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Cosmology from "Dark Energy"...

What on Earth is wrong with cosmology?

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Twenty-first century science has some big cosmological questions that are difficult or even impossible to answer satisfactorily in the context of an objective universe. How did the universe come to be, and what is it made of and how did life get into inanimate matter before evolution could begin anywhere? Whatever is suggested, we can always ask the question: how did ‘that’ come to be or what is ‘that’ made of, etc., and what is the so-called ‘Dark Energy’ that fills the universe?

It is too easy to assume that we are living in a universe/cosmos that came to be sometime in the past by one means or another; a so-called objective universe/cosmos. We have not been taught this, it’s just been taken for granted because it seems so obvious; just as it seemed so obvious that the Sun went round the Earth, as it was thought to do, a few hundred years ago. In order to provide satisfactory answers to the big cosmological questions a new and very radical approach is required and this may at first cause shock waves in conventional circles.

In this paper, the universe/cosmos, the world in which we are living, is not taken for granted nor assumed to be a matter of objective fact. It is instead considered to be a matter of collective unconscious belief: a structure within the collective unconscious mind of humanity. In its current state, it is a conflicting logical structure full of awesome dangers due to the lack of logical integrity of human minds in their current state. This unconscious belief is created and continually upgraded mainly by a subliminal mind-to-mind interaction between all individual human minds, a belief that I shall refer to as the ‘Universal Belief’ (UB). This means that the universe is within us, as opposed to our being in the universe, and that everything is insubstantial mind stuff since it is all part of the UB. Please see the diagrams below.

The minds involved are like self-programming computers that move insubstantial mind 'stuff objects’ around within the UB according to certain ‘rules’ that the minds themselves invent as the upgrading progresses. Some of these rules are called the laws of motion; another is called the law of gravity. The computer-like minds know nothing about what we call reason and logic; they actually create reason and logic as they continually upgrade the UB.

The apparent ‘solid reality’ of the UB, perceived as mass, inertia and the like, is established by means of a subliminal perceptual consensus created within the UB through a coercive interaction between all the unconscious minds and imaginations of humanity. Meaning that we all agree unconsciously what we create as real within the UB.

It is this interaction that creates mind ‘objects’ and moves those ‘objects’ around within the UB as if they possess mass and inertia, according to the‘rules’ established by the consensus that has previously been ‘created' by unconscious minds and then later ‘discovered’ by conscious minds as real physical objects and physical laws. A unique instance of the UB is within each individual unconscious mind.

This so-called perceptual consensus in the unconscious domain is much the same as the perceptual consensus within the conscious domain. If an individual conscious mind hallucinates an object within the UB, the reality of the hallucinated object is overruled by the perceptual consensus of the more integrated perception of the majority.

This means that we are not discovering more and more of an objective universe but rather discovering more and more of what has already been created within the UB by ‘creating’ the evidence that is being used as ‘factual’ proof of the reality of further new ‘discoveries’; in short, science is a kind of faith. We could say that science has unconscious faith in its own conscious belief because the UB is perceived to be the real world. Even so-called fossil records in rocks that can be dated have been created within the UB from the here and now together with the radioactive minerals that are used for the dating process, have also been created by human subliminal imagination in the same way. The so-called 'theory' of evolution by means of natural selection is a scenario created within the UB from the here and now by human imaginations.

It’s not only new ideas from the the unconscious imagination but also from the conscious imagination that ‘create’ reality, via the so-called coercive interaction. If a conscious imagination comes up with a new idea or theory that is able to reduce the level of conflict within the UB the new idea will automatically be enhanced or installed into the UB without anyone realising that such a thing had taken place. In due course the new idea will be ‘discovered’ as a new aspect of the universe and taken as ‘factual proof’ of the authenticity of the new theory. The new theory then becomes an extension of the current scientific consensus.

This in no way diminishes the achievements of science; it just gives them a different significance. Instead of discovering an objective universe, science is discovering the universe into which it has come to unconsciously believe. As yet, we are only looking at part of the picture; there is a whole lot more even within space/time. There is more to human nature than meets the eye; the vast ‘visual' universe that we have come to perceive so far is intoxicating to the point of distraction.The only facts are in the reality of the here and now.

