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Shiva Bala Yogi

Back in 1987 I met Shiva Bala Yogi in Sydenham, London. He was an interesting teacher. However, there is alot about him, and his teachings than is presented here!! RS.

Shiva Bala Yogi Web: N a m a s t e   &   W e l c o m e  

Shiva Bala Yogi - ShivaBalaYogiShiva Bala Yogi is a a yogi, one who attained God realization through meditation insamadhi (complete absorption in pure awareness). He is a guide to our inner guru, our inner Self, Shiva. "The outside guru is a yogi.  The inner guru is God, Shankara Bhagwan [Shiva]."  Shivabalayogi completed twelve years of intense meditation in 1961, and since then, and continuing after dropping his own physical body in 1994, he has been giving blessings, healing, miracles, spiritual experiences and guidance. His emphasis is to encourage and empower people to meditate and experience the truth directly.
Shiva is a name of God, God in the form of a yogi, the inner guru, the Ultimate Self. "Shiva is a yogi. Shiva is a muni [an ancient yogi]."
Shiva Bala Yogi offers the gift of dhyana meditation to everyone regardless of origin, background, religion or beliefs. He gives initiation in the attitude of a friend and without obligation. The spiritual power he confers at initiation and the regular practice of dhyana meditation deepens whatever spiritual path, relationship or commitment we wish to pursue.
"Know the truth through meditation. Then you yourself will know who you are, your religion, your purpose, and your nature. Do not believe what others say and become a slave to religious prejudices." ~ Shiva Bala Yogi
Eastern & Western Traditions
Shivabalayogi Dhyana Medititation TechniqueQ.  With the Hindu pictures of Shiva, do they assume Shiva is a Hindu?
Swamiji's Answer:  Shiva is not a Hindu.  He is for all the worlds but in each world they picture him according to their imagination.   It depends on their moods and emotions.
 Q.  In India there are a lot of gods that people can worship if you are of the Hindu faith.  In the west, as Swamiji’s mission goes on, is it that people in the West from a Christian tradition will begin to worship Jesus more?
Swamiji's Answer:  "Whatever Christ taught and preached, that’s exactly what Swamiji teaches and preaches.  So automatically people will start believing more in Christ and will follow the path of Christ. But if you mean following what the Pope tells them to do, that is wrong.  They are not going to follow what the Pope tells them.
Q.  What people in the United States, if they want to worship God, do they have to become Hindus?  I think the answer is no but what will happen? 
Swamiji's Answer:  "Right from the beginning Swamiji has been telling you they don’t have to leave their path.  They can be in their own spiritual path.  He [Swamiji] will help them to follow their own path, but he will never ask them to deviate for their path.   When he[Swamiji]  has very clearly mentioned that earlier, there is no need to cross examine him [Swamiji]  in this way. Understand?  Swamiji told you that  he will only help to guide you.   He will never ask you to come out of your religion or path".
Shiva Bala Yogi Meditation TechniqueQ. In Christianity, the prayer that we recite is the Lord’s Prayer.  Is that considered a mantra?
Swamiji's Answer:  "Yes. If it is a prayer then it is a mantra.  In which ever language you pray, it still remains a mantra.
Q. Swamiji said that Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshswara* (Shiva) is the god for all the planets.  Did he mean the solar system or the universe.  *[In Christianity this same triadic nature of God is referred to as the Trinity - The Father , The Son and the Holy Spirit.  One God manifesting Himself within Himself in three expressions] 
Swamiji's Answer:   "For all the worlds, not just this one single sun you see.  There are many suns in the universe.  The same Triune is the god for all of them.  Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara (Shiva) are the gods for all the worlds in the universe."
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