Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Lite in the Heart

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The LITE in the Heart is a book of life-altering impact, beautifully illustrated with seven color plates, done by Australian and New Zealand artists - Martin Cone, Pamela Mathews, Gerhard Veit, Soolaba and Portuguese artist Leonora de Araujo, whose fine work make this book a work of art and potentially a collectors item. It is a precious, beautiful mystical book of lyrical poetry, and practical meditation techniques, that is available to U.S. readers for the first time in 2009, designed to inspire people wishing to seek beyond the illusion that the material world is the superior reality, to journey on the Path to Enlightenment, by assuring them that the spiritual realm is real, and that if a person is sincerely devoted to seeking union with the divine Consciousness, the Universe will provide, at every step along the way, what is needed to awaken. Attunement only comes after one has embarked on the spiritual Path with total abandonment, without reservation. The book is written by Omna Last, an enlightened mystic, born in Australia in 1944, who from the age of seven, grew up in the wild mysterious land of Tasmania, which could be the esoteric heart of the world. The awakening of the kundalini the cosmic fire coiled at the base of the spine was so powerful that he has had to live totally outside and beyond the bounds of so-called civilized society. He has lived for over 20 years in Asia, mainly in India. He has experienced the fragment of the White-Light, known as the Atma, in his heart and at the same eternal moment the Paramatma, the White-Light that is otherwise known as God, that pervades the whole Cosmos and is the essence of Creation.

Omna Last

The Lite in the Heart can be experienced when there is enough Love awareness and a strong enough energy field for consciousness to enter deep within the Heart to the place where the Atma lives, shining more brightly than a million Suns.

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