We each perceive our instance of the UB within our own heads, by the consciousness and will emanating from what I call the ‘ERS’: the essence of the real self, in a similar way that dreams are perceived as sleeping dream worlds; everything is real and solid by subliminal perceptual consensus, as mentioned above. It is the ERS that gives us life, life being consciousness and will. Individual instances are not exactly identical but they integrate together closely enough to give each individual the impression that he or she is living in the same universe as everyone else. Within the UB, we each perceive our bodily self as the ‘real self’, a dualistic entity as separate from but within the world of the UB.

In order to understand fully how the coercive interaction between all the unconscious minds of humanity creates and continually upgrades the reality that is being called the UB—the world in which we are living—it is necessary to introduce a new concept I define as ‘Reality’.The UB in its current state is a conflicting 'logical' structure and it is the conflicting nature of the UB that is responsible for all the woes of humanity; it is like this because it has been created by unconscious minds that are conflicting 'logical' structures within themselves (red stars in Diagram A). When each individual human unconscious mind is in its potentially fully integrated state, ‘reality’ becomes ‘Reality’. This means that Reality is potentially the sum total of all fully integrated human unconscious minds and, in turn, this means that each totally potentially integrated human unconscious mind is an integral part of Reality, being called the ‘Real self’ (elongated red circles in Diagram A), as opposed to the ‘real self’ (combined red and blue stars in Diagram A) within the UB.

Some individual unconscious minds are naturally living a little closer to Reality than the minds around them; consequently, such minds possess what is called ‘charisma’ and are able to ‘enhance’ the UB into a slightly lower state of conflict in some particular way that upgrades the UB closer to Reality. This shows itself as scientific innovation or 'healings' within the UB. The upgrading interaction is continually enhancing the UB closer and closer to
Reality, although some individuals are able to get ahead of the majority and get into Reality through the practice of meditation or prayer.

In order for an individual to achieve the fully integrated state, it is necessary to get rid of the ego completely, together with its partially integrated conscious mind with its knowledge.

Getting rid of the ego is not that easy and can take a lifetime of meditation or prayer – if it is possible at all using this method; the purpose of meditation or prayer is an attempt to live in the ‘here and now’, which is all it takes to ‘upgrade’ into Reality. However, there is a quick way and this is not just enlightenment but also evolution.

We need to understand that the human mind is, or has become, fragmented into two minds, called a split mind (red and blue stars) in all three diagrams: the conscious and the unconscious. This state of affairs, although currently considered wholesome, needs to be ‘healed’ back to a fully integrated mind. This can be achieved by the extreme charisma emanating from the second mind of a ‘second-minded’individual: a human individual with his or her mind within his or her brain together with a second simpler mind within the same brain. This is the case with so-called Old Testament Prophets or certain Zen masters, for example. Please see the paragraph on ‘Second-Mindedness’ at the end of this article for further discussion.

According to this way of thinking, it was John the Baptist, a man with considerable second-minded charisma (see Diagram C;) small elongated red circle within a red star), who was instrumental in enhancing the mind of Jesus of Nazareth into Reality. In this circumstance, both John and Jesus were ready since it was written in scripture and they identified themselves with it. This means that both John and Jesus were ready and willing to participate in the upgrading event; otherwise it would negate free will and the upgrading event could not have taken place. Today people do not identify themselves with such an event so they’re not ready or willing and it therefore never happens since free will cannot be negated. Living in the Holy Spirit is consequentially a very watered down condition, but it shouldn’t be. About one person in twenty has this ancestral second-minded gift, but more about this later.

In Christian theological terms, Reality is the Mind of God where God is (the Holy Spirit). In this work, the Holy Spirit is referred to as the spirit of Reality). An individual ‘Real self’ is what an individual 'real self' becomes when it is living in Reality as an integral part of Reality, which is termed the ‘Son of Man’ in Christian terms and the Buddha in Buddhist terms(Diagram B). It is The Son of Man that is uniquely designed for each and every one of us; all we have to do is allow It to take control of our lives.

Reality and reality are able to coexist because a Real self does not increase the level of conflict within the UB. On the contrary, the level of conflict is dramatically decreased, producing dramatic healings. Reality is, in effect, the furtive controlling Mind in the mind-to-mind interaction that is called the coercive interaction, and it is this coercive interaction that comprises the so-called mysterious Dark Energy that fills the universe.

