Saturday, 24 January 2015

Exploring Kundalini

Many people have spiritual or religious experiences at some point in their lives. A person may experience anything from a spiritual epiphany, to a sense of the divine, to a communion with God, Brahman, Nirvana, or the Universe. These experiences vary drastically, and are unique to each individual, though many commonalities do exist. Kundalini is the biological mechanism responsible for all forms of spiritual experience, genius, insanity, evolution, and enlightenment. As a universal phenomenon, the implications of Kundalini affect every sphere of human thought and activity.
The goal of the Kundalini Database Project is to understand the processes of evolution as we evolve toward higher dimensions of consciousness. Proposed experiments will prove these bold claims through firm scientific evidence, and much work has been done already. By contributing important research data to the Emerging Sciences Foundation, you help in a global effort to explore the deepest mysteries of life. The goal is to be able to provide you the most scientific and credible information about how to achieve a healthy spiritual awakening for yourself. All data collected will be anonymized whenever presented.
Click here to see the latest project dashboard.

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