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The Integral Approach / Integral Themes

Integral stages of transformation

Diagram by M. Alan Kazlev, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

The above diagram shows my understanding of what Integral Transformation and the Integral Approach means. Obviously, this esoteric diagram is very different to exoteric Wilberian and Wilberian-influenced ideas such as AQAL and Minimal/Post-Metaphysics. While exoteric integralism includes such important themes as Collective as well as individualEvolutionManysidednessSynthesis,and Universalism, it leaves out the central themes of yogic ascent and descent (all previous spiritualities, including Wilber's, are ascending and world-transcending only) and of Individual, Collective and CosmicDivinisation and Transmutation of Matter. This is why exoteric Integralism will always be incomplete or, at best, preliminary. Indeed, I have wondered whether the views of Wilber et al can even be called "Integral". There is also the matter of the ugly consumerism that is endemic to American "integralism". For now I have retained "integral" as including the American exoteric branch, as well as the European mesoteric and esoteric (Steiner, Teilhard, Gebser) and Indian esoteric (Ramalinga, Sri Aurobindo, Mirra) aspects.
To explain the diagram. At the bottom there is evolution to date. That is where we are now, as reprsented by the PhysicalEmotional, and Mental being. Integral Spirituality therefore means not just PhysicalEmotional, and Mental transformation, but the synthesis of all these aspects and practices together (synthesis). This leads to the Realisation of both the Immanent Evolutionary and the Transcendent Liberated aspects of the Divine. These together constitute Integral Transformation and the first two aspects of the Triple Transformation (Integral Yoga). Going beyond Liberation are the ascending-descending stages of Higher RealisationDivinisation (Overmental Godhead), and Higher Divinisation and integral singularity (the Ultimate in as much as we can conceive of it, Supramentalisation of matter), resulting in Cosmic Redemption and the transformation and repair of the Universe, the New Heaven and New Earth, the abolition of evil and replacement of entropy with endless evolution of Light to Greater Light. These are things that, while often described mythologically, can only be truly understood Esoterically and Gnostically. The followinfg therefoere, to be truly Integral, has to contribute in some way to this Cosmological purpose.

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