It is Reality that is the controlling Mind in the mind-to-mind interaction which creates a stable reality by assuring that the level of conflict within the UB is not 'normally' increased during upgrading or enhancing interactions, but rather decreased. Living in reality identifies our being with the 'real self', a dualistic state because we perceive the real self as separate from reality. However, living in Reality identifies our being with the ‘essence of the real self’ (ERS), a non-dualistic state because there is no separate Real self in this state because we identify our being as the ERS here and now, with no perception of ‘I’ and the ‘world’ as separate entities. This oneness is love because we really do become part of each other. The ERS is the so-called Buddha-Nature in Buddhist theology.

The ERS is a bit like the soul in some theologies, but more specific. It doesn’t emanate from the source, it is the source from which consciousness and will emanate, and it also carries our status in Reality, which determines what happens when the real self can no longer support the ERS. This is perceived by real selves within the UB as someone dying. The ERS migrates into another reality in what I call the VLA (Very large Array of ‘dream-like’ realities), depending on its status; more about this in later paragraphs.

It is possible for one mind (red circle in diagram C) to live in Reality and reality simultaneously because this doesn’t increase the conflict within the UB – quite the opposite.

I'm not suggesting that science should become in any way religious. What I am suggesting is that science should study and understand all events that that take place in space and time, whether these be natural or what some people still call ‘supernatural’.It will be able to achieve this by using the new cosmological/spiritual language that is being put forward in this work: a new language based on the concept of Reality and the Universal Belief.

When any mind is in or becomes closer to Reality then the other minds around it are able to enhance the UB into a less conflicting state in some detailed way. The controlling Mind ensures that reality can only be enhanced into a lower conflicting state by individual minds, which will be perceived as some kind of healing interaction. Jesus of Nazareth, for example, was living in Reality (see Diagram B above) as a small but integral part of the whole of Reality and so was able to enhance the UB in dramatic 'miraculous' healings and other miraculous events, such as walking on water. This is why we can refer to Jesus as a so-called Son of God and not just a ‘second-minded’ Prophet or Messenger (see other paragraphs below on second-mindedness) and he seems to be the only one, although we all have this potential right here and now.

This kind of terminology does not go down very well in so-called scientific circles. Science needs to upgrade its thinking in order to embrace all phenomena that take place in space/time, including the content of the Bible and other scriptures, and it can do just that by deploying the new cosmological language that is being put forward in this work. All the achievements of science are still relevant and undimmed but have a different significance.

Reality interacts with all unconscious human minds within space-time, ensuring that the UB can only be enhanced into a lower conflicting state by individual minds. Actually, Reality doesn't exist as such; it should be thought of as the complete potential integrity of the sum total of all human minds. It is a kind of safety-net for humanity. It is Reality, as mentioned above, that is a furtive controlling Mind in all mind-to-mind interactions.

The unconscious imagination is a pattern-seeking device, just as the conscious imagination is, and when it comes up with a new pattern or ‘idea’ (below awareness level) that decreases the level of conflict within the reality of the UB, the new ‘idea’ will be automatically installed or enhanced into theUB. In due course, conscious minds will become aware of the new pattern or ‘idea’ within the UB that is now perceived to be real; an additional component part of reality that has just been ‘discovered.’ The unconscious imagination doesn’t need to know anything about what we call logic and reason; it actually in effect creates logic and reason.

For example, we think of light photons as being created in the so-called beginning, but in this new way of thinking the light photon had first to be enhanced into the past UB by unconscious imaginations before it could be ‘discovered’ as a real component of reality. This could have taken place within the UB at about the time of Sir Isaac Newton, later to be ‘discovered’ within the UB by Albert Einstein, and of course we are totally unaware that such subliminal processes are taking place.

This way of thinking means that science is a belief system that has unconscious faith in its own understanding. There cannot be such a thing as conscious ‘intellectual’ truth since there is no objective universe to support it.

In the case of technological innovation, both subliminal enhancement and conscious ‘discovery’ take place almost simultaneously. Most of us have the ability to enhance the UB in some small detailed way on account of living a little closer to Reality than other minds around us in some detailed respect, such as the light photon mentioned above. The ability to do this is what is referred to as ‘charisma’ and we all have charisma, at least to some small extent.

