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Subtle Bodies.....

The subtle bodies or vehicle of consciousness,
karma & past lives.

Ancient texts represent the structure of consciousness as a system of subtle bodies (vehicle) which presented as structured in layers, something like an onion.
The man has a few subtle bodies or vehicle of consciousness.
  • Etheric body;
  • Astral or emotional body;
  • Mental body (concrete mind);
  • Causal body (karmiс body, abstract mind);
  • Buddhic body (Buddhic consciousness, Soul, Divine love);
  • Atmic body (Atmic consciousness, Spirit, Divine omnipotence).

The spiritual realm of a consciousness or subtle bodies: Causal, Buddhic & Atmic

Here, the color of the subtle bodies is given arbitrarily without reference to any chakra.

Etheric body, Temporal or second body
"Think of your second body (or immediate nonphysical body) as much like gelatin that has been removed from a mold. It "remembers "the human form and thus is near identical. The longer one is separated from the physical, the weaker the memory becomes unless reinforced. Time-distance also seems to be a factor. The farther "away" from the physical, such memory or its effectiveness becomes less. If left to its own devices, you may become a ball, a small cloud, or just a "blob." All of this can be bypassed by slipping out of the second body immediately after separation, and becoming clear undiluted energy." (as light)
P 269 "Far Journeys" R. Monroe.

Astral body or the body of emotions, which vary in color associated with these vibrations, and is fixed in high-frequency electric field on the Kirlian method. That is identified as the aura of man.

Mental body has a higher vibration than the astral body. Mental human consciousness develops gradually.

Causal body or karmiс body. Sometimes karma is compared with the vessel, which adds made mistakes and whence it fixed. And if it happens that at some point in time the vessel is empty, then the causal body disappears, after which the person separates from the wheel of incarnations and is no longer embodied in material terms.

Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality. It is also called an intuitive, since it can come through it the information that leads to "enlightenment". The priority of buddhic body is the collective development of mankind in the context of particular person.
Buddhic body is no longer an exclusively human. It's level of integration is a single person in the Adam Kadmon - Egregore collective humanity. Adam Kadmon is the ideal image of the human spirit and body, which has been shown from the Divine Light.

Atmic body is man's spirit, the Atma - a reflection of God in Man. Atmic body monitors and harmonizes all subtle bodies.
Atmic body contains the information identifying the mission of man, his main purpose in this particular embodiment, the main tasks of evolutionary development, as well as basic features of his fate, in which the mission will be carried out.
Atma - it is cosmic Super force embodying the subtle to the dense. Atma works as creative, and so as destructive force. The man has the right to act, but not right on the fruits of action.

An Egyptian papyrus of the year 1320 BC says:
"The man returns to life many times, though not remember their past lives, except sometimes in dreams or in the form of a thought linked to some event that does not clearly identify. In the end, all his previous lives will be revealed."

These memories from the past may come to mind (consciousness) throughout life.

The consciousness is "focused energy".

The consciousness is "focused energy" as it determined by R. Monroe in "Far Journeys" page 258. 

What is the source of energy for subtle bodies or vehicle of consciousness. It's chakras system.

It is generally accepted that each chakra corresponds to one color and all chakras are connected with subtle bodies.

But when I has been receiving the data about the chakra system, it turned out that each chakra has the elements of the different colors. Here, for example, we know that the white color is made up of rainbow colors.
So what do we see? - the color or deviation from the balance of color, which we see as color.

Probably, each chakra and the subtle body contains many different colors in a certain balance. But if there is the deviation from the balance the color may vary. 

Ankh model of chakras system. 

But the above scheme does not reflect the position of the chakras above the head.

New data show the Chakras above the head which supply a subtle energy to the spiritual realm of a consciousness.

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