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An Esoteric Miscellany

By Robert Searle

A. Meeting with Dr. Douglas Baker.

7th, 2009  Blogger Ref Link

Dr. Douglas Baker is somewhat well-known in esoteric circles. Here is a link to him, and his site.

It is claimed that he has written over 100 books on esoteric subjects. Having seen some of them they appear to be often, or not short, and "shallow". Moreover, from what I have found so far there is no obvious reference to his use of Theosophy, and the Alice Bailey Teachings. He should by rights give direct indications of his source materials otherwise it gives the false impression that he is an innovator.
Anyway, back in the early eighties I used to meet a plump well-dressed Indian astrologer who was called Matthew. He claimed that he was jeweller, and emanated from Brighton. On occasion, I met him at a hotel that used to exist opposite Slough train station. We often talked about esoteric subjects, and once I said that I believed I had been killed in the last world war. In response, he said that he had been a saint in India in another incarnation..For whatever reasons, Matthew seemed impressed by the writings of Dr. Douglas Baker. He recommended them to me but I was not overly excited.

However, I did go to see Baker at the former workings mens club in Slough where he was giving a talk on astral projection. Among other things, he mentioned his friend Peter Sellars, and his heart attack in which he had out-of-body experience (though if I recall correctly there was more than one instance of this). At the end of this ofcourse came the book signing session. I used this as an opportunity to ask him why he had not replied to me on a letter concerning greater information on surat shabd yoga, and the Radhaswami Faith. At this, he said nothing, and gave me a sssh! with one finger over his mouth. He seem to realize the huge esoteric importance of the subject, and clearly was not willing to discuss it. However, apart from this I was not impressed overall by him as a person, or indeed, his books...
I am sure Dr. Baker means well in his own right along with his Claregate College on esoteric studies but I just feel that perhaps the genuine motivations for it all were somehow lacking. However, whether true, or not he has played an important in popularising the subject for which we should be thankful.

PS. Since the above was written Dr Baker passed away in 2011.

B. A "Kabbalah" Mystery?

Nov 26th, 2009

I would be grateful to know whether anyone knows the possible meaning of this Kabbalistic symbol. It is drawn on a public wall with a black felt tip pen by a person, or persons unknown as I enter, and depart from a block of flats in which I live. Essentially, it appears as a trident (bowled shaped like the Jewish Menorah)without the pronged endings. Two magan davids are to be seen both sides of it save the central "column" so to speak. At the base of the latter there is one more magan david. There also appears here to be a little "flame" on one of the apexes of the two triangles. The same is true of the one on the top left of the "trident". These may have no significance at all along with where they are placed exactly. The question is this? Is this a genuine Kabbalistic symbol possibly? Or is it just something made up by someone who has an interest in magic? Could it be a symbol of good luck, or bad luck, or indeed, nothing at all of note?I may sometime post a drawing, or photo of it but the detail in the first paragraph should be clear enough to its possible "identification," and "significance".

PS. An occult symbol in chalk was found on the wall(circa 2011)of an underpass very near the Masonic Lodge in Slough. If I recall correctly, it was a triangle in a circle, and appeared to contain astrological symbols. It has since been erased.

C. Who are the Eloists?

Sep 28th, 2009

Sometime ago, I had a black and white dream. I could only recall the fag end of it. It was like an old grainy film being played. In it, someone looking like some Old Testament Prophet strolled along towards me with a staff in a stoney scenery. All of a sudden the words ELOIST appeared. I had never come across the word before, and so I had to go to the internet to find out what it meant. The following comes from the GG dictionary

.....E*lo"hist (?), n. The writer, or one of the writers, of the passages of the Old Testament, notably those of the Pentateuch, which are characterized by the use of Elohim instead of Jehovah, as the name of the Supreme Being; -- distinguished from Jehovist. S. Davidson. - Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Elohist, a name given by the critics to the presumed author of the earlier part of the Pentateuch, whose work in it they allege is distinguished by the use of the word Elohim for God; he is to be distinguished from the Jehovist, the presumed author of the later portions, from his use, on the other hand, of the word Jehovah for God.More light was forthcoming in the following "revelation" if such it could be called......Here, reference is made to a publication entitled Radiance which is connected with Oahspe an esoteric society which has been around for sometime...
Within Radiance flows the spirit of the Eloists. It is an expression of Light, and speaks with the Voice of the Living Spirit as It has come to be known through the Eloist family. 'Eloist' means a 'doer of the Creator's will.' The objective of Radiance is not so much to educate as it is to strike a keynote or set a tone that will help the reader to become attuned to 'the realm of thought in which angels dwell,' and in that harmony to learn how to rise in spirit to embrace a higher purpose.
Radiance, a publication of The Eloists, a religious non-profit organization, incorporated in 1918.....
PS. As Alan Kazlev pointed out I could have seen the the word Eloist before but completely forgot it until I had this "dream" experience..

