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Realization of the Psychic

By Robert Searle

Some Personal Experiences

Sometimes, certain psychic realizations are had when people are in their childhood such as communicating with invisible "playmates", seeing auras, perceiving "spirit" lights, and dead people, et al. Quite often, such young persons may regard this as "normal" until they are told otherwise. As the child gets older the experiences may lessen, or usually vanish altogether in adulthood. For some though this can lead to an interest in some kind of "New Age," or psychic society.
Such psychic realizations can also occur in older people rather than in childhood. It might involve someone going to a healer, and later discovering that they, themselves have suddenly found the power to heal others. Certain UFO sightings along with alleged alien encounters can positively transform peoples lives for the good. Near-Death Experiences too, or NDEs can have a like influence on the individual.
Often, or not many ordinary folk have an anecdotal story to say about some "odd" happening in their lives. Yet, such occurrencies are often a one-off, and are soon forgotten.

However, such experiences would have at least made it known to the person concerned that life is far stranger than it appears. In this respect, they have much worth, and can lead onto the more important issues of spiritual evolution. In other words, a stepping stone towards higher things.In the following, I (the author) have described some of my own personal experiences. Short remarks are included. Some of it may seem a little bizarre, but it must be made abundantly clear that I have never ever taken illegal drugs, and/or psychiatric ones from a doctor. It should also be stated here that most people who may have had psychic experiences are quite often,or not compos mentis.
However, it is my belief that my own experiences were partly the outcome of birth trauma when I nearly died from suffocation. Indeed, the horror of such an event was "relived"in 1968 as a child as I was sleeping in the back seat of my parents car. This occured in Spain.
Apart from that, when I retired to bed, the sleeping "unconcious" mind would sometmes allow normally negative "buried" memories to re-emerge in some form, or other. Yet, this could include an unusual phenomena initially caused by the "re-enactment" of stiffling suffocation of the birth trauma, and its subnormal "subconcious" state of "being". This may have acted as a"gateway" for certain lowly "attuned" forces to interfere with my childhood. This notion may seem unorthodox to some, and as such it is not our intention here to go into the more "mainstream" ideas about such things. Anyway, this subnormal level of being below waking conciousness was a feature of many of my early psychic experiences. It is my belief that the latter has been responsible for a "small" amount of mental retardation.

1. Repeated Psychic "Assaults".

As a child when I was asleep I would on a few occasions become "aware" of my body at a subnormal level of conciousnes. I then experienced electricity around the back of my neck. Similiarly, the same energy could be had around the base of the heels. If I recall rightly in the book Shadow of Destiny by Alexander Cannon this was the start of what might be termed attempted "possession" but in my case it was technically speaking repeated psychic "assaults". Anyway, in the darkness I would feel something on top of me, and it was grabbing my throat, and strangled me. When this appalling experience reached its climax I lost "conciousness". Then,I would wake up in bed to my normal waking conciousness.

2. Past Lives?

The above may be a repeated repressed memory at the end of a previous life if we accept reincarnation. I believe that the following experience is an instance of another existence.It occured at a subnormal level of "conciousness" to some extent.
I was on a stoney beach in France, and I was a soldier. Troops were near me, and one had a bazooker. I could see the cliffs, and a pill box with a rifle sticking out, but pointing downwards. For some reason or other I moved foolishly away from the troops, and became an easy target. A shot was heard, and entered my stomach. I fell backwards clutching it.Interestingly, the full pain, and suffering of the experience seemed to be blocked by the mind. Yet, I awoke from this "memory" which was like a replay of some vague grainy black, and white film. It was more of a tactile experience rather than a clear visual phenomenon. Anyway,I was still clutching my belly, and writhing about in my pyjamas! I, also, felt myself several times being inside, and outside the body. In other words, an out-of-the-body (or OOBE) experience of which I had a number of spontaneous occurrences but again at a subnormal level of conciousness (eg.rolling in, and out of bed but not physically so!).
Strange as it may appear I discovered that the death trauma memory had in World War II ofcourse occured with other living individuals. It appears that many of those who died were reborn quickly so that they could be karmically "rewarded" by experiencing a "better" world presumably in the rich countries such as Britain, America, and Europe. Their "self-sacrifice" was not in vain...
...I believe I had an experience of seeing "myself" in a past life. I must stress this is only a theory, and could be completely wrong. It occured in a "lucid dream" (ie.I was aware I was I "dreaming"). I was in bed as a child, and next to me I saw a man lying by me. His eyes were wide with amazement, and he fearfully tried to touch my face with his hand....whereupon I blacked out, and returned to normal waking conciousness. What was extraordinary was his appearance. He had a wide ruddy face, and white dirty bedraggled hair. He had a fur collar band, and on his arm he had a blue (woad) design. Could this have been "me" in some far off incarnation, or was it someone, or something else? From the description he was probably an Ancient Briton even though I knew next to naught about that subject...but I did develop an intense interest in history later. Also, it should be added that I saw a strip of silver light (astral light of occultism?) along the side of his muscled frame. If I recall correctly Joan Forman mentions something similiar in her book in connection with "time-slips".
In another instance, at a rather lower level of subnormal conciousness than usual there was a "visitation" of a monk whose face I dared not look at. He had a wooden bowl in which he dipped his finger to make the sign of the cross on my forehead. I did not really understand the full significance of this at the time. Could this have been "me" in a previous incarnation as a medieval monk possibly? There is much in psychic literature about reincarnation.

