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Dark Energy

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The book entitled Dark Energy: by Alex J. Morrey, B.S., seeks to re-examine the state of the universe by proposing that the world is not an objective fact, but is made up of a collective unconscious belief being referred to as "Universal Belief."

When we come to fully understand what this means we are able to think in what amounts to a new cosmological/spiritual language that can also be used as a new infrastructure for scientific thought. This makes it possible to take a fresh look at some very basic but fundamental questions.

This is one of the most interesting and enlightening books ever to hit this planet. It not only explains the significance of the so-called Dark Energy that fills the universe, but also supplies answers to questions such as how and why the universe came to be as well as its ultimate composition. It also explains how life seems to have got into inanimate matter, in the first instance, before so-called evolution could begin anywhere. It even shows, fascinatingly, why the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.

It shows that evolution by natural selection cannot be the way mankind got to be in the here and now however logical it may seem to be because the logic is flawed by not being able to provide a satisfactory answer to the question, "How did life get into inanimate matter before so-called evolution could begin anywhere?" A consequence of assuming the universe to be an objective fact.

Furthermore, the new language can be used to explain in modern terms that wonderful but awesome phenomena we call religion and how those so-called supernatural events describe in the Judo/Christian Bible and other scriptures could actually have taken place as real events in space/time. There is a whole lot more but pleased be warned it is extremely mind bending but truly remarkable.

In conversational, reasoned prose, Morrey explores different notions of reality. Supernatural events, he suggests, can actually now be understood as real natural events. By examining so-called inexplicable events in the Bible, such as the parting of the Red Sea and walking on water, Morrey shows how even modern scientists can accept these as real occurrences rather than mythological ones. Morrey offers a complete explanation for so-called UFO phenomena and the disappearances that have taken place in areas such as the Bermuda triangle and the like.

By opening our mind to the possibilities of different realities, we can actually begin to start thinking as unique individuals instead of taking things for granted and reacting in the way that we have become inadvertently indoctrinated in to by the so-called educational system. Liberating, exciting, and full of possibilities, the book Dark Energy provides staggering new answers to the fundamental questions of how and why our universe began. Brilliantly written and full of wonder, Dark Energy could just change the way we look at the world, our universe, and our fellow man.

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Dark Energy Foreword

Science and mysticism could not be further apart in the modern way of thinking. They are mutually exclusive and completely opposite from each other. Science depends on an objective and measurable view of the universe. Mysticism results from intuition relating to various myths, legends, and visions. The two could not be further apart and opposite from each other in most people's minds. Alex J Morrey developed in previous writings a new model to unite science and mysticism into one unified theory. In "Dark Energy," he further develops his model to the point where it approaches the long sought after, "Theory of Everything."

When I was in the fifth grade, I asked my dad how gravity worked. He introduced me to the standard equation normally used to define Newton's law. After some effort, he caused my young mind to understand the math. But he was not able to answer the real question that I was trying to understand. We can see that gravity follows the law defined by the math, but why is that? Where does gravity come from? Why did it decide to follow that equation, and not another equation? All he could tell me is that was the way God designed it. My dad was a great mathematician and scientist to my eleven year old mind. He could cause me to understand anything. Yet when I drilled my questions down to the root, he could offer only a religious answer, even though he was not a religious man. Like any other scientist, he could show me the equations that describe how the physical world behaves, but he could not tell me why it behaved that way.

Alex's model answers those basic questions. My dad was correct. God did design it that way. But his model of God is far different from the orthodox view. I'm a scientist by education and an engineer by profession. I love both with a deep and burning love. I'm also a Christian mystic, which I find to be completely compatible with the science and engineering. My chosen mystical tradition is based upon myths, legends, and parables-none of which is to be taken literally, but all of which point toward a very deep understanding of the universe. This is the spiritual language by which mystics communicate with each other because normal human language is completely inadequate for the task. Every wisdom tradition develops its own spiritual language, which initiates must learn before they can learn the deeper truths. Once the spiritual languages of all the traditions are understood, it can clearly be seen that they all teach the same thing with only very minor variations. They are equal to each other in every respect.

Alex's model is essentially a new spiritual language teaching the same ancient wisdom, and unifying it with modern science. He has developed his model not on the myths and legends of old, but rather on the modern language and understanding of science. He accepts all that modern science teaches, but he goes deeper and further than any of the standard objective models are able to go. As my early experience with gravity and my dad showed, science does an excellent job of explaining how things work; but if you drill your questions down to the basic roots, you will always be left with a question that conventional science cannot answer: "Why does it work that way?" Alex answers that question.

Paul L Kruse, Merritt Island, Florida, USA. E-mail 28th June 2010.

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