D. The Guru Granth Experience..?

Nov 27th, 2009

Sometimes I have langar, or free food at the local Sikh temple, or gurdwara in Slough (near Montem). I have the greatest respect for Sikhism. It ofcourse does not have a Living Master as their guide but their holy book the Guru Granth Sahib acts as their Teacher instead, and is worshipped,and respected as if it were a highly esteemed "human being".I once had four copies of this marvellously inspired mystical work. I bought them at a Radha Soami Satsang Beas meeting in London!

I have to admit that I did find it difficult to accept a book rather than a living spiritual master as a guide. But my views have changed. It is possible,and feasible. The reason for this change of heart is when I, notably saw the Guru Granth Sahib being taken out of a car covered in cloth. This happened just outside the gurdwara. Some people nearby paid a respectful namaste, or greeting to it. I did likewise, and much to my surprise a ray of light shot from it at me. Whether this was a trick of the mind, or something else is difficult to know. However, I have seen pictures of the Guru Granth Sahib with spiritual energies depicted around it. This indicates that it is more than just a book......
PS. I was surprised to hear that the Hindu Temple in Slough was the first purpose built Hindu place of worship in Britain. It is very close to where I live in Chalvey,and found out about this when a group inspired by the Guru Ravi Shankar (not the musician ofcourse!) was making a presentation of their yogic teachings in December 2008.This group incidently claimed that it was the largest voluntary organization in the world. I do not know how true this claim is but I like to keep an open mind.

E. Recalling John Garland..

Nov 26th, 2009

In the late 1970s I recall meeting John Garland, the noted astrologer. He used to work for a time as a teacher at the Tutorials, a private school at Windsor where I used to go to. It was run by Mr. Blundell (a rather Dickensian sounding name IMHO).Anyway, John Garland was a charming fellow with a boyish visage, and ruddy complexion. If I recall correctly he had ginger, or blond hair. It is nice now to see him doing so well with his work in astrology as the following biodata reveals from Astrology Enterprises found on the net along with other "psychics", and astrologers

..."One of Britain's most respected and well established astrologers, John Garland's work has featured in the most diverse range of media over a highly successful, 24 year long career. John also has a unique distinction amongst other astrologers - in terms of understanding the needs of the media, for he worked as a journalist, leader writer and an editor, before the clarion call of astrology become too strong and led to his full-time profession. John writes traditional Western astrology but also has an avid interest and deep knowledge of Chinese astrology, a specialisation, and he has written extensively for Horoscope and Prediction Magazines'. In fact John was the first astrologer to introduce Chinese astrology to the west in the 1980's - strongly influenced by his Grandfather, who lived in China for many years, and who was imbued in Daoism and a great admirer of Confucius. From this John acquired a considerable knowledge of Chinese spiritual culture, including the "I Ching". Over his career, John has written for many of the most established Women's titles, has had much work published and his specialisation is in providing sparkling, either bespoke or regular content, with an almost lyrical and enchanting dimension. His is a rare voice of true authority in the astral and divination firmament."

In around 1983 I came across him again. He used to live in Upton Park, Slough in a basement flat. I got to know him pretty well as he had an easy charm about him. Often, or not the subjects we discussed were to do with psychic, and spiritual topics notably my growing fascination in gurus. He, himself seemed at the time to be much taken by the Western pagan tradition notably the celts, and their culture. Indeed, he even produced his own magazine aptly entitled CELT in capitals. I wrote an article on the mysticism of Inner Sound for his second, or third issue. This appeared on the front cover along with the drawing of a weeping willow if I recall correctly. He described my writing as being "scholarly" which I took to be a compliment.
Anyway,John Garland is among other things an artist. He showed me a number of his unusual "psychic" paintings. Indeed, I even saw per chance an exhibition of them at some fair in London.
He apparently claimed to have written, and published a book entitled The Mire. Brian Edgar who was one of my teachers at the Tutorials contacted me after 30 years via the "miracle" of the internet, and I was amazed to receive his email. He, also, remembered John Garland, and recalled reading The Mire

The next time I came to know of John, and his work was in printed form. It was in the Maidenhead local paper in which he appears to have a syndicated column on his his artful, and insightful column on astrology. It is good to see that he has been doing well, and I wish him future good luck! Maybe we will meet again..or maybe not....but ofcourse that is all in the stars!

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