3. The Windsor Apparition.

Ghosts have been reported all over the world. Evidence seems to suggest that most of them are probably replays of minor, or major happenings of the past. Usually, they are of a tragic nature. Strong negative emotions seem to impose themselves most easily onto the ether unlike positive uplifting ones.
My own personal experience occured in around 1968 in a house which had just been built in Windsor, Berkshire. I awoke one night, and felt an unnatural clammy coldness even though it was very still summer night. At the bottom of my bed I saw the form of a man dressed in Victorian garb (a "vagrant"). He looked perfectly solid. I froze with terror, and just stared at him. The "phantom" or whatever it was merely stood totally stationary for a short while. He was dressed in a large brown shabby overcoat that looked a bit dusty. He had a matching top-hat, and the shade of its rim covered his eyes. He seemed to have a scarf around his neck. Quite mechanically his large form turned around, and displayed a suprising array of different coloured patches on the back of his coat. At the same time,I could hear the crackle of electricity. This was a low sound but it was distinct. Slowly, but surely he moved towards the corner of the room. As he started to gently fade away into the night(quite literally!) I noted that parts of the furthest edge of his coat were vibrating furiously, and then, disappearing. Here, I stress the word "parts" as the whole form did not become a vibrating mass of energy... This, along with the crackling of electricity as he turned plus the initial clammy coldness indicated that such phenomenon have some kind of mechanics yet to be comprehended by science.

I have to admit too that on very rare occasions I sometimes saw the static outline of figures. Whether this was purely a trick of the mind is impossible to say with certainty. They seemed to be aborted materializations. In one instance of a similiar phenomenon, I saw the shadow silhouette of a profile of a mans face at the bottom of my bedroom door. It could have come from the light outside but there was no one there! Moreover, it was totally still for a very long time, and seemingly inexplicable. Ofcourse, none of this compares with the materialized phantom of the Windsor apparition I saw so many moons ago...Morever, that "phantom" was not some replay from the past but rather an "astral shell". In other words, there was no intelligent life in it as we would understand it.

There is a strange footnote to this spectral materialization. I experienced the same clammy coldness (acting as a warning?) twice just before I saw two fatal road accidents. The most horrendous of which was the one up in the mountains of the Pyrennees in Spain. In my parents car I saw a huge lorry which was about to tip over the edge of a cliff. A vehicle had rammed into it, and a man in a white shirt hung out of it covered in blood. A priest was present presumably giving the last rites. A woman who was pinned into the back seat next to the dead man was hysterical. A man in a suit lay on the road but no obvious trace of blood, and yet, somehow I knew he was dead. After I saw all that I stuck my head out of my parents car, and vomitted. No child, or adult should have to see something like that.

4. A Psychic "Lightning Bolt".

This experience such as it can be called is perhaps the most fantastical (1979). It commenced in a lucid dream in which I was aware of being next to a Church in Windsor. I saw in the seeming darkness around me a harp which was making discordant sounds due to "wind"(like an Aeolian harp). Then, I looked up, and could hear the peels of thunder, and lightning. Suddenly, I realized that that I had become the target for it. The ligtning bolt struck me, and I awoke in bed. I was lying on my side, and noticed a flame-like aura along my body. The bedroom was half lit up by the orange "lightning-flash".In seconds, it, and the aura (which did not surround my body but just the side of it!) disappeared leaving me astonished. What on earth was all this about? I believe that someone, or something was wanting to help me to experience certain future trials, and tribulations. In other words, it was a sudden transmission of healing energy to enable, and empower me to face serious problems. The orange aura is indicative of a force emanating from my vital (or health) body.I have to confess that on rare occasions in my early childhood I sometimes experienced energy quickly shoot through my "physical" body. On occasions, I would jolt up in the air. Apparently, it has been claimed that this may be caused by the astral body returning to the physical body rather quickly!

5. Psychic Healing.

It is said that everyone is able to develop psychic healing if they wish. I recall once taking a friend to the house of a famous medium on the Isle of Wight(1979). I remember the whole room was saturated with energy, and as I concentrated my mind on the Third Eye the power also centred itself "there!"
However, I, myself had a healing which came quite unbidden. I was seated with two Sikh friends who belonged to Eckankar which drew its inspiration mainly from Surat Shabd Yoga but mixed it up with other techniques.
I was in a very relaxed state of mind, and I felt myself going into a light waking trance. At the same time, I, and my companions were listening to a tape by the controversial Paul Twitchell who was talking about healing, and being healed! I also became aware of what might best be termed very subtle energies going through me in a most gentle manner. After a short while I came out of this trance, and I looked at one of my Sikh friends who thereupon said "You should say thank you." Clearly, he knew what had happened.
Though not related to healing I also had an experience of the Eck Master Darwin Gross. I recall seeing a photo of him printed in a book produced by Eckankar. As I concentrated on it I could feel distinct vibrations! Whether this was a trick of the mind, or not is an open question.


Many people have experienced synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences. I have two interesting examples though I have had many others of a less "extraordinary" nature. Odd as it may seem they were both connected with where I was living(1977-1990)which was Stoke Poges, a very posh area just outside Slough.
In around 1989 I was making enquiries about possibly interviewing Ma Yogashakti, a female guru for Yoga, and Healing magazine (which was later published with photographic material). My contact was with someone who worked at the School of Oriental, and African Studies at the University of London. She supplied me with much useful information, and asked me where I lived. I said Stoke Poges, and she claimed she used to live in Chesham which was fairly nearby. However, it also transpired that she actually had relatives at the Orchard (built in the Edwardian age) which was the house I was living in on Park Road with mater, and pater! Apparently, as a child she used to stay (or possibly lived there on, and off if my memory serves me well!) there, and as proof of these claims she presented some photocopies of old photographs from her family albums. This showed the Orchard as it was in the early part of the 20th century. She made the claim that this big house was also originally the place for high ranking military people from British India to stay temporarily when on leave.
The other "meaningful" coincidence involved a telephone conversation with someone from a metaphysical society based in Hastings. He claimed he could hear inner psychic sounds at a distance, and they reminded him of the poem by Thomas Grey known as the Elegy. I was amazed by this because he did not know that I was calling from Stoke Poges which was the place where it was actually written! Indeed, there is an actual monument to the Elegy near to the Church where Thomas Grey is buried.
Such experiences are common especially in case of those concerned with the search for Truth, or some other pressing matter of importance to the individual. They appear to clearly show that the universe at some level is interconnected into a Whole, and that we, ourselves ofcourse are a part of It. Indeed, they also suggest that there is something guiding our lives.In the world of the psychic, and infact, the spiritual there are various "guides" of one sort, or another.
I remember a long time ago waking up, and just recalled in a "dream" a mist which seemed to be vertically flattened in part to allow strange writing to magically appear by itself. The script may have been Hebrew but it is not possible to say for certain. I heard a voice from the right of me saying that bad actions are good because they could lead to good ones, or words to that effect! In other words, learning via experience which we all do. This may have been some kind of contact with a guide of some degree, or possibly a trick of the mind. However, this experience seemed real enough, and happened very quickly as I got the impression that I was not meant to be conciously aware of it.

7. Psychic "Vision?"

I once attended a meeting concerned with Sant Mat, and Surat Shabd Yoga. One of the participants so to speak was seatted near me in the gloom of the room. I noticed what appeared to be a "cloud" (a form of ectoplasm?).In it, I was able to discern what appeared to be a horrific car crash. I later asked the person about it, and he was shocked especially when I gave him the colours of the two vehicles involved. He had somewhile ago just survived a horrific crash in which the vehicles were horribly mangled. He still suffered from the pains of this appalling experience.............

The above experiences in this essay are just examples which appear to suggest that there is something more to life. Yet, no doubt, there are many who may read this who may have had far more interesting, and extraordinary happenings. Such material appears in internet forums, specialist magazines, and/or goes into biographies, and autobiographies of mediums, and other "psychic" notables such as Derek Acorah, and Uri Geller. It is hard to see how sceptics continue to pooh pooh such anecdotal evidence, and its commonality when it should be clear to anyone that "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy...." to use the classic Shakespearean line.

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