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Anthony Peake, The Grand Theory of Everything!

We welcome Anthony Peake, author of several highly rated theoretical books on the paranormal, and writer of this month’s cover feature (The Daemon Inside Us All), to tell us about his grandest of theory’s yet
Anthony Peake, The Grand Theory of Everything! %categort
The hypothesis presented in my first book, “Is There Life after Death – the Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die” is known as “Cheating the Ferryman” or CTF. This is an attempt to explain what may happen to human consciousness at the point of death.
However the broader hypothesis presents evidence that as many as 70% of human beings are experiencing life within a three-dimensional, internally generated illusion similar to that described in the movie “The Matrix”. This has become known as ITLAD/CTF. The word ITLAD is simply the first five initial letters of the title of my first book. This is a far more ambitious idea than CTF and includes elements of consciousness studies, psychiatry, particle physics, cosmology as well as additional neurological aspects. Amazingly this wider theory may suggest an explanation for many of the major mysteries of human perception. These include many of the subjects dear to the readers of Paranormal Magazine such as deja vu, precognition, multiple personality syndrome, time dilation, time-slips, synchronicity, coincidences, UFO abductions, night paralysis, and mediumship.
But this is not the end. With the help of other active members of my FORUM ( ITLAD/CTF is now being broadened to include many other areas of scientific mystery. This, believe it or not, is called BIGTOE! This stands for the “Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything”.
Anthony Peake, The Grand Theory of Everything! %categort
Anthony Peake, The Grand Theory of Everything! %categort
By “Bohmian IMAX” I mean the internally generated, Matrix-like, illusion mentioned above. BIGTOE joins together my ITLAD/CTF with a fascinating theory suggested by my associate, Karl L LeMarcs. Karl terms this mind-blowing idea “Collapsing the Consciousness Wave” (CtCw). In this Karl applies the latest theories of quantum physics to the mystical and magical traditions of the Western Occult Tradition and in doing so updates the concept of the “Akashic Record”.
When ITLAD/CTF and CtCw are joined together as BIGTOE a model of consciousness and its relationship with the external universe is created that may explain many of the most intractable mysteries of modern physics and neurology. However what is unique about BIGTOE is that it applies the wisdom of the esoteric and mystical philosophies such as Kabbalah, Theosophy, Sufism, Buddhism, Aleister Crowley, Vedanta, Spiritualism, Rudolph Steiner, The Third Way of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, Gnosticism and many others.
By applying these philosophies to modern particle physics we find that such well-reported phenomenon as Distance Viewing, Telepathy, Astral Travel, Past-Life Regression and Lucid Dreaming are suddenly neatly explained.
Amazingly there are many, many recent movies that seem to echo elements of the theory. These include: The Matrix, Butterfly Effect, Sliding Doors, Being John Malkovich, 12 Monkeys, Vanilla Sky, Fight Club, Minority Report, Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Waking Life, Groundhog Day, Deja Vu, Total Recall, Jacob’s Ladder, etc etc. I am also told that the TV series Lost, Dr. Who (particularly the episode – Turn Left), House, Red Dwarf and Ashes To Ashes all have themes similar to ITLAD/CTF.
I could go on about the writers, poets, philosophers and mystics whose writings and theories can be explained by applying BIGTOE but I think that the above will suffice to give an idea of the scope of this theory. All those involved in this project, and there are many from across the world, are really excited about the implications. We are therefore keen to involve as many people as possible in our adventure. As I mentioned earlier, I have a very active FORUM. If you feel the urge (daemonic or otherwise!) do join in with the debates and discussions.
Visit: to learn more about Anthony Peake and his work.

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  1. Peake split with the person who was advocating the "grand theory of everything" (Karl L Le Marcs) but later joined forces with Thomas Campbell, who has written a series called "My Big TOE". You can see postings about it and interviews between Peake and Campbell via Peake's forum. Peake is fantastic, isn't he? Quite an impressive theorist and prolific writer; one of the best!

  2. Yes, Peake is an excellent writer, and thinker. I hope to join the main forum soon. However, his understanding (along with others) is based on materials from scientists, philosophers, and mystics. This is fine as far as it goes but in order to build something like TOE you need to find the "Missing Link" which is the need to seriously examine the phenomenology, or relevant inner experiences involved. The purpose of this is to see if they have "basic" patterns that correspond to one another. If they do this would suggest that we are dealing to some extent with a shared objective reality. From such data it may be possible to create mathematical models that could be tested by reliable "psychics", and "mystics". To understand the colossal importance of this my evolving project may prove to be interesting.

  3. Yes, sounds fascinating, and something Peake himself would likely very much like to contribute to.

  4. Thank you for your response. Yes, as far as I am concerned MDS may become the basis of all sciences, and arts. Ofcourse, at the present time, no one knows with certainty as much will depend on finding credible, and hopefully reliable Multi-Dimensional Observers, or MDOs who are willing to be questioned with some degree of depth. Questionaires could also be developed, and improved where, and when necessary. If supersensory patterns begin to emerge we could be onto a winner. In other words, there is alot a work to do. At the moment, I am mainly concerned with the theoretical basis of MDS.