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Our universe is a hologram, and we’re floating inside of it, suggests new research

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An extraordinary theory that has been getting cred lately is one that suggests our own universe is actually a hologram. Now, a new study uncovers evidence that lends further credibility to this terrifying theory.
Entertainment media has been exploring this concept for quite a while, with movies like The Matrix and Vanilla Sky becoming so prevalent in modern-day culture. The Men in Black trilogy features short segments — acting as quick, but thought-provoking jokes — that show some universe (ours or another) as being part of a much larger one. The end of the first movie, for instance, shows that our universe is the size of and held within a marble, kept in an alien’s bag with other universe marbles. If we’re living within a hologram and made to think it’s just our normal universe, there isn’t much of a way we’d know if that’s how it was designed. A disturbing thought, so naturally, some very smart scientists are trying to figure out if we live in the universe as we know it — or not.
Back in 1997, the theory of a holographic universe was first introduced by physicist Juan Maldacena, who theorized that gravity arises from thin, vibrating strings that exist in nine dimensions of space and another of time, whereas real life exists in a universe without gravity. The comparison to the hologram is frequently made because of the way a hologram is created; it’s a three-dimensional image coded onto a two-dimensional surface. The theory suggests that the universe is built in a similar fashion, the higher dimensional part coded onto a flatter, lower dimensional part. So, on a hologram, only one part is tangible — the lower dimensional surface onto which the hologram is coded. The holographic image, though, merely looks three-dimensional. You can’t, for example, touch it with your fingers. Now, pretend that’s the structure of the universe.
Yes, it’s wacky.
Black hole spin
The theory has been discussed for a while now, and a quick Google search will yield many results over the past few years covering the topic — mainly more tiny drops of evidence in a big, mostly empty pool. However, with each drop, that pool fills up just a little more. Two new drops, papers published on the ArXiv preprint server, involve black holes, gravity, and string theory. One paper examines the energy of a black hole, the position of its event horizon, and its entropy. The other paper calculates the internal energy of the corresponding lower dimensional cosmos — the one without gravity. The calculations from both papers matched, and while it isn’t definitive proof, the scientists feel it’s compelling evidence.
Basically, if true, this means that the universe as we know it may be the result of processes happening on some other surface or plane.
Maldacena himself took a look at the computations, and confirmed that they appear to be correct, but did note that the two universe models used in the computations do not resemble our own. However, the computations do prove that a universe could be the result of processes happening in a lower dimension, and thus our universe could indeed be formed in this manner. The computations in the two papers have created a model, and we’d just need to figure out our universe’s appropriate data to plug in.
Thankfully, even though strides have been made, it appears as though scientists will be working to confirm whether or not the universe is a hologram for some time. Ideally, they never figure it out, because the question that comes next — what exactly are we, then — is much more terrifying.
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Research paper: arXiv:1311.7526 – “Quantum Near Horizon Geometry of Black 0-Brane” & arXiv:1311.5607 - ”Holographic description of quantum black hole on a computer”


  1. The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot, 1991, lays this all out. I am convinced that reality is an onion or matryoshka dolls and its turtles all the way down. For example, The Book of est describes the Mind as a computer. I believe that all Biology is nanotechnology (by definition technology has a creator). This physical reality at another level is produced holographically.

  2. "...Bohm's assertion that thoughts are like vortices in a river should be taken literally and explains why our attitudes and beliefs sometimes become fixed and resistant to change. Studies have shown that vortices are often remarkably stable. The Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a giant vortex of gas over 25,000 miles wide, has remained intact since it was first discovered 300 years ago." [1]
    It both satisfies and torments the Ego to lock in a belief on the way something is. Jesus spoke to this: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." [2]
    The holographic model of the universe suggests that every thing is a holograph and different person-alities are simply different angles viewing the same holograph, but seeing a different image, and that matter (particles) do not exist until perceived by consciousness. Like particles/waves, "consciousness and matter are just different aspects of the same fundamental something." [3] In other words, we make our own universe.

    [1] Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe, p.73.
    [2] Matthew 18:3
    [3] Talbot, p 133.

  3. "The EGO is what we call the state of affairs when the being comes to identify itself with the mind."

    Luke Rhineharrt, Book of est, p.171

  4. "The mind is a linear arrangement of multi sensory total records of successive moments of now. Its purpose, its design function, is survival: the survival of the being and anything which the being considers itself to be. When the being identifies itself with its mind, we call this state of affairs the ego, and it means that the mind's purpose becomes the survival of the mind itself. For the mind to survive, it tries to keep itself intact, it seeks agreement and tries to avoid disagreement. It wants to dominate and avoid domination it wants to justify its points of view, conclusions, decisions, and avoid invalidation. It wants to be right. Running through it all, over it all, is the unending effort of the mind to prove itself right."

    Luke Rhineharrt, Book of es p.174

  5. The Mind is a computer. Computers run programs. The primary program of the Mind is survivial.
    "The construction of the mind involves two stacks, one containing records of experiences necessary for survival, a second containing records not necessary to survival. Those experiences in the first stack are divided into three classes. Number ones are experiences involving pain, threat to survival, and relative unconsciousness. Number twos are experiences of loss or shocking loss associated with the number ones and involving strong emotion. Number threes are experiences triggered by important elements from either number ones or number twos."
    "The second stack contains experiences not necessary for survival, experiences such as a child might have playing with his toys or walking when nothing in the environment is such as to make the experience a number three experience." These records include personal as well superconsciousness records.

    Luke Rhineharrt, Book of est, p.189-90

  6. The Mind program runs on a holographic brain. In addition to the cerebral cortex (brain skin), where memory is stored holographically in the cortex neural network, there are nano size 3-D matrices deep in the brain [1]. The mathematical inverse space of this matrix that interfaces in inverse time-space [2] with all that is: the great Spirit.

    [1] National Geographic Magazine, Secrets of the Brain, Feb 2014.
    [2] William Tiller, Science and Human Transformation, p.64

  7. Thank you for your comments! Ofcourse, I am well aware of the writings of Michael Talbot