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David Harrington, and his book Inclinations...........

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David Harrington, the author of Inclinations contacted me on the web.I thought I would give him a little help in promoting his work as he has been busy going around bookshops, and appearing on radio in the States. The following is a brief intro to Inclinations.....

....Replete with angels and mythical creatures, Inclinations is a strange and allegorical mixture of poetry and prose. Based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions, this collection of short stories and poems covers a wide variety of themes including faith, judgment, mysticism and spiritual warfare. With a bit of prophecy clouded in the metaphor of sacred language, one must decide where to interpret the text literally and where to interpret it figuratively.

Ref Worlds Apart Books.

The following is an extract called the Two Rams.

Come: Look and see the wonderful sights through theeyes of the visionary.I was driven by the Spirit to a high plateau near a river of rushing waters. And overlooking the sea wall where the waters cascade into the sea, stood two, like rams, clothed in long flowing robes all decked in gold.And in their hands I saw them juggling open books as would a pair of charlatans. And out of the mouth of one I saw fabulous tongues of fire stretch forth over the congregation. And in the eyes of the other welled up great pools of water that whenever he opened his mouth to speak, an endless flood of tears would pour down upon the congregation: In order to extinguish the flames that the first ram had spit forth from out of his mouth.Above the crashing of the waves I could hear the rams speaking great things concerning the Living God before the assembly, who had come to witness the powers of their healing word. But when they spoke their words clashed and went against one another, not too far between.Nevertheless, the rams stood fearlessly in the midst of the congregation, facing each other in bitter opposition,kicking and snorting as they prepared to do battle. And bowing their heads in prayer, they charged at full throttle.And when the rams locked horns, I heard a loud crack of thunder. And all about the arena the mountain rattled. And it was high tide and the waves were battering ferociously against the sea wall. And the boulders were loosened from their places, and the great slabs of marble, granite and slate of their temples broke loose from their foundation and washed out to sea.And their faith faltered and gave out from under them by way of their pride and shame. And their ministries fell hard against the rocks and broke apart. And their lavish kingdoms were thrown down hard with mighty vengeanceagainst the sea wall and crumbled to pieces.And the congregation disputed one with the other over the great things which the rams had spoken in their midst: For one spoke vehemently and with great authority, and the other mildly. And the assembly was torn in two and divided by way of the great things which the rams had spoken. And departing from the midst, went their separate ways.And as I stood wondering what these things might mean, I heard the angel answer and say,“Marvel not: For I shall show you the cause of the rams’great downfall, with whom they have committed adultery.”And as the angel was yet speaking, behold, up from out of the midst of the congregation arose a she-goat despoiled with the filth of the earth. And she ascended to the crest of the mountain and opened her mouth to speak great things against the rams.And the she-goat had a small following that went up after her with hammers and chisels that they might carve in stone every glorious word that proceeded out of her mouth.And she lashed out fearlessly against the rams, accusing them of debauchery and treachery. And the congregation was appalled at the rams and cast them into prison because of the glorious words which the she-goat had spoken. over a year ago

David Harrington gives some explanation.... For all practical purposes, the Two Rams should be interpreted as televangelists on a crusade to lead people to God, but in reality they are false prophets and religious quacks out to rob the people of their money by pretending to be ministers of God. The rams' long flowing robes symbolize their mock holiness and phony priesthood and serve as a cover to conceal their immorality, while their flashy gold jewelry represents their immense wealth that they've emassed by embezzling their way through life, but more importantly, it stands for their imaginary bond with God. How's this for a start? Ref Facebook site

...........What follows is a brief on the hoof questioning of David Harringtons inner experiences. However, alot more could have been garnered if a more structured, and more comprehensive approach had been initiated...

RS.I assume you had experience with inner Sounds

DH.Oh yes Voices, Visions, etc

RS.Do you normally hear a specific Sound like Bells, or thunder or drums? Does the colour blue often feature in your experiences?

DH.Lots of thunder and voices, water

RS.Very interesting

DH.Blue? A little but not overly so.

RS.Interesting...what about the colour red?

DH.About the same....Lots of rainbows in my visions.

RS.Do you see things during normal waking conciousness rather than via trance, and astral travel Or is the former a rare phenomenon

DH.Normal waking conciousness..usually with very little warning.

RS.I see. It happens suddenly

DH.I have been transported to spiritual realms you might say.

RS.And do the phenomena suddenly go as well rather than fade away..have you come across Surat Shabd Yoga?

DH.Yes suddenly, usually my ears will plug up and I am compelled by a strong urge to seclude myself somewhere quiet where I can receive the vision(s) without interruptions.

RS.Very interesting... And Shabd Yoga...heard of it? It teaches advanced soul travel, and uses the Sound as a means of mystic transport

DH.I've heard of it but not familiar with it though. Sounds very interesting indeed.

RS.But do you use Sound to transport upwards, or do you have a whirlwind type off experience Do you merge into the Sound, and does it pull you up or not? In other words, spiritual levitation. has a couple of times I would say.

RS. Interesting... And you have met beings, and have had a telepathic rapport with them

DH.I have ascended to higher realms and then back down to earth again several times in my visions.

RS.Do the beings change forms at all...maybe I should read the book!!

DH.Yes you should read the book for sure. Yes there are creatures that change forms to adapt to their surroundings.

RS.Do any appear alien like as understood in UFO "mythology".

DH.No mostly animal forms or humans who take on animal forms..........................

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