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The Reflexive Universe

The Reflexive Universe

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When I was developing my own cosmology, Arthur M. Young's Reflexive Universe was one of the books that exerted the greatest influence on me.  It proposes a radical cybernetic theory (the Theory of Process), integrating esoteric thought and modern science, and explaining the evolution of consciousness in terms of four levels and seven stages.  This simple mode of universal evolution, which he calls the "Arc," describes the descent of spirit (light) into matter and the ascent back to spiritual again, as indicated in the following diagram
The evolutionary arc
The evolutionary arc
(note: fig.1 shown here has been reproduced from by Frank Barr's excellent on-line article, external linkThe Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm.  A slightly simpler version of this diagram appears on page 41 of The Reflexive Universe.)

The Stages of Evolution

Evolutionary stages and substages



Different Descriptions and Diagrams of Evolution and the Evolutionary Arc

Rudolph Steiner
Sri Aurobindo
Teilhard de Chardin
Meher Baba
Edward Haskell
Ken Wilber

The Fundamental Structure of Reality

In this book the author also proposes that the fundamental structure of reality is the vortex-shape or torus, the most complex natural topological entity, with a number of unique properties, including the volume formula, 2pi²R³, the same as the Einstein-Eddington universe or hypersphere, and the fact that a map drawn on the surface of a torus requires seven colours for all bordering countries to be distinguished by different colours.  This then ties in with the seven stages of evolution in the arc and other esoteric teachings.

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