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Mental Illness, Psychic Self-Deception...and Danger!

By Robert Searle
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Over the years I have come across a few people who appear to suffer, or have suffered some form of "mental illness," and/or self-deception in connection with psychic, and spiritual matters. One person I knew used to wander at the dead of night proclaiming all manner of occult claims including the belief of being the Messiah, and having his Third Eye fully opened.
One elderly individual called Ralph who died in April 2007 was well known in Slough as he used to bicycle about in his shorts in all climes! He was by his own admission a bit eccentric, and claimed that when he was young he was struck by a Tesla (a word he used to describe a thunderbolt which I had never come across before). He survived it, and claimed that this enhanced his health, and well-being possibly giving him inner heat for him to peddle about Slough, and its environs in his shorts whenever it was freezing!
When I used to see him Ralph often, or not talked about his late brother George who appeared to have been suffereing (if that is the right word in this context) from the delusion of being someone special to the Royal Family at nearby Windsor Castle even though he was electrician by trade! Apparently, it was claimed among other things that:-
i) He had saved King George, et al from a bomb attack at Windsor during World War II.
ii) He had been developing a number of advanced technologies (including an ant-gravity device) but the government was not interested because it would cost too much money .
iii) George, and some other "experts" managed to teleport some creature, or object from England to America, or vice versa but it caused Battersea Station to shut down!
iv) He knew Lord Mountbatten well along with other notables often being privy to special meetings, and social occasions.
v) He claimed that he appeared in two places at once!
vi) He said that there were two, or more places in Windsor through which one could travel back to the past by crossing over a line of light. Indeed, one story featured him taking a Medieval cup, and burying it in its own time by a pub, and later in the present time dug it up. Obviously, it had deterioted somewhat through the passage of time..
Ralph seemed to have lapped all this up, and was suprised that the Royal family had not sent a message of condolences when George sadly died! It seemed that he had being living a kind of Walter Mitty like existence, and I came across this before from someone who seemed to imagine himself being some kind of James Bond figure working in the military!
One person I came across and who happened to be a Satsangi of RSSB claimed to have seen certain people turn into "reptilians" (shades of David Icke to put it very mildly!), and that he believed in some kind of hidden government of the world. He also feared staring up at helicopters (invisible ones!) as they would shoot a beam of light at him, and he would suddenly freeze!
However, such "delusions" can be dangerous, and I include here the following account in which I was actually attacked by a "nutter". In order to protect myself I have not given out the name of this individual, and use instead the pseudonym of X. This person who regards himself as a "low standard" Sikh is a somewhat chummy, and chubby. X was interested, and totally gullible in many aspects of the occult/paranormal, and was especially interested in dealing with "Voodo witch doctors," and Indian psychic helpers who sometime advertized themselves in Asian papers, and mags.In the latter case, one of them had examined his hand in which he could see Xs chakras, and claimed that they were out of line..! This could be seen perhaps as an indication of his long history of depression which he fully admited to me.
X claimed that he had attacked someone called Kevin from behind at the local day centre. This individual had been a friend of his for many years apparently. Xs assault on him was stopped by a support worker who along with Kevin it transpired (from another source)were threatened with death!The reason for the above was because X whenever he was befriended by anyone over a period of time he developed a dangerous paranoia complex. In other words, he became increasingly suspicious, and believed that his "friend" was passing on information about him to the "enemies" as he called them for money. This ofcourse is absurd as he is essentially nobody. I asked him what he meant exactly by the word "enemies". But I never really got a clear answer.
It was baffling...especially when he had such a deep interest in Sikhism, and regularly did the meditation practices prescribed by that religion (though he still drank alcohol, and was non-vegetarian). Quite often, he would discuss deep spritual philosphy, and I mentioned Harjit Singh a spiritual teacher already discussed to some extent on this blog. X expressed some interest in him but I never gave him his full address, or phone number for obvious reasons.

It is a great shame that X had this deep psychiatric problem with paranoia, and its delusions.Indeed, he used to think that whenever Kevin went to phone up someone in the public booth he imagined that he was passing on information about him to his enemies for money!

