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Peake, and Coincidences....

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Anthony Peake, a noted writer on the "Borderline Sciences" has "... been long preoccupied with synchronicities and their less-odd first cousin, coincidences......
.......Synchronicity has been defined as “Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.” A “coincidence” on the other hand is two or more events that have some form of relationship but that relationship is not of significance to the observer.
A classic exampl...e of a “coincidence” occurred this morning when I was driving to work. As I approached Lingfield Racecourse a wagon-like car drew out in front of me. It was a Mitsubishi “Animal” …. This got me thinking about what a strange name this was for an automobile. As I did so my in-car audio system (running off my Archos 5 Media Tablet, with its 250 Gigabyte memory and containing more than 17,000 MP3 files) changed tracks. As I had it on random play I had no idea what the next track would be (a literal 1 in 17,000 on any particular track) … and what came blasting out of my speakers? “Animal” by Pearl Jam. As I listened to the song the peculiarly stylized word “animal” was in my direct eye-line as our cars stopped at the traffic lights under the Dormansland rail bridge.
Now that is a “coincidence”. It had no significance for me other than it was amusing. For me this is easily explained by the “law of big numbers” and also “attention Bias” as Professor Richard Wiseman points out in his books. I am fully in agreement with this interpretation and there is nothing uncanny or strange about it.
For me a synchronicity is a whole different ball-game and a phenomenon that is uncanny and strange. An example of a synchronicity that took place a few years ago and involved an earlier Archos player being used in almost identical circumstances involves a set of circumstances that defy rational explanation … and indirectly proved (to me at least) that my “Cheating The Ferryman” hypothesis has a role in suggesting a model by which such a set of circumstances may be explained (I know that this all comes down to interpretation of the facts as they presented themselves to me … but isn’t that what science is all about?)
Below is a link to my Forum where I describe in detail what took place that foggy evening on the M62:
I am really interested in any comments or observations with regards to this event …. Am I simply confusing “confirmation bias” with coincidence?
For those who do not wish to go over to the CTF Forum I will post my initial posting below. As an aside the singer song-writer Suzanne Vega picked up on this when I twittered it a year or so ago. She is a good friend of Shawn Colvin, the musician responsible for the song “Round of Blues” ….."

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