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In my previous post I discussed the secret teachings of Jesus
His true teachings which sadly never were allowed to be revealed to the public
of the time, and supressed for thousands of years, are his Esoteric teachings
Indeed these esoteric teachings are the True Nature of our reality
which the general public is unaware of, this information known as esoteric
was kept a secret over the ages and was only known to the select few.
Esoteric information has always been scientific and spiritual
Esoteric science is intergrating science and spirituality
Fully encompassing them both it has been handed down to humanity by masters
such as Krishna, Buddha, and Christ
It was necessary to keep it secret for two reasons
1) ~ The general public wew insufficiently developed to be trusted with
the power that esoteric conferred
2) ~ Anyone whose beliefs differed from the predominant theological system
of the time was invariably subjected to persecution, torture, and or death.
Esoteric information was deliberately shrouded in symbolism to prevent
the uninitiated from understanding it's deeper message
Indeed many religious teachings are misinterpretations of esoteric knowledge
All the major religions are based on esoteric information
ie~ carefully selected pieces of esoteroc information that were deemed suitable
to be taught to the general public
Simple parabels and proverbs were used because they could be easily learnt
and passed onto others
As religions grew, bureauocracy, dogma, and superstition developed
which further corrupted the original esoteric teachings
Today freedom and democracy ensure that humanity is gradually becoming more
spiritually aware and many are developing an interest in a new science and
In the late 19th and 20th centuries a group of people known as Theosophists
tried to bring esoteric into the mainstream, but the publc were not quite ready
for it.
Some of the well known Theosophists were:
1) Helena Blavasky
2) Alice Baliey
3) Charles Leadbeater
4) Annie Besant
5)Arthur Powell
Best esoteric books ~ easy to follow:
1) Henery T Laurency
A comment made by Lee Bladon of which I totally resonate with is this
"Discovering your own truth is far more interesting and sadisfying then having
to comply with a belief system that someone else devised~
but many people are afraid of the truth, afraid of what might happen if they open
themselves up to any possibility.~
That is why many people choose to associate themselves with a mainstream belief
system, such as science or religion,~
and why many others choose not to even think about it".......
Lee Bladon's book 'The science of spirituality' systematically describes
the mechanisims behind a diverse rangee of subject matter including esoteric,
consciousness, sleep and dreams, reincarnation, religion, creation, evolution.
space and time, higher dimentions, heaven and hell, ghosts, angels and demons,
out of body experiences, near death experiences, clairvoyances, psychic abilities,
personal development, meditation, and the meaning of life
The Science of Spirituality - Esoteric Book
The science of spirituality looks at all prespectives... so crusial
to how we think, feel, and indeed why we follow a yearning to belive...
Our Conscious and our unconscious minds
Intergrating science, phychology, philosophy, spirituality, and religion
Relgion is in many ways the antithesis of science
because it relies on blind faith, which often defies logic....
Science has always been sceptical and demands objective proof.....
were as religious faith requires none and can not prove any because it is
concerned with intangible aspects of existence.
For this reason science and religion have never had much in common, but they do
share one important simularity~... their beliefs are restricted to their own respective
point of view.
Any restriction to what can't be investigated obviously prevents both sides from
discovering the whole truth
and any one who callenges the accepted truth is ridiculed and cast out of the
respective community
To liberate scientific thinking and expand it's boundries is the key
Although science is sceptical and conservative, it is for the most based upon
sound and logical research.
But religion needs to be systematically looked at to attempt to undo thousands
of years of misunderstanding, misinterpretation,corruption, superstition,
friction and dogma
But once all the man made manipulation has been stripped away we are left
with some interesting and useful information......
My previous post was on the Gnostic Gospels that where found in Egypt
They revealed the esoteric teachings... known as the secret teachings of Jesus
This is the key to true spiritual enlightenment
Through out time people have searched for enlightenment, for something more than
an ordinary life or for what most consider a successful life can provide...
Beneath the veneer of everday existence lies the secret of human destiny~
Promising something greater, a powerful proceedure encoded in sacred religious
scriptures, hidden in myths, symbols, and art.....
Practised by the few who have known it throughout history, to acheive an unimaginable
transformation to change from a human being into a spiritual human being...
The foundation of this proceedure is 'Gnosis' ~ which means 'knowledge'
(of which I wrote about in my previous post)
Those who discovered and utilized this knowledge are the 'Gnostics'which means
'Those who know'
The knowledge sort after in gnosticism has a purpose ~ Spiritual Change
What is the knowledge or Gnosis that Gnostics seek and use?
Gnosis is spiritual knowledge deep inside, why we are here, where we are going,
what we can do with our lives.....
Gnosis leads to spiritual awakening
It does not have historical beginning since it has always existed
But it has imerged through history in different forms
Different words and symbols may have been used to refer to it,
As mentioned in my previous post Jesus brought the gnostic teachings to humanity...
as did Buddha and Krishna to before.....
It is from these teachings of Jesus that gnosticism futher developed~
Thosw who followed who new the true and deeper meaning to Jesus life and teachings
were the Ancient Gnostics
There are many who have known this knowledge who may not have been known by this name...
**The Gnostic is anyone who attains 'Self knowledge' and there have been many people
through out history who have done that wothout neccessarily being called 'A gnostic'...
But Historically speaking the Gnostics that were known imerged around the time of Christ.
This is what really distinguished the Gnostics from the general religious public.
Esoteric science is not just about the path to Enlightenment or Self realization
but about understanding intermediate realities between the objective physical
and the transendent....
A worthy extention of human knowledge and one that may even be necessary if we
are to broaden our understanding of the universe about us
Esoteric science can work along side and with scientific methods.
Such a universal system of esotericism would constitute a wider frame work
into which specialised aspects of human knowledge, in all facets can be placed.
It also represents and requires 'PARADIGM SHIFT'
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The esoteric science is ~ The science of Consciousness