This process is currently taking place but is not yet complete in the realm of UFO and extra-terrestrial life form phenomena. However, as yet, no subliminal imagination as been able to invent the technology to bring it to fruition, so this phenomenon, although sometimes real, is vague in technical content.To be specific, human imagination will need to come up with a way that space vehicles will be able to exceed the speed of light regardless of the so-called ‘laws’ of relativity.

This phenomenon is the result of so-called second-minded charisma, in conjunction with deep trance hypnotic profiles that can produce hallucinations that are made real by the charisma of the second mind, although lacking in technical content. In any case, such enhancement must reduce the level of conflict with the UB before these things will become as real and technically credible as the rest of reality. Crop circles are another area of spectacular enhancement by certain artistic subliminal imaginations, although in this case it is the electrostatic field involved that is enhanced.

However, a large collective mind can bend the UB into a more conflicting state for a while by means of what amounts to un-Realistic aspiration and motivation resulting in adverse ‘logical’ consequences being realized in due course. This is the motivation that causes the demise of all civilizations that are driven by conscious thought, as they usually are. When all the individuals within a collective become motivated by greed, for example, the greed is not recognized as such; it seems alright because everyone is motivated in the same way. However, when it is considered from the point of view of Reality, it amounts to un-Realistic motivation and will lead to demise in one form or another, sooner or later.

The word ‘un-Realistic’ translates to ‘sinful’ in theological terms, a word that cannot be used in science. The actual means of demise look like natural disasters, such as: climate change, seismic activity, super volcanoes, asteroid strikes, epidemics, plagues of insects, solar flares, gamma ray bursts and wars; even social unrest, and so on, all created by human subliminal imagination. This is what is meant by reality being a conflicting ‘logical’structure; we are surrounded by awesome forces that threaten our very existence. These are the means by which demise takes place, not the cause. The cause is always un-Realistic motivation and aspiration, and the only safe place is to ‘evolve’ into Reality here and now. It’s not just evolution, it is also enlightenment of the being into the here and now and not just enlightenment of the intellect and understanding.

If the reader can understand the content of this text, s/he should realize that it presents a new cosmological/spiritual language that, in conjunction with an upgraded science, is able to explain any event in space/time from a new perspective, whether it is natural or what used to be called supernatural.


The human brain is in two halves, left and right, connected by a bundle of nerve fibres called the corpus callosum. The centre point of a personality will be in one side of the brain or the other, but not in both. In the embryonic brain the centre point of the new personality will start in, say, the right side of the brain and in due course will take over the entire brain. Sometimes, however, a second centre point of a personality will also start in the other side as well and if this second mind reaches the point where it acquires the instinct of self-preservation, it will persist alongside what we may call the host mind.

The second mind (small elongated red circle diagram C), due to its simplicity (it doesn’t have to earn a living or bring up a family etc.), will be a life form in its own right living much closer to Reality then its host or any other member of humanity and so will be able to dramatically enhance the UB into a lower state in some particular way, sometimes healing but sometimes hurtful due to its instinct of self preservation. There are dramatic examples of this in the so-called Old Testament and the like.

The second mind will be considered by the host as a supernatural being outside itself, an invisible God out there in the universe; it must be awesome for those with this gift! A person possessing this gift can bring about spectacular healings due to the proximity of his second mind with Reality. Such a person can heal a fragmented human mind back to being a fully integrated mind (this is what in effect happened between John the so-called Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth) that will operate below awareness level after the ‘upgrade’: a fully integrated unconscious mind that in some theologies is referred to as the Son of Man and in others as the Buddha.

The second-minded profile is an ancestral trait and, in conjunction with so-called deep trance hypnotic profiles, is responsible for all religions, UFO & extra terrestrial life form sightings, and the like. It's not just the reality of UFOs that is in question but the reality of the entire universe. About one in twenty individuals has these family traits, but if it goes unstable it becomes schizophrenia. We need to be respectful towards the second minds because they are life forms living closer to Reality than normal human kind, even if we don’t worship them or follow them; it’s a matter of being objective and looking at things as they Really are.

Alex J Morrey
6th October 2012

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