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The links on the left will take you to some articles written by Para.Science. These range from the academic, to the purely methodological, for instance how to use various pieces of equipment, to the psychology of the paranormal, to well known local stories of ghosts, and also the more light-hearted stories of some of Para.Science's days out. Scroll down the page to see a brief description of what you will find within the five sections: Academic, Methodology, Reviews, Ghosts and Other Activities.



Abstract of a papers presented to the 30th and 31st International Conference of the Society for Psychical Research also the Parapsychological Association and Society for Psychical Research Joint Annual Convention 2008.
The titles of the papers are:
" Abnormally high amplitude supply frequency electromagnetic fields as a factor in reported paranormal activity within a Cheshire farmhouse"
"Infrasound as a Factor in Reported Anomalous, Paranormal and Psychical Experiences Within a Disused Merseyside Shipyard"
"A Survey of Spontaneous Apparitional Experiences"
"Was There Something in the Cellar?"
"Have the Lunatics Taken Over the (Haunted) Asylum?"
"The Timeslip Phenomenon"


Infrasound And Its Association With the Paranormal

Is there a connection between infrasound and the paranormal? Read the latest research, published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Who Ya Gonna Call?

What has gone wrong in spontaneous case research? Can it be fixed?

On Evidence

What do we actually mean when we are talking about evidence?

Orbs, or a load of balls?

We first became aware of the so-called Orb phenomenon in 1998, during an investigation where we were using digital cameras. This article describes our search for the cause, and the conclusions we reached.

Orbs ARE a load of balls

Para.Science have been using the latest stereo imaging techniques to prove, once and for all, the origin of that well known phenomenon, the orb! This article outlines the extensive work that has been undertaken by Para.Science since this new technology became available in Autumn 2009.

Equipment - what, how and why

Para.Science gets a lot of emails every week from people asking about the equipment we use for paranormal investigation. Some of the enquiries are from other groups or investigators, some are from school and higher education students researching an assignment that may involve the paranormal. Others are from researchers for media programmes and some are from people who are just plain curious. Many of these enquiries require long involved answers and we find that we frequently repeat the same answers to different people. In this article we have tried to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that relate to the equipment we use in this research and investigation. It also discusses the things we are looking for with that equipment and why we are looking.

General Procedures for Paranormal Investigators

Reproduced from the notebooks of famous ghost hunter Harry Price the following instructions are still surprisingly valid today and make an excellent basis for the modern ghost hunter.

Some Musings on Things Paranormal

An article outlining a different theory to explain some classes of ghostly activity.

Tricks of the Mind

The field of paranormal investigation, specifically the process of actively hunting for ghosts, can be at best an inexact science if indeed it can be classed as a science at all. At worst, it can provide the material for fully fledged flights of fantasy, even in the most apparently down-to-earth of characters. To this end, we present a brief overview of the most common misperceived events that may occur during an active investigation.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meters - Some Guidelines for Choosing and Using

An explanation of why we measure electromagnetic fields whilst investigating, what equipment to equip yourself with and most importantly how to use it.

Thermometers - Guidelines for Using Thermometers

Thermometers of all types are amongst the most useful tools for paranormal investigation. Many people will have heard reports of or even experienced a temperature drop before and during paranormal activity. In reality the temperature may also rise at these times. It is important therefore to be able to measure this change in temperature both as early warning and possible confirmation of a potential paranormal event-taking place.

Obtaining Images

Perhaps the most sought after evidence by all investigators of paranormal phenomena is the visual evidence. A picture speaks a thousand words as the saying goes. Images can take the form of still pictures from both film and more recently digital cameras and also video footage from both analogue and digital camcorders. This article is not an in depth technical description of the various means of producing still and moving images there are many resources available to those interesting in such things. It is instead a discussion of the relative advantages and disadvantages the various methods offer to those who wish to make use of them in support of their own paranormal investigation requirements.
Reviews of paranormally related television and radio programmes that have caught our eye


Road Ghosts

Some local Road Ghosts, as discussed by Para.Science during a radio phone-in on the subject of road ghosts and phantom hitchhikers.

Ghosts of Chester

A run down of the more famous ghosts believed to inhabit the City of Chester.

Time Slips

Para.Science are currently investigating a number of time anomalies that have happened in Liverpool city centre. We present here some anonymised reports concerning these anomalies.

Other Activities

Yes, it's true, we do have other interests as well as ghost hunting! We like to think we have a fairly broad range of interests, but they all seem to invariably bring us back to the paranormal - even a quick drink in the pub ends up with the locals queuing up to tell their "spooky stories". Not that we're complaining! Anyway, we have pulled together some photos of various group activities (all with a PG certificate!) and we put them on the web site just to prove we don't spend all our time sitting in cold, dark buildings waiting for the headless horseman.

Avebury 2001

Para.Science join in the summer solstice celebrations at Avebury.

Avebury 2003

Para.Science make a return visit for the summer solstice celebrations at Avebury in 2003.

Para.Science and the curse of the Druid's Circle

Para.Science have a scary moment on a Welsh hillside.

Lunar Eclipse

A jpg (94k) picture sequence of a lunar eclipse, taken in a Para.Science member's back garden

Transit of Venus

Para.Science have a day out to view the transit of Venus

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