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Sant Mat Depictions of "Higher Planes"..

Lineages The History of Man's Excursions into Inner Light and Sound

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  • These maps are done using the excellent Freeplane mind-mapping software. You are welcome to obtain the source and create your own version. Or submit corrections to me (there has been some mention of inaccuracies).
  • There has been a request for dates to be listed. I have started adding that in the notes section of the gurus.
  • There are many ancient masters of this path not listed. The primary focus of this lineage chart is to help those actively seeking a guru/system/path. A number of the ancient masters were acknowledged by Pravesh K. Singh in a post of his.
Old Versions (click to show/hide)
  • If there were one site to recommend, it would be INNER SONIC KEY.
  • W.C. Vetsch is a superman when it comes to melding Eastern and Western viewpoints on Sant Mat and related fields such as conspiracy theory, hard logic, high magick, math, gnosticism and fringe science. His Essentials of Mysticism is a master work. He's the only person whose grasp of the inner and outer is strong enough to remind me of Maximilian Sandor (aka Joachim Steingrubner).
  • Spiritual Freedom Satsang is where I get my email on. Here you will find Michael Turner, the hippest hippie Sant Mat guru on Planet Earth. Who else is pro-marijuana and meat-eating in the Sant Mat community? Dont blood-test me (grin). Sant Santati is also an excellent group with very uptone participants. And of course Radhasoami Studies is great because it is unmoderated free-for-all action!
  • Sound Current Rider is a site crafted with vision. This site was made from a mental blueprint. Not randomly thrown together. The only problem is, it's such a nice site, you want to quit looking at it and return to the inner (grin).
  • When searching for Sant Mat and related items, be sure to use Duck Duck Go, a very nice search engine.
  • Novelguide has an excellent summary of Light and Sound systems.. for some reason they left out Sony and Bose... hmmmm...
  • Andrea Grace Diem graciously overviewed the Western systems.
  • And again, Kheper has a wealth of associative information for those still interested in populating their Akashic memory banks with more relative knowledge on Reality (not Truth, mind you).
  • The ex-premie page on sant mat lineages has some excellent data
Author and acknowledgements and pictures and blog and, and, and ...
Since joining Radhasoami Studies, I have gotten a lot of feedback on the lineage chart. I toss the most relevant interesting data on lineages in a mailing list. ...Here is my application to The Eureka Society. It includes lots of pictures of me.
Many thanks to the following people for data, comments, and suggestions:
  • David Lane
  • Erika Molnar
  • Tony Mohorovic
  • robert s
  • Michael Turner
  • Pravesh K. Singh     

The above has been edited from this fascinating link which can be clicked on.

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