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Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin Mon

Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin Mon
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Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin MonBuddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin Mon Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin Mon Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by DR Mehm Tin Mon

1. Introducing the Higher Teachings of the BuddhaBuddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by Dr. Mehm Tin Mon e DHANET UD B S BO Y O K LIB R A R E-mail: Web site: Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.
  1. 2. MENTAL SCIENCE OR ULTIMATE SCIENCENATURAL SCIENCES investigate the basic principles and laws of natureto explain the physical phenomena that have been occurring foraeons. But they cannot probe the nature of the mind and they fail toexplain the mental phenomena that have enormous influence onphysical phenomena. Lord Buddha, with His power of omniscience, knew the truenature of the mind and correctly described the causal relations thatgovern mind and matter and thus can explain all psycho-physicalphenomena in the world. His ultimate teaching, known as Abhidhamma, describes indetail the natures of the ultimate realities that really exist in naturebut are unknown to scientists. His method of verification is superiorto scientific methods which depend on instruments. He used Hisdivine-eye to penetrate the coverings that hide the true nature of allthings. He also taught others how to develop concentration andhow to observe with their mind-eyes the true nature of all thingsand finally the four Noble Truths which can enlighten one to achieveone’s liberation from all miseries for ever! So Abhidhamma may be regarded as Mental Science or UltimateScience—the science of the ultimate truths. THE AGE OF ANALYSISPHILOSOPHERS have now come to the age of analysis. But who cananalyse mind and matter correctly and thoroughly as Lord Buddhahas done more than 2500 years ago! The correct analysis of mind and matter is the greatest achieve-ment on earth and the discovery of the natural correlations betweenmind and matter is the most beneficial discovery ever achieved byman. You will gain the greatest benefit if you strenuously studyAbhidhamma which systematically describes the intrinsic natures ofthe ultimate comprising mind, matter and permanent peace(Nibbàna). MIND CREATES MISERIES AND HAPPINESSALL MENTAL PHENOMENA have mind as their forerunner; they havemind as their chief; they are mind-made. If one thinks, speaks or acts with an evil mind, misery follows him just as the wheel follows the hoofs of the ox that draws the cart. If one thinks, speaks or acts with a pure mind, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him —Dhammapada, Verses 1&2
  2. 3. Introducing the Higher Teaching of the Buddha:Buddha Abhidhamma Ultimate Science by Dr. Mehm Tin Mon B.Sc.Hons. (Ygn), M.Sc., Ph.D. (USA) Professor of Chemistry (Rtd.) Professor of Samatha MeditationInternational Theravàda Buddha Missionary University, YangonAdviser to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Union of Myanmar BUDDHA ABHIDHAMMA Ultimate Science Copyright © 1995 Dr Mehm Tin Mon Printed with permission from the author by Ven Hui Xin (Fo Guang Shan Malaysia) This First Revised Edition—1000 copies (Nov 2002) Layout and Cover Design by Sukhi Hotu Sdn Bhd 42V Jalan Matang Kuching 11500 Air Itam Penang Tel 04 8277118 Fax 04 8277228 Email
  3. 4. FOREWORDT he prophecy that an able person would soon appear to contribute to the world of knowledge in the field of BuddhistPsycho-ethical-philosophy, which we commonly appreciate as BuddhaAbhidhamma, has now come true. The prophecy was made by my revered old teacher, BhaddantaNàrada Mahàthera (Aggamahàpandita) who was well-known as theoriginal Patthàna Master. He made the prophecy in 1952 while I wasstudying Yamaka and Patthàna Treatises under his guidance. He as-signed me and my colleague translator, Professor Thein Nyunt, totranslate his writings on Abhidhamma. The task was never fully accom-plished as I was occupied with teaching at the Pàli and AbhidhammaDepartment of the University of Yangon and later transferred to theInternational Institute of Advanced Buddhistic Studies at Kaba-Ayeas Head of Research Department. Thereupon my disappointed old teacher, Bhaddanta Nàrada Ma-hàthera, with full expectation, prophesied that pretty soon an ablescholar will emerge to accomplish the noble task of presentingAbhidhamma in English to the world. So now appears a novel andauthentic treatise entitled BUDDHA ABHIDHAMMA—Ultimate Science byDr. Mehm Tin Mon. Dr. Tin Mon is a man of science for he was trained in the Uni-versity of Illinois, U.S.A. for his master degree and doctorate degreein chemistry and then he served his country for several years asProfessor of Chemistry. He is also a man of arts as he has writtenseveral illustrative books on education as well as on Buddhism and
  4. 5. 5his books are widely read by the public. So his approach to Abhi-dhamma is very scientific as well as artistic. Dr. Tin Mon has been conducting long courses as well as shortintensive courses on Abhidhamma in many towns throughoutMyamnar. His Abhidhamma-classes draw the attention of large crowdsas his unique ability to compare Abhidhamma with science as well aswith western philosophy makes the subject very interesting andstimulating. He emphasized the fact that the teachings of Lord Buddha inAbhidhamma are very scientific and that Abhidhamma goes muchdeeper than natural sciences encompassing a much wider field. As Iwas trained at the Harvard Divinity School and Harvard GraduateSchool of Arts and Sciences three decades ago, and has engagedmyself as a research scholar in the field of historical, philosophicaland religious sciences for many years, I heartily agree with Dr. TinMon in regarding Abhidhamma as the Ultimate Science—the scienceof the Ultimate Truths. Culture, Philosophy, History and may other common mundanesubjects can be studied thoroughly through the media of natural andhuman sciences. But the divine elements in religious studies can berobed and realized only by means of Divine Science. However theultimate supramundane things which are beyond divinity can berealized only through the Ultimate Science. So Abhidhamma orUltimate Science surpasses all other historical, philosophical andreligious sciences. Philosophy is a noble science but it cannot be said to excel allother sciences because it does not embrace the whole universality ofthings in Abhidhamma. Abhidhamma analyses mind and matter inminute detail into ultimate realities and shows the way to eternalpeace call Nibbàna. These ultimate realities are unknown tophilosophy and all other sciences.
  5. 6. 6 Dr. Tin Mon enlightens the readers extremely well with hisBUDDHA ABHIDHAMMA—Ultimate Science. A reader can derive morebenefit from this book in one week that from a life-time of ponderingthe philosophies of others. This treatise is really a new version of the Compendium of Bud-dhist Philosophy after the design of the well-known book called THEABHIDHAMMATHA SANGAHA—The Compendium of Buddhist Philosophywritten by U Shwe Zan Aung and published by the London Pali TextSociety in 1910. Dr. Tin Mon perfected and augmented it still furtherby the extraordinary quality of his intellect and all the superbpatrimony of wisdom which he inherited from his predecessors. As a matter of fact, I have studied the subject in conjunction withthe Ultimate Science at the Department of History and Philosophyin Harvard University from the theological point of view. But I ammore thoroughly convinced and lucidly enlightened in the conceptionand meaningfulness of the subject only now after I have read thisnew book presented by Dr. Tin Mon. It is really a very hard task to write than to read such a profoundwork like this. May all scholars therefore unanimously and sincerelywelcome this superb work on Abhidhamma and may Abhidhammaenlighten the whole world.24 December 1994Sao Htun Hmat WinM.A., A.M., S.R.F. (Harvard)MAHA SADDHAMMA JOTIKADHAJAAdviser to the Ministry of Religious Affairs,Union of Myanmar

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