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The Torus

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The inventor and philosopher Arthur M. Young proposes that the torus is the fundamental structure of reality is the vortex-shape or torus, the most complex natural topological entity
the torustwo rotating perpendicular circularitiesthe torus - seven topological distinctions
external link As summarised by Frank Barr, the torus is"a self-referential "time-structure" with numerous unique properties (Young, 1976) such as:

    1) composition from two rotating "perpendicular circularities";
    2) the shape of a vortex, an entity which is consubstantial with its matrix--i.e., the only means bywhich self-sustained motion can exist in a given medium;
    3) the same volume formula, 2pi²R³, as the Einstein-Eddington universe, the so-calledhypersphere.
    4) a universal distribution, occurring with photons and particles through the cellular centriole tothe universal hypersphere;
    5) the ability to reconcile the continuum of relativity and the discreteness of quantum theory;
    6) the means to explain the ancient puzzle of "free will in a universe run by God" or how therecan be self-determined entities in the continuum; and
    7) seven topological distinctions--(i.e., a map drawn on the surface of a torus requires sevencolors in order for all bordering countries to be distinguished by differences in color).
The Meru FoundationThe 3,10 Torus Knot, Ring, Sphere Tetrahelix and Hand - a poster and explanatory text originally published in TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 2 #2.
external link Continuous Creation - a poster originally published in TORUS, Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol.2, #3, July 1993

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