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The Twilit Grotto.

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NOTE: complete books are indicated with symbol.

Root directory

agrippa/home.htm - Agrippa directory

bruno/home.htm - Giordano Bruno directory

John Dee directory

Hermann Gollancz directory

Athanasius Kircher
Moses directory
  • moses/67moses.htm - The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (Part 2)
  • moses/editions.htm - Editions and references for 6 & 7 Moses
  • moses/egyptian.htm - Albertus Magus' Egyptian Secrets
  • moses/folklore.htm - Excerpts from folklore collections referring to 6 & 7 Moses
  • moses/hollenz4.htm - Faust: Vierfacher Höllenzwang German with engl. trans.)
  • moses/Jacoby_de.pdf - Jacoby, "Mosis, das sechste und siebente Buch," nach Bächtold-Stäubli, Hanns, Handwörterbuch des deutschen aberglaubens (=HDA) (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin und Leipzig, 1927) Band 6, pp. 584-593.
  • moses/romanus.htm - Romanus-Büchlein Little Charm-book of the Roma (Gypsies). (German with English translation)
  • solomon/sword.htm - Sword of Moses, An ancient Hebrew / Aramaic book of magic

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola directory

Solomon directory

Johannes Trithemius directory
  • tritheim/trchryst.htm - The art of drawing spirits into crystals
  • tritheim/tritem.htm - De Septem Secundeis ('Seven Secondary Causes') (ENGLISH)
  • tritheim/8quest.htm - Liber octo quaestionum (LATIN, excerpts)

  • Miscellaneous

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