Monday, 20 June 2011

Anyone Can Feel Energies..............

By Robert Searle

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Back in circa 1994, or thereabouts Gurinder Singh, the head of Radhsoami Satsang Beas made a suprise visit to the London Satsang. At the end of his talk he asked whether anyone had any questions. I stood up, and claimed that during my spiritual search I had experienced "energies" from some gurus, or words to that effect. Gurinder rightly said that "Anyone can feel energies". There is nothing in the way of real spiritual advancement about it.

Anyway, in April 2011 I was at a famous yearly Sikh Festival in which a number of temporary free food stalls were set up on certain streets in Slough. These marked the procession of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, and their actual living Guru. Just before the open canopied float in which it was placed along with the priests appeared, I was wistfully thinking about the energies of higher conciousness experienced at Haynes Park where I was at a Radhasoami meeting. I did not feel anything like that at the Slough Sikh Festival. However, much to my amazement as I came close to the actual float, and indeed, the Guru Granth Sahib itself I experienced the intensity of higher energies, and as such bowed to it with a respectful Namaste...However,no visual data was registered as the energies could have come from one of the priests rather than from the Granth itself in the open canopied float.

As mentioned in an early post in Esoteric Miscellany, I was struck by a ray from the Guru Granth Sahib itself as I paid my obeissance to it....! Whether this was a trick of the imagination, or not is impossible to say. Anyway, drawn by this energy I joined the procession of mainly sweaty, and at times smelly (!!) ladies who followed the float. Much to my suprise I saw in the crowd Fiona McTaggert, the MP for Slough who recognized me. She had an scarf over her head, and was dressed like an Indian Sikh lady if I recalled correctly. Thankfully, she did not give her usual Cheshire cat-like smile!

Apart from the above,I was once sitting at a public computer terminal doing my usual tapping on the keys when someone next to me passed me a note. On it was the word psychic....but without the question mark. It transpired that the person next to me claimed he could feel my "energies" and was wondering whether I was psychic, or not. I said that I was possibly. He also revealed he could pick different energies from different people but like me usually received no visual data. He rightly pointed out that this was a natural phenomena...........


  1. Dear Robert,
    what in your opinion is "spiritual progress"?
    Stephen S

  2. It is the process of self-evolution via outer experiences, and inner grace in which one can become more positive, and spiritual in nature, and in actions...


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