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Life Beyond.....Hindu Thought

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After the realization of athman (soul), and athman vairagha (soul agenda) a sadhaka come to know the birth of manas (human being) then the truth of life in earth then the process of death and lastly the after death life. The secret knowledge of life, death and life after death is so enigmatic , so deep even a mystic found himself in fathom-less ocean of infinite enigma.  

Comment by Chandan Bandyopadhyay on April 7, 2012 at 12:47pm


When Brahman ‘Atman” got manifested from Para-Brahma “Pram-Atman” the causal charge buoyancy displacement created space between space in which manifestation of anu and paramanu took pace where the para-anu’s created their own domain string “Brahmanda” coexisting in parallel dimensions .
The primal Brahman was pure, with no attachment of ego ‘aham’. Then started the causal play ‘lila’ of manifestation and de-manifestation for billions of years to evolve and de-evolve to a state of perfection and imperfection to create a transcendental harmony of both positive and negative perfection.
Till present, present the evolution of positive perfections are Devas and Devis and perfect negations are Prêt of diverse statutes.

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