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Auras, and Mark Smith

The following extracts come from a fascinating book entitled Auras; See Them In Only 60 Seconds. It was written by Mark Smith, and he reveals on odd occasion the "objective" nature of the Auras. In other words, they are not purely projections of the imagination, but are something more. Such evidence came about in Smith's Workshops for his students. However, a far more "scientific" approach is needed to gather such data on Auras, and other related phenomena. See the emerging New Paradigm for information to understand this point more fully along with its potential implications.


Auras in a Box

"..................the shape of the aura is related to certain professions as well. Unusual, for all but engineers, is the square, or box halo.

One of the most dramatic examples of a box halo was witnessed by an entire class, as I had them write down what they saw without any prior commentary on my part. This person had a perfectly square aura, which extended laterally out the left side of the head and was dark blue in colour. As the classs began to see it murmurs and exclamations could be heard throughout the room. I shushed them and told them to draw or write about what they saw.

Fully three-quarters of the nearly sixty people in the room had drawn the box coming out the left side of the head and written that the colour was blue or violet. There was no surprise when the subject said he was the head of an architectural firm in Washington. He certainly had geometric shapes  firmly in mind that night!"                                      

P 50



".......The triangle, or dunce cap, is far less rare but also somewhat unusual. This was seen numerous times in class and usually seems to be either golden or violet/purple in colour. No pattern of lifetstyle or professional association is apparent, although some subjects report higher than normal awareness of spiritual matters, or psychic phenomena.

I have been told by some of my students that I appear on occasion to have a triangular light above my head, or sometimes rays of light pointing up in a wedge shape or inverted triangle. The triangle shape is most often in my auric field when I'm rested and unstressed, frequently right after an extended prayer or meditation period. Colours seem more vibrant at the time as well, tending toward bright yellow or gold in the etheric(inner) aura and purple in the astral (secondary) field.

Standing in front of the class, breathing deeply and thinking loving thoughts, I can feel the warmth spreading throughout my body, with a tingling sensation shooting up my spine, energizing my hands and head. As this rush of energy develops, some members of the class will start to remark about shapes or rays of golden or silver light seen extending far above and around my body. When the feelings start to subside, often someone will remark at that moment how the "light has been turned off", and the the aura changes shape or colour and reverts "back to normal."

Whatever that is."
P 51-52

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