
    non-dual state?
    I ask because Faqir Chand seems to have been in this state and
    I wonder if your initiation by Harjit Singh may have induced this in you?
    Kind Regards

    1. Possibly, I may have experienced something akin to a non-dual state...but that in itself is nothing as there are probably higher levels of the "same" experience..as there are an infinity of higher planes most of which go way beyond the powers of the Mind to describe. And yes I think the above experiences along with other ones were naturally, and spontaneously induced by HS

  2. Thank you very much for replying,Robert,I really
    appreciate it.
    I wonder if you know if other sant mat meditators have
    experienced a non-dual like state and if it has stayed with them?
    I ask because I have not come across any discussion in the usual sant mat books on this subject and yet in my own experience,the query of who is the meditator and who is experiencing the inner journey can't be avoided.
    Particularly if one takes seriously the instruction
    of "know yourself" which as far as I know both
    Charan Singh an Baba ji have spoken about.

    1. Unfortunately, I cannot throw further light on your above communication. I am not omniscient!

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