Friday, 7 September 2012

Psychic Warrior.

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The following is a "summary" of Psychic Warrior which I read a few moons ago. It  was very interesting.


PSYCHIC WARRIOR, Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program: The True Story of a Soldier’s Espionage and Awakening. (St. Martin’s Press) by David A. Morehouse Ph.D
This International Best Seller has been printed in 14 languages globally. Six years have passed since the first printing of Psychic Warrior. Prior to this, the term ‘Remote Viewing’ was at best a faint rumor, a whisper, which leaked from the dark recesses of the United States Intelligence community. Today, Remote Viewing is the subject of several books, each with their own versions of the truth about what the phenomenon is, and how it was used in the twisted game of domestic and international espionage. For the last twenty six years psychic espionage was and is one of the most controversial and misunderstood of the intelligence collection methodologies.
Before the release of Psychic Warrior, the term ‘Remote Viewing’ was virtually unknown outside the espionage community. The funding, research and training protocols for the phenomenon began in a bed of science at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Palo Alto, California, circa 1974. Various researchers and natural psychics operating within the inner circle of SRI understood the significance of the gift of Remote Viewing and its potential impact on the human condition. Many told their tales to the world in various books but for security reasons they never told the whole truth about it. Who wanted this gift of non-physical sight that spanned time and space? What were the intentions of those developing it and those planning to introduce it into the labyrinthine world of espionage? To what lengths would they go to protect it? And why?
This story is true. Time’s undistorted view of reality has defeated the unethical assassins of truth who made numerous attempts to keep this book from you. The individuals and events portrayed herein, the situations and espionage missions happened just as they are recounted. Despite monstrous ridicule and concerted efforts by the United States Intelligence community to destroy and mislead the public trust, this book remains the single truth about what happened within this highly classified enclave of psychic spies.
As you read this book, focus on the fact that this espionage technique remains a viable if still esoteric collection methodology within the intelligence communities of the major global powers. It is not dead, discredited, nor has it been replaced. It is merely functioning under some other name in some other place within the shadow world.
In 1996, two weeks prior to the US release of Psychic Warrior, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) planned and executed a media blitz designed to minimize the impact of this book. When it appeared that the misinformation, i.e. telling your version of the story first, didn’t produce the desired results, the buildings that once housed this organization were bulldozed to the ground, and the debris was removed to a hidden landfill. All that remains of this bizarre unit are those who now choose to tell their individual stories about what happened there. This is mine.
If you are reading this book, then one may assume you are more than simply curious. You are a seeker of truth, which is a daunting task in this unraveling world. Truth in its purest form can be considered the aristocracy of spirituality, and therefore must be sought out in all its dimensions. Truth carries with it a range of eagerness as well as one of reverence. Those who embrace the genre of this book tend more toward the eagerness of truth than the reverence of it. However, one cannot know truth without the application of both eagerness and reverence.
Read with an open mind. Know that this phenomenon is real. And know that those who participated in this program are no more unique than you or me. We all have the ability to learn and apply what is discussed within these pages. To date, I have trained more than 4,000 civilians to become Remote Viewers. There is one requirement for success. There is one quality each individual must possess to embark on the spiritual journey of learning to become a Remote Viewer. You must believe there is more to this existence than the physical dimension. If you believe this, then what you find here will transcend you from a place of belief, of hopes and dreams, to a place of knowingness. You shall understand who and what you are, discern your purpose here, and the journey to wisdom shall begin. Enjoy the journey inward and beyond.

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