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Déjà Vu Survey

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  Déjà vu (French for "already seen") is experienced in one form or another by a large number of people (a recent survey indicated the incidence to be around 63% of the adult American population, for example).
  There are many forms of what one might call "déjà" experience (on page 10 in his 1983 book "The Psychology of Déjà Vu" Dr. Vernon Neppe lists 20 of them!). In this survey, though, we wish to study two main forms, namely "déjà vécu" ("already lived through") and "déjà visité" ("already visited"). For more information about these two forms, please click here.
  At this point we lack empirical data on the incidence of these forms of déjà vu and also about how they are experienced. Here are some questions which will allow us to form more accurate picture of what various types of déjà experience are happening:

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Art Funkhouser, who hold a physics degree is behind the above project. More data about him below.

 Dr. Art Funkhouser is a Jungian psychotherapist from Bern, Switzerland.  He is one of the founding members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and one of the worlds leading researchers into Déjà phenomena, primarily in the field ofDéjà Rêve and precognitive dreams.  He has a vast knowledge of history and the leading research in this field.
I met Art through Anthony Peake’s Forum and it would be a posting on another internet forum that I would receive an e-mail from Art correcting me on the more technical granularity of déjà rêve and how at the point of remembering a dream during a Déjà vu experience then promotes the experience to déjà rêve.
Over time Art and I exchanged e-mails and enjoyed our areas of interest related to precognitive experiences and Déjà experiences.  Art would become another major influence in my desire to write my current book.  Not only would he influence the book, but he would offer to come on board as the editor. A true honor, and a blessing!
Through Art and our discussions, I began to realize how significant and important this field of study is. It was in talking with him that I understood that all of my experiences are simply going to perish with me when I die. If I don’t attempt to share these experiences, then what ever value or gifts they might have for others would never be shared.
Art has a fantastic website related to Déjà research and I highly recommend visiting this site and familiarizing yourself with the on going studies: (Source Ref  You are Dreaming. org_

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