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Timeline of fundamental physics discoveries

Though physics has achieved much......far more could  be achieved of a practical advantage with the advancement of the new paradigm of Multi-Dimensional Science. See link

This table provides an overview of the scientific relevant discoveries which would have to be predicted in its entirety by a theory of everything, in order to claim itself as a success.
Advances in the knowledge of the laws of nature consisting either of experimental discoveries or theoretical proposals that were confirmed experimentally.

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250 BCEArchimedes' principle: Archimedes
1514Heliocentrism: Nicholas Copernicus
1589Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment: Galileo Galilei
1600Earth's magnetic field discovered : William Gilbert
1613Inertia: Galileo Galilei
1621Snell's law: Willebrord Snellius
1660Pascal's Principle: Blaise Pascal
1660Hooke's law: Robert Hooke
1687Laws of motion and law of gravity: Newton
1782Conservation of matter: Lavoisier
1785Inverse square law for electric charges confirmed: Coulomb
1801Wave theory of light: Young
1803Atomic theory of matter: Dalton
1806Kinetic energy: Young
1814Wave theory of light, interference: Fresnel
1820Evidence for electromagnetic interactions: Ampère, Biot, Savart
1824Ideal gas cycle analysis, internal combustion engine: Sadi Carnot
1827Electrical resistance, etc.: Ohm
1838Lines of force, fields: Michael Faraday
1838Earth's magnetic field: Weber
1842–3Conservation of energy: Mayer, Kelvin
1842Doppler effect: Kelvin
1845Faraday rotation (light and electromagnetic): Faraday
1847Conservation of energy 2: Joule, Helmholtz
1850–1Second law of thermodynamics: Clausius, Kelvin
1857–9Kinetic theory: Clausius, Maxwell
1861Black body: Kirchhoff
1863Entropy: Clausius
1864Dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field: Maxwell
1867Dynamic theory of gases, Maxwell
1871–89Statistical mechanics: Boltzmann, Gibbs
1884Boltzmann derives Stefan's radiation law
1887Electromagnetic waves: Hertz
1893Radiation law: Wien
1895X-rays: Röntgen
1896Radioactivity: Becquerel
1897Electron: Thomson
1900Formula for Black body radiation: Planck
1905Special relativity: Einstein
Photoelectric effect: Einstein
Brownian motion: Einstein
1911Equivalence principle
Discovery of the atomic nucleus: Rutherford
Superconductivity: Kamerlingh Onnes
1913Bohr model of the atom: Bohr
1916General relativity: Einstein
1919Light bending confirmed
1922Friedmann proposes expanding universe
1923Stern–Gerlach experiment
Matter waves
Particle nature of photons confirmed
1925–7Quantum mechanics
1925Stellar structure understood
1927Big Bang: Lemaître
1928Antimatter predicted: Dirac
1929Expansion of universe confirmed: Hubble
1932Antimatter discovered: Anderson
Neutron discovered: Chadwick
1933Invention of the electron microscope: Ernst Ruska
1937Muon discovered: Anderson & Neddermeyer
1938Superfluidity discovered
Energy production in stars understood
1939Uranium fission discovered
1944Theory of magnetism in 2D: Ising model
1947Pion discovered
1948Quantum electrodynamics
1948Invention of the maser and laser - Charles Townes
1956Electron neutrino discovered
1956–7Parity found violated
1957Superconductivity explained
1959–60Role of topology in quantum physics, predicted and confirmed
1962SU(3) theory of strong interactions
Muon neutrino found
1963Quarks predicted = Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig
1967Unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions
Solar neutrino problem found
Pulsars (neutron stars) discovered
1968Experimental evidence for quarks found
1968Dark matter theories - Vera Rubin
1970–3Standard Model of elementary particles invented
1971Helium 3 superfluidity
1974Black hole radiation predicted
Renormalization group
Charmed quark found
1975Tau lepton found
1977Bottom quark found
1980Quantum Hall effect
1981Theory of cosmic inflation proposed
1982Fractional quantum Hall effect
1995Bose–Einstein condensate found: Wolfgang Ketterle
1995Top quark found
1998Accelerating expansion of universe found
1999Slow light experimentally demonstrated: Lene Vestergaard Hau
2000Tau neutrino found
2003WMAP observations of cosmic microwave background
2012Higgs Boson found
2014Gravitational waves detected from cosmic microwave background

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