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2011.....The Anniversary of The Tempest by William Shakespeare........

by Robert Searle

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Yes, 2011 does indeed mark the anniversay of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. It is said to be his last work, and is highly esoteric........especially the film adaption of it by the film genius of Peter Greenaway. Here, I refer to the masterpiece known as Prosperos Books (1991). This is my best film of all time. As indicated, it is based on The Tempest...

..Some three years ago I refer to it on my music site...

".........This interpretation is full of a sense of the theatrical, and the supernatural per se. It has a rich set of sets so to say which are like rich living renaissance paintings. There is a depth to this film which is difficult to describe, and appreciate. It is cinema at its best brimming with a sense of power, and meaning beyond its celluloid reality....far removed from the usual diet of trash so common of modern day popular film-making. "


The following review comes from Radio Times Guide to Films, 2010.

"Historically important both as a record of John Gielguds celebrated stage rendition of Prospero, and as the first film to be shot entirely in High Definition Video, this visually stunning fantasy is more than just a straightforward adaption of The Tempest. Focusing on the exiled Duke of Milans beloved 24-volume library, Peter Greenaway overlays multiple images and textual information in a meditation of the processes of thought and artistic creation, with Gielguds voicing of all Shakespeares chracters. Viewers may find Greenaways experiments with non-linear narrative challenging, but patience is rewarded."

Another review says the following....

"Prospero's Books really exists outside criticism. All I can do is describe it. Most of the reviews of this film have missed the point; this is not a narrative, it need not make sense, and it is not 'too difficult' because it could not have been any less so. It is simply a work of original art, which Greenaway asks us to accept or reject on his own terms."

Roger Ebert


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The problem with Prosperos Books is that it really is something which you cannot describe. It has a timeless quality...Every scene for me at least has strange psychological depth which is rich, and often inpenetrable.I will end this blog article with a link to You Tube which displays some clips from Prosperos Books.However, the film itself really needs to be experienced from start, to finish................


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