As such X had become obssessed in somehow protecting himself from his "enemies" notably his desire to get special rings made which would protect him. He also wanted to leave town altogether after he received enough money from his alleged Court Case. He intended to "disappear" to India where he claimed he could live off his newly acquired money invested in one, or more of the state banks there.
As time went by X became suspicious of me, and asked whether I was passing information about him to the enemies for money! This ofcourse I denied as it was patently absurd....and made no sense at all.
Things came to ahead outside the library when he chuckled at the notion that the Queen was possibly a shape-shifting repitilian (David Icke again!). He then went onto to reveal that he was going to do a sort of psychic name check on me undertaken by some Indian psychic in London. It was his way of trying to determine whether I was genuinely his friend, or not ...and apparently costing £30, or so. X also revealed that I would soon experience unusual dreams in which the psychic would probe my mind. Needless to say nothing of the sort happened. Vainly, I tried to explain to X that I was a genuine friend of his but it was becoming clear that he did not really believe it and that it would be a waste of time trying to convince him. He then went on to say how bad it was that anyone could betray him to the "enemies" by passing on information about him for money, and said that if the psychic name checked proved positive it would bring bad luck for the rest of my life.
Furthermore, X claimed that a café opposite the library was the actual place where I passed information on him to the "enemies" for money. When he first "realized" this he laughed at the absurdity of the notion (!) as he had been wondering why I often went to this specific café other than just eat, and drink ofcourse.... It was now all clear to him... By now, The whole thing had by now become absurd in extremis. So, I parted with him.
Anyway, on the day in question (August 28th 2008) I entered the café (which X had mentioned), and had a plate of saag(spinach), and rice. A little later X himself entered, and saw me. He muttered "You are doing it again. Will you never learn!" whereupon he headed straight towards me at the table, and rained down a whole load of punches. I lifted my hands, and arms to protect my face, and head. I fell off the chair, and there was short pause before he started to assault me again but this time I used my shoulder bag to protect me. He then left as if nothing had happened, and there was stunned silence in the café. No one ofcourse lifted a finger to help me. No suprise there! Also, the saag, and rice I had been eating coated the wall, and the plate was smashed to pieces. My nose started to bleed, and was in part broken. The police were called but I decided not to have X arrested, and charged even though the whole thing was probably recorded on camera. He got away scott free but if he were to do something like that again I would have no choice but to make sure he serves time, and ideally, be committed to a mental institution so that he cannot be a risk to the public with his paranoid delusions.

However, he did though attack me one more time but not as seriously as the last incident. As I was going down some steps he gave me a kick from behind, and I turned around to confront him, and uttered my anger at him whereupon he threatened me with death or words to that affect...Now, ofcourse, I try to avoid him like the plague. It is clear that the mind can be misled, and distorted.

Illicit drugs can also cause mental problem ofcourse. One example was a Muslim I used to know, on, and off. He claimed that he, and some friends had seen me commit a crime which was utterly false. He also said the same kind of thing (ie. false accusation based on an imaginary experience)to someone else I knew. It transpired that ofcourse he had taken certain drugs which could give rise to powerful delusions about people. He was also a member of the Sheikh Nazeem sect based in Cyprus. This is a Sufi organization. I once asked him about his inner experiences, and he was amazed to find that I knew about certain basic details concerned about his initial meditation experiences which were similiar to Shabd Yoga,and other types of practices. Ofcourse, drugs especially LSD can lead to "mystical" or rather psychic type experiences, and these can be similiar if not seemingly identical to "genuine" ones had through non-drug induced meditations.

The person I notably mentioned right at the start of this blog entry also had drug problems, and clearly it contributed to his delusions of being something spiritually special, and extraordinary. Infact, he revealed that he had a bad premature experience with the controversial Guru Maharaj who was known for opening the third eye to inner Sound, and inner Light. Anyway, as far as I know X did not do drugs save alcohol which can arguably be regarded as being something similiar.As I mentioned in the blog article The Realization of the Psychic I have never ever taken drugs, or indeed, legal psychiatric ones. Moreover, I hate alcohol, and never drink the stuff, and I am ofcourse a vegetarian.

PS. Since the above was written I have had some experiences with two other people who claim to have been affected by "black magic." One of them is a Sri Lankan. He claimed to see "spirits," and was on occasions seen speaking to "them" in Slough High Street. He tried to overcome this problem by contacting "whitch doctors" but to no avail. He went to psychiatric hospital for treatment several times, but to no avail. As he pointed out he was suffering from a "spiritual problem."
However, he did have a liking for alcohol, and smoking. He claimed that the "spirits" made him adopt these habits, and even, claimed that he felt sometimes "possessed" by a large number of them. On one occasion, he could not stay in his own digs. Instead, he became homeless temporarily to avoid them! He claimed too that the "spirits" would occcasionally appear in benevolent form, and then "shapeshift" into something less pleasant...
Apart from the Sri Lankan in question, I came across an intelligent African lady who experienced a variety of "illusions." that disturbed her daily life. However, she claimed that praying to God helped her. Yet, she still seems to be on the search for somekind of permanent cure. Hopefully, this will happen to her..
Though not directly related to the above as such I once met an African gentlemen. He had visited the Radha Soami Satsang in London, and I went with him with some friends to his plush flat. It was there that he wanted us to see his collection of Hogarth prints...but when we inspected them we noted that the faces of the characters depicted were erased presumably by him for reasons unknown, and we dared not ask why. He was clearly suffering from some kind of mental problem....

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