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Kabir Sahib.      

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A Soul which has its true existence beyond five elements and is present in every living being is called as Kabir

Arrival of Sahib on Earth 
Sant Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji incarnated Himself in the guise of a human being on the full moon day of Jyeshat Sudhi (a great day falling on mid of May) in the year 1398 at Lahartara Talaab (a pond) in Kashi. At Lahartara Talaab, a bright white light from the sky appeared on a lotus flower and got emerged into a baby boy. During that moment Ashtanand Ji (Student of Swami Ramanand Ji) was meditating there at the nearby of Lahartara Talaab. He saw the incarnation happening, and was surprise to learn such an extraordinary miracle.

With full of surprise Ashtanand Ji reported the whole incident to his Guru- Swami Ramanand Ji. Hearing to such uncommon incident,Swami Ramanand Ji said that after a short while from now, whole world will soon come to know about this baby boy. And that boy became well known to the world by the
name “Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib.”
Objective of Arrival
The only objective of Kabir Sahib Ji's own arrival onto the earth was to awaken the individual soul towards true spiritualism (Satya Bhakti). For 120 years He directed the world towards worship of only One God i.e. Supreme Lord (Param Purush - Sahib), which exists far beyond from this perishable universe (made up of five perishable elements) and is Immortal.

Kabir Sahib Ji disclosed all secrets of so called "God of the Universe", who is no one, but a Devil Mind (Niranjan/ Kaal Purush). He explained that all religions are worshiping the same "God of the Universe" in one way or the other i.e. in Sargun [God in Form] or in Nirgun [God as Formless] forms. He also gave the secret of Amarlok (4th Lok)- Real abode of Supreme Lord to the humanity whose existence is beyond Universe (3 lok's and 5 elements) and at the same time fought against hypocrites for the welfare of the humanity. He showed the path of permanent salvation which can only be attained with the blessings of a "Satguru" (true Perfect Spiritual Master).

About Kabir Sahib Ji
Kabir Sahib Ji has reformed the social structure of spirituality in right perspective. He has always been against hypocrites. He gave the new dimensions to spiritualism through His ideology and teachings of Pra-Bhakti (Satya-Bhakti), which became as the ideology of SantMat. The words Sant and Satguru came into origin from Kabir Sahib Ji himself.

Kabir Sahib Ji only spoke about Truth (Satya) which in itself was the reality that was unknown to the humanity and recommended to worship only One God - Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib), which was unacceptable to selfish spiritual leaders. He was the only Saint in the history of mankind who has been punished with 52 death sentences also known as Bawan Kasni.

Looking at large number of devotees following Kabir Sahib Ji's True Spiritualism (Satya Bhakti), the selfish spiritual leaders were afraid of loosing their daily-means as well as their religious individuality. So they tried evil towards Him and created several wrong myths about Him. Some described Him as the offspring of an unmarried Brahman girl; others described Him as a child with uncertain identity and so on.

Even today, His birth and life is a mystery for the people of the world. Kabir Sahib himself has described this mystery i.e. Kabir Sahib Ji has described His reality in His own words that:

"I descended on this earth from the sky as a pure white light, right from the Supreme Lord (Param Purush), which is an unknown place and none could recognise my real identity.

Without remaining in the womb of the mother I appeared as a child. A weaver found me in the Lahartara Talaab (pond) at Kashi. I have neither any wife nor any other relation. My name ceremony was performed in the home of Neeru - the weaver. It made me a laughing stock into the whole world.

My abode is Amarlok and I have come as per the desire of Supreme Father (Param Purush) to liberate the souls from the grip of Kaal Purush - Mind (Niranjan) and to take the suffering souls back to their real abode- Amarlok".

Departure from Earth
Among Hindus and Muslims, Sant Satguru Kabir Sahib was a darling of both the communities. In the year 1518 at Maghar, Kabir Sahib declared that he would depart from the world on Magh Sudhi Ekadshi (An auspicious day falling on the next day of Lohri festival). General public along with devotees of Kabir Sahib gathered at Maghar on the date of His departure. Both communities claimed His body which was miraculously turned into lotus flowers. At last both the communities shared their portion of lotus flowers.

The following words were uttered at the time when Satguru Kabir Sahib left His body, which make us realise our foolishness in not giving due regard and recognition to the Holy Saints in their very lifetime.


Lift the sheet and see it for yourself, there is no dead body beneath it. It is foolish on your part that you have not recognised my